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"Yesterday’s mistake in qualifying did not put ourselves in a good position for the race. Overtaking was very difficult here; I tried to get ahead of Hamilton after my pit stop, but it did not work out. Then It was even difficult to get close enough to him to open the DRS. It was a surprise, because on this track you would expect to see overtaking and fights, instead it was a similar story to two weeks ago in Monaco. The race was boring and not much happened. We decided to stay out a little bit longer on our first set of tyres and I don’t think that cost us any position: it was our only option to try something different."
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Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead his advice!

So, Daddies! Let's show the right example by wearing and giving your son the #ScuderiaFerrari #watch! @preciosa.albania ne QTU & TOPTANI CENTER

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