Hi everyone @jessicaciampini_ here 🤗✌🏼
“Omg you look amazing, what’s your secret?”, people would ask me all the time when I was really lean.
Here is what I wanted to say:
“Oh, just a whole lot of disordered behaviours with food and exercise, no social life and an obsession with checking my abs and my butt in the mirror 20 times a day.”
What I actually said:
“Oh, just eating healthy foods and exercising.” 🙈🤦🏻‍♀️
Just to be clear: I am not saying that everybody who is lean has an eating disorder.
Some people are naturally lean and some people are happy working on achieving and maintaining a lean look.
However, my body didn’t like being lean and I am glad I could wean myself off the scale, the food scale and the calorie trackers.
My weight does not define me.
Your weight does not define you.
Your weight says absolutely nothing about your health, because there’s so many other factors that come into play:
Mental health, blood work, overall fitness (not based on looks, but actual fit-ness), satisfaction and happiness levels at work and in life, and so much more.
Don’t let a silly number tell you if you deserve to have a good day or not 😊
Your life’s purpose and happiness shouldn’t depend on this little machine.
You were not placed on this earth to be your smallest self.
Do what makes you happy!
If weighing yourself truly makes you happy, by all means go for it!
But, if you’re looking for someone to tell you that there IS a life to be lived without a scale obsession, I’m here to tell you that yes, yes there is a life beyond all of this and it’s full of freedom, belly laughs and good times. And cookies. 😬
So tell me, what is your relationship to your scale like? Have you taken a hammer to it yet 🔨? 😈
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Yes Fuck the Wall... we are all human VMA’s 2018 #logic #vmas2018 #fuckthewall

The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen!

Since starting #keto in November I've had some changes on the scale. Initially I lost 10lbs which I attribute to mostly water weight. I didn't start this journey for weight loss, I started to enhance my athletic performance. But I did something that I tell others not to do, I kept stepping on the scale. I began to see my weight increase which messed with my head. I know it's about how you feel in your own skin, how your clothes fit and what you see when you stand in front of that mirror naked. I let the scale dictate how I was feeling about my body. I've been training with a personal trainer, @therealrobgoodwin, twice a week and felt like my muscles were growing... Especially in my legs and butt. When I looked in the mirror I felt like my body was still cut and lean but my stomach appeared bloated. I thought how can I be 4-5 lbs heavier than pre-keto when I workout the way I do and eat as well as I do. Our society has tricked us, especially girls and women, into validating ourselves based on some arbitrary number on a scale. What does that number even mean? Has it just become a number reflecting our self worth? How can that number dictate so many emotions in one person? .
I will not let that number define me. I've always wanted to know my body fat % to get a true idea of the composition of my body as a whole unit. Today I did that. I stepped into the mobile hydrostatic body fat testing clinic and the first thing @bodyfattestnc asked me was have I trained for a show. Although I get asked that question a lot it was nice to hear before I actually stripped down to my bathing suit. I sunk into the "bath" and minutes later I had my results. The weight I've gained is definitely muscle. I thought I was about 20% body fat but it turns out I'm 17.1%. This just confirms that I'm doing what's right for me and my body....#screwthescale. Thank you to #bodyfattestnc #markray. I'll be contacting you soon regarding that fitness show 😊
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You might be wondering why I posted two very similar pictures of myself ... in a bikini no less. Trust me, it doesn’t come easy posting these pics 🙈
On the left is the day before week 1 of a new fitness program. On the left is the day before week 6 of that program. A program that only requires me to commit to sweating for 40 mins, 4 days a week. A program that has made it incredibly easy to enjoy my weekends, my office free Fridays and even has me enjoying a bowl of ice cream whenever I want 🍨🙌
. ⬇️3lbs and ⬇️10 inches are what separate these pics (and terrible tan lines🤦‍♀️). I don’t see it either so I don’t blame you for thinking 🤨 or zooming in 🧐 but I assure you I measured correctly! Twice in fact because I didn’t believe it. .

What you can’t see is how I’m feeling, stronger, leaner, less chubby ... short girl blessed with curvy hips problem 😉 , feeling my clothes fitting better, looser and I don’t have to do that little bum wiggle to get my jeans on at the moment 🙃 .

I’ve got two weeks left of this program, week 7 and 8 are shred weeks, where I likely will want to cry and yell and scream at my trainer, but I’ll keep going because I’m no longer giving up on me. I’m not going back to feeling like 💩 in my clothes. Been there, done that, no thank you ma’am 👋

The best part is that you can do this too! My fall group enrollment is now open and I’m looking for 10 women who want to feel better about themselves and their bodies. Women who enjoy working out but need that little extra push, encouragement and accountability. If that’s you, might be you or want it to be you then dm me or drop your fav emoji below 🤗 I’d love to chat about your health and fitness goals 😘
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I was in a magazine once.

I was a featured "Success Story." results not typical.

I was underfed and malnourished. My hair was thin and falling out. I was working out for hours a day. I was eating from 2.5 food groups on a good day. I was bingeing and purging via exercise.
I wrote out a long, detailed story about how I achieved my "goal weight," only to have it stripped down to read like a script straight off a damn Weight Watchers commercial.
Let me be clear: THIS IS NOT SUCCESS.

For some reason, we've come to believe that before- and on top of- everything else, the most important thing is that we are a certain size. That we take up a limited amount of space. We tell ourselves that it's totally normal for us to eat in such a deprived manner. To exercise in such a regimented and extreme manner. "It works for me because I stay this size and this size is safe." Let me be clear: THIS IS NOT A "HEALTHY" RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD AND EXERCISE.

I don't care what size you are. If you are obsessing about food and exercise, if you are counting (and recounting and recounting) macros, points, calories, grams, etc., if you are basing your worth on what your scale says... you are not engaged in a sustainable, safe, healthy relationship with food, exercise, or your body.

ALL bodies of ALL sizes are GOOD BODIES.

You don't have to pay me a weekly fee to step on a scale just so I'll tell you that, either. It's on the house.

In a world filled with such hostility, find something you’re passionate about and vibe that shit each and every day!
We are what we choose to be. Become that person and never look back 👊
📷 @rthmgs

Greek Chicken & Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner.
Marinade (@KelseyNixon recipe) 1/4 cup EVOO + 1/4 cup red wine vinegar + 1 TBSP Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning + 2 Cloves of Garlic + Salt and Pepper.
Veggies used tonight: 1 Sweet Potato, diced. 2 Zucchini, diced. 1 Red Onion. (Kelsey used potatoes + peppers, which is amazing, but I just used what I had on hand)
Protein: 2 Chicken Breast, diced. .
Whisk marinade together. Place veggies + meat in marinade. Mix well. .
Bake at 425 for 25 minutes, remove- add Parmesan or feta cheese and bake an additional 5 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. .
Enjoy. Check our mine & Norah’s live video on Facebook @ Mallory Whorton .
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September 10th. Mark your calendars! 🗓 .
Summer is a super busy time for all of us, and your commitment to health and fitness can wind up on the back burner 🤦🏻‍♀️
BUT summer is winding down (already 🙁) and it’s time to get “Back to Basics” which is exactly what September’s bootcamp is all about!
So ladies, if your ready to get back to the grind let me know! Comment below or send me a message!

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Time for this momma to whip her butt back into shape 💦💪🏼
Day 1 of the #21dayfix done! Committing to myself & my health for the next 21 days. I’m not doing this challenge to lose weight bc #screwthescale but I am excited to see myself get stronger over the course of the next 3 weeks! Let’s do this!💪🏼💦😊
Shoutout to my awesome coach @annalemon__ for organizing this challenge! ☺️
#21dayfix #8weekspostpartum #postpartumfitness #motherhood #health #wellness #motivationmonday

Rockin’ this crop top brought to you by allll the sweets, drinks & snacks this weekend 💁🏽‍♀️
I enjoyed treats given to me by dear friends (@paigeyy_g I’m lookin’ at you & those birthday cake cookie bars 🤤).
I had brownies for lunch, red velvet cake before dinner & s’mores cake after dinner cause #sweettoothproblems 😂
I ate wayyyy too much & enjoyed things I normally wouldn’t eat, but I don’t regret it one bit.
I’m bloated. My weight is up 5 pounds. I’m a little sluggish from all of the sugar but I enjoyed a weekend full of family, friends & memories that’ll last a lifetime. And to me, that matters more than stressing about the number on the scale.
I got right back on track today, put those calories to good use in the gym, chugged a bunch of water & doubled up on my @1stphorm Opti Greens 🙌🏼 No need to sweat the small stuff. ‘Cause let’s be honest, I’ll remember the memories I made this weekend with my people, not the number on the scale ✌🏼

grocery haul from tonight to prepare for my 3 day restart program 🙌🏼 I’m so ready to fill my body with all the fruits and veggies for three days. and then, those three days will be over, and I get to FLY TO MICHIGAN to squeeze my bffs that I’ve met via social media 😭🙏🏼 can not wait.

Confidence is growing

Some #mondaymotivation for you. Whatever it is you are working towards, in the gym or out, you're worth going after it.

Ready to crush leg day 🏋🏼‍♀️
Still cheesin’ 😄 over how much fun I had this weekend (and I felt like a freaking princess 👑 with the hair & makeup!)
Monday only sucks if you allow it.
Who crushed their workout today? Peep 👀 the stories soon for Day 1 of the ShineBright💎BootYcamp! Legs alllll day 😍

One of the biggest differences you can make in changing your lifestyle for the better through good clean food, and consistent exercise - is self confidence and self love 💖
Yes my weight has gone up a lot between these 2 photos, but so has my confidence and my appreciation for what my body has done and can do 💪🏼
Be proud of how far you’ve already come in your journey, and know that fitness and health never have an end point so just keep doing what you’re doing!
#transformationtuesday #selflove #bodyconfidence #gainingweightiscool #fitmum #bbgmums

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