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Thrilled to personally capture this photo to freeze this moment in time forever and get to enjoy the natural perfection of the world that to me is epitomized by Great White Sharks. Each individual I have met is so unique in disposition and temperament, they are absolutely fascinating to watch, to observe, to get to know, their flawless movements and presence are something words cannot describe. I love the slight blur in the areas of movement in this image as this gorgeous female responds to a splash on the surface, I captured the moment of the inquisitive turn before the surface was compldisturbed, her reflection just beginning to wave in the calm deep blue water. Always an honor to spend time studying sharks, I think I’ve had them in my thoughts everyday since my last unexp encounter. They are sadly very rare due to trophy fishing for their jaws, by-catch in #longlinefishing, #sharkfinsoup, and for sale in markets mislabeled as sail fin or white fish or #flake. The more I learn about them, the more I study them, the more time I spend with them the more I am impressed and fascinated that they are so cautious towards humans, so forgiving of our confusing behavior as we mimic weak marine animals, it truly is a testament to their advanced sensory systems that mistaken identity bites are so very rare. More people die from drowning and jelly fish and simply tripping and falling in the morning.  If you get the chance to go meet a Great white shark and see them for yourself i would highly encourage it, it will change your life when they swim by and look you in the eye...then you’ll see what I am talking about 😉 #SaveTheGreatWhiteShark #OneOcean #SaveFins #STOPSharkFinning No #SharkFinSoup Stop #SharkFishing don’t buy #sharkjaws #apexpredatornotmonster #amazinganimals #freedive #scuba #Freedivewithgreathwitesharks #sharkdiving #divingwithgreatwhitesharks #OceanRamsey #Oneoceanconservation #oneoceanresearch #oneoceandiving #Globalconservation #oneoceanglobal #sharkconservationist #sharkdiver #DiscoverSharks #helpsavesharks #savebella @oneoceandiving @oneoceanresearch @oneoceanconservation @oneoceanglobal @oneoceandesigns @oneoceaneducation @waterinspired OceanRamsey.com

I love locations that you don't need to use a filter. Hello from Bonaire! 🇧🇶

It seems a couple juvenile mantas have taken up residence at the south of the island! Fingers crossed they are here to stay . From Gili islands by @huntingforparadise

Because the oceans are vital to our lives and livelihood! ✌🌎🌊 #thinkblue #myoffice #robertoochoahe www.robertoochoahe.com

Helmet Diving in Bora Bora 💙
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Photo by: @jydo5.travelife .
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Got a good caption for this? We keep telling @jordybarrymore to stop laying down on the job 😂😂😂

1700's Galleon anchor
"Anchor Point North"
a museum artifact in it's resting place
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"Corolla Sans Collora" // A sea butterfly flutters by the Monterey breakwater, this open-ocean resident discovering all at once the concept of a wall not near the surface and the excited huffing and puffing of a temporary marine mammal sending out bright pulses of apparent bioluminescence without apparent nutritional or reproductive cause. "Strange, these nearshore waters are." #snailormoon #justgonnawingit #thisissosplit

This photo was not captured today BUT today I shared the water with the same creature while scuba diving! Meet Hydrurga leptonyx aka the leopard seal, the second biggest phocid in Antarctica next to the elephant seal. These creatures are about 10 feet long and 1000 lbs of muscle, and known to tear other large mammals to shreds, literally. The astounding power behind predators such as these completely leaves me awestruck and not going to lie, diving with a lep was at the top of my dream list of things to experience in Antarctica. Today I met one of these beasts at 60ft below the oceans surface. It ascended with my buddy and I the whole way up nearing on 10 ft away from us, cocking it's head like a puppy, doing barrel rolls and staring us down all the while. Obviously we got out of the water safely and this is a memory that'll live on in me forever. Of course I didn't have my gopro on me which I knew was a mistake the second I dropped in and witnessed 50 foot visibility but thank the heavens, my eyes and memory make up the best camera the universe could have ever given me👌💙 #antarctica #leopardseal #scuba #transinantarctica

Plenty of fish and a healthy reef are signs of a balanced eco system in the #seaofcortez
Photographer: Brook Peterson please enjoy my galleries at www.waterdogphotography.com
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The water is where my heart is
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The water is where my heart is
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En Tony Tours la diversión no tiene límites. Puedes visitar islas, disfrutar del paisaje, pescar e incluso bucear.
Pregunta por nuestro kit de buceo y dale rienda suelta a la diversión. 📲Whatsapp: (+57) 315 721 0276
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