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Can't wait to be back in Barcelona in a couple of weeks. #barcelona #lqdboys

Let daddy take your temperature.

Falling out of bed... #gruenholtz #12DancersProject

Set Design: @tomphillips6677
Choreography: @gmannick

Shooting for @arisa.tlv with the @twins_malul 🎥

Bond. Kit Bond. We had so much fun playing dress up with #mrturk today!

it's come up in a lot of talks with so many people from so many different facets of my life lately and the point is: you never really know how things are going to work out based on how you mess around with someone until things GET DEEP. strive not to be naked; strive to be bare ✨ xo goodnight

Neck vein gainz 😂


bay days 📷 @devlinthomas #120mm

what's another day? 😊 #boy #guy #selfie


Nice weather but still a bit chilly!!! ☺

Mood - #ilovebellavita
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Look at my face! 😉
Happy Humpy Day

Bom diaaaaa 😏

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