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Day 5: Asheville, NC
I wore my skate boots and made some moves. Obvz.
Got coffee at BattleCat and brunch at Bimberibon with my brother Josiah - the sweet potato spicy noodles were off the hook!
I typed out an SOS on the Suzuki GS Facebook page that I needed to address my steering stem bearings, and as always, other GS owners were there to help and lend a hand.
Tom, a complete stranger (but not anymore!) let me come over and tear my bike apart in his shed, which was complete with a lift, and when I got there he had already called ahead to the local shop to order the steering stem bearings for me! What a saint!
He helped me get my top stem bearing out, and expose the lower bearing and race. He also introduced me to #scrubsinabucket - buy them, they're worth all your money!
After we got the bike apart and ready to install the new stuff, I went back to @bubsyglass shop and he burned his hand on his torch during the same sequence, making the same piece, in the same spot on his hand, for like the 4th time. We figured out why it was happening, and hopefully it won't get him again!

Scrubs in a bucket & Industrial Wipes
Hard surface and waterless hand cleaner.
Effective dual sided: Soft and Abrasive.
Removes oil, grease, adhesives, inks, paint, diet, tree sap and much more!
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I know a few this bucket is missing!!! #scrubsinabucket #oilfieldswag #okcnights

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