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“Beautiful my own way not society’s way.” Cuz they’ll still judge you and say shiz so just do you babygirl. 💁💫💖#beyourself#latina#snapchatsawitfirst#bebeautiful#fuckwhattheythink#screwsociety#intersex#intersexisbeautiful#newpost#blessed🙏#hairgettinglong#isuckatmakeup

Hey so I've been thinking a lot about this lately and I'm now convinced beauty is 100% about how you feel about yourself and 0% about how you actually look. Once you start loving yourself you will radiate that self-love and there is nothing more attractive than that. Everyone will pick up on it. It's less about wanting to look good and more about wanting to FEEL good. Hope this message can remind at least one of you that we are all magical works of art and our bodies deserve so much love and admiration. Think about how every single cell in your body is working so so hard to keep your wonderful self being wonderful. You're so special. #screwsociety #naturalisbeautiful

I guess I was over due for one #screwsociety #outlawef #caughtslippin

Almost 25 weeks 🎀 Baby girl is super active & responds to her daddy often with movement when he talks to her. My bodies changing and if I'm honest some days I struggle to feel "glowing" and beautiful. Then God humbles me and shows me that this entire process and transformation is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I'm learning to love myself. The world paints a picture of what you should and shouldn't look like, pre pregnancy, during, and after. Don't let the world, the people in it, or their opinions stop you from feeling beautiful and enjoying your journey. Love yourself through every change and enjoy every moment. #screwsociety #notwopeoplearethesame #babyjonesyontheway

"And if your daughter came to you, crying with hunger, would you tell her no? Would you tell her she is too fat, she wants too much, she must shrink into society? No. Then why would you tell yourself he exact same thing? You are somebody's daughter." #loveyourself #screwsociety

Back to my blonde self and having more fun 😘 everyone told me not to cut it, so that’s exactly what I did. I used to hide behind my hair, thinking that it was what made me beautiful, because everyone says you have to have long hair to be pretty. I think they’re wrong. I mean, it is JUST hair after all, but hair can be a powerful thing! Don’t do anything because you feel the pressure to fit in. #BreakTheMold #BeYourself #screwsociety #yourebeautiful

Society's unrealistic standards of beauty damage women's identity. #screwsociety #allwomenarebeautiful #photagraphyclass

A stupid wish I was here post
Missing the bush, serenity and working my ass off only for 8.5 cents
#thebush #screwsociety #serenity #treeplanting #CanYouSeeTheBlackFlies

The unedited one is WAY more beautiful in my opinion...Its crazy how our society is these days. 😥😠 #beautiful #loveyourself #screwsociety #realbeauty #💪


😏”your cute”
“Thanks, but I’m taken by the devil”😏
#depression #screwsociety #evil #secret #freaky

This isn’t promoting crime, but individualism. Don’t conform. Stand out, else you’ll just be regarded as the many, not the few that are truly remembered.
#screwsociety #youngandfree #beyourself

Social media has been training us to COMPARE our lives. Our bodies.. our strength.. instead of appreciating everything that we already are. No wonder everyone is so depressed. The perfection we see is not real! It’s FILTERED. We have to stop comparing ourselves to these illusions. What people share is what they want you to see.. not what is always real. I’m just as guilty as anyone for this. I’ll preach about self love and then pick myself apart in the mirror because I’m not “good enough.” I’ve been really struggling post show and I’ve let my inner demons get the best of me lately. But I can beat this. One minute, one hour, one day at a time. #prayers #LoveYours #fitnessjourney #lost #fitspo #peaceofmind #selflove #stillsearching #loveyourbody #loveyourself #goals #screwsociety #youareworthit

Shameless Gym Selfie today 💁🏼💪🏽
A year ago, I finally felt good about my body again. So obviously I became complacent and slacked a lot. It happens! 🤦🏼‍♀️
But now my stomach is the flattest it's ever been and I may have lost aspects I used to love (yes my boobs & bum!) - I actually don't hate the image I see anymore!
I don't think any woman is ever going to ever be 100% happy with their body, especially for women in our industry where you are constantly judged on how you look. .
But today I can confidently say that, although I may not love myself - I do love my body. .
And that is at least a step in the right direction! So SUCK IT👌🏽😝🙈 #shamelessselfie #gymselfie #bodyimage #challenges #screwsociety #babysteps #rightdirection #live #laugh #love

👁‍🗨Dear Journal,
All this talk about mental health and illnesses and all this other shit really makes me uncomfortable. It’s just. All the ding bats at school make fun of it and talk about it as it’s a joke and I can’t handle it. I’ve gone through a lot and I’m running out of strength. I’m running out of strength to fight back and relapse back into my depression and anxiety and it’s freaking me out because I’m being flooded with memories of that time and realizing I’m living through it again. I’m trying so hard, going out with friends, being proactive and doing my work and EVERYTHING. But I can’t help to feel this empty part of me that makes me sad. And I’m loosing the war in my mind and because of my own selfish stubborn reasons it will be a cold day in hell the next time I ask for help.
November 1, 2015
-Prime Maximus who doesn’t know why I still do this👁‍🗨

👁‍🗨Dear Journal,
I’m really really pissed off. McBitch literally is trying to fight me and I have nothing going for me so I’m ready to fight back but I’m scared. I’m scared I’ll have my body beaten into a bloody pulp because they have so many people who will kick my ass for them. I’m scared to leave my house, that’s due to anxiety, but that’s besides the point. I hate my life I didn’t do shit but now I feel as if I need to take a beating because someone doesn’t like me. And I know not everyone is going to like me and I can give two shits about that but I don’t want to get my ass kicked for it. I think I’m having a mental breakdown and I don’t know what to do.
January 23, 2015
-Prime Maximus but take away the prime because I’m weak👁‍🗨

👁‍🗨Dear Journal,
I’m freaking the fuck out! I can’t think straight and I’m headed straight into a panic attack! My heart is racing my food sits at the bottom of my stomach just waiting to be regurgitated. I can’t think. My muscles are fired up in a way that is so intense it literally brings me pain. I can’t breathe and my lungs feel like they have bricks stacked up in them. Did I mention I can’t think, well I can but it only makes me panic more and it hurts. It’s all because of the hell hole known as high school, it makes me cry and I want to crawl into a hole most of the time someone talks about it.
Shit now my folks are dragging me out to leave.
Send help for your boy.
October 25, 2014
-Prime Maximus the terrified.👁‍🗨

It took me a while to see the reality of #organizedreligion I've live my whole life based on religion alone. I love God and Jesus. But so many fellow Christians aren't doing what they're suppose to. Which is why i am following my own path and listening to my own soul. Guess what you are not Jesus so who are you to say that another #soul is going to Hell ?! Do you know their story , their heart there motives their mind ? No you freaking don't ! Stop trying to control people .. stop trying to say there's only one way to live life. There's not !! .... #bohovibe #bohostyle #lifestyleblogger #loveandlight #loveismyreligion #natureismychurch #gypsysoul #awakening #screwsociety #lifelifeforyou #beyou💯 #truth #selfjournal #selfjourney #soulsearching #vibes

#wcw THIS! Love yourself ladies!! Let's build each other up today and everyday! Send a compliment to an Unexpecting girlfriend! ❤️💪#randomactsofkindness #loveyourself #screwsociety #beautyisntasize #knowyourworth #builtsuperdstrong #selflove #confidence #bootcamp #innerbeauty #innerstrength

“Beautiful my own way not society’s way.” Cuz they’ll still judge you and say shiz so just do you babygirl. 💁💫💖#beyourself#latina#snapchatsawitfirst#bebeautiful#fuckwhattheythink#screwsociety#intersex#intersexisbeautiful#newpost#blessed🙏#hairgettinglong#isuckatmakeup

Please listen. Starts a few seconds in. This is very real and needs to be heard. This is very #sad. I have reached out to her letting her know there are eating disorder clinics she can go to. Every morning every afternoon and every evening she goes out onto het balcony and throws up in a bucket. Please love and respect your body. You only have one. Get help. I was balemic from grade three to my mid 20s. I get it. I know this is a cry out for help that she is on her balcony puking. She wsnts everyone to hear her pain. I also know this is probaby to do with o.c.d as eating disorders often are attached to that. Keeping bathroom clean from the puke the ugly the evil etc. #balemia #pleasegethelp #dontsuffer #loveyourbody #loveyourself #eatingdisorders #loveyourhips #loveyourhips #loveyourstomach #loveyourarms #loveyourflaws #screwsociety #screwmedia #screwadvertising #findyourpeace my peace is when i went plantbased and then vegan. I have to say vegan saved me from a bad unhealthy path

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