I smell a mixtape dropping soon.

💮 • a corner store pulp fiction, sits where your heart isn’t

There are still parts of the earth we haven’t destroyed — go find them. #sdmtravels

You can’t please everyone, so please yourself

When you finally get the cheeks after your boy knows how hard you been workin for em 🤷🏾‍♂️

8 for 8 ✔️ • Last month in the studio with @6ix9ine_ + @murdabeatz the night they started cooking up FEFE.

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Spiff Baysd Pop-Up Shop. Pretty dope to say out loud. lol come through today to @thefixkicks and celebrate the drop of our collab with @staybaysd. It’s from 5:30-7:30 PM. You’ll get the first chance to cop the gear, meet dope people, such as @davidgotkicks and @sneakerheadinthebay, potentially win some unreleased gear, and more. Def looking forward to seeing all y’all today. 🤘🏽

I got tired of collabing after almost a year of doing it, sorry to those that want to ☹️
Lately i’ve just been shooting parties and brands.
Free work (trade) is cool until people think everything is free and get upset when you throw a price at them. Know your value amigos.

city glo X @thenames_grey

@madeintyo メ———————————————————————— Shot by: @visxn Edited by: @visxn For: @madeintyo / @escapademf

✨Stoop kid stopped being afraid to leave the stoop. ✨ | 📸: @the_coopa. Edited by @miighty.

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