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Society's unrealistic standards of beauty damage women's identity. #screwsociety #allwomenarebeautiful #photagraphyclass

wearing see thru tops somehow feels acceptable now that my boobs are tattooed 👍 #screwsociety ..on a side note my dermal hates me

I never thought I would come this far.
I never thought I would get up every morning and appreciate the body I'm in.
I never thought I would be able to say "I made it"
I never thought I would look myself in the mirror and love myself despite my flaws.
I never thought I would have the courage to stand up for myself and others.
I never thought I would be possible to fall in love with myself.
I never thought I would find such peace and joy.
But I did. It's absolutely possible and I'm here to prove it.

Unapologetically myself 👍#screwsociety

Just a reminder that Instagram isn't the real world, you can't edit yourself or filter yourself in the real world. You can make yourself look different but you can't make yourself more beautiful. This is something I truly believe. You can make yourself more appealing to society but you can't make yourself more beautiful. There is only one exception. You can make your mind more attractive, your personality, you can make yourself a heck of a lot more beautiful by being a good person. Quit comparing your features to others, accept yourself for you! Don't forget that Instagram is a place for images. Not always truth. Not always real. Photo editing is fun, filters are fun, make up is fun, making ourselves look 'better' is fun. But it isn't real. I'm not saying that it's bad to wear make up or filter all of your photos, most people do! A lot of the time I do! But I just wanna say...don't get so caught up in perfect profiles of people with perfect hair, lips, skin, because most of the time it's a warped reality. We can't even post natural photos like these anymore because of this stupid comparison obsession! "Too many girls have perfect skin so I can't post a photo like this". Don't tear down your own self esteem to fit into society's 'one look'. This fucked up idea that there is only one type of beauty. There are some shallow people out there and it is not your job to please them. To me, health is beautiful, kindness is beautiful, ambition is beautiful, passion is beautiful and happiness is beautiful. So let people fall in love with your smile and your soul before you even start putting in the effort. #rantover #screwsociety #youarebeautiful

#loveyourself Filter or no filter.. Make up or no make up.. I feel equally as beautiful in the left picture as I do the right. The right being tired after a day at work with Zero make up.. The left thanks to #snapchat.. Beauty is a blessing and a curse. It hides the monsters some people really are.. #screwsociety

I’ve struggled A LOT in my life when It comes to body image. I specifically remember this one day when I was about 17 where I just felt SO ugly. 😔 I was heading to a church group and didn’t want to go because I had acne all over my face. I got to church and went straight into the bathroom and just cried. Why though?! Society. 👿Because society tells us you have to be perfect. You have to have an hour glass shaped body to be pretty. You can’t have one flaw or imperfection to be considered beautiful. Well you know what I have to say to that? Screw Society! 👊🏼We have a God that loves us so much He died for US. Imperfections & all. 🙏🏼💕 Your family and your friends don’t care about the cellulite you think is so terrible. The confidence I have acquired as I’ve become an adult has been mind blowing. Honestly, I never thought I could love my body. I never thought I would feel strong and empowered. 💪🏼It took a lot of self-hate to get to a place of self-love. ✨ I will not hide that. I WILL NOT let society bring me down. & you shouldn’t either. So here is a picture of me from a few weeks ago where I felt beautiful. I felt strong. I felt CONFIDENT. Come out on top and don't let society or social media win! I challenge you to do the same – post that selfie & rock it. And tag me so I can see all of your beautiful faces! 🤗💕 #realandraw #screwsociety #mygodisbigger

I'm too #not#hipster for sleep... sleepings just far too mainstream ✌🙊👙🚫🚫 After six months of freeing myself from one of society's greatest conformities on women -wearing bras- I finally feel secure and confident enough to get rid of them completely #braburning #screwsociety
Thanks friends and family for supporting me and my choices more than those stupid boobietraps ever did ❤💛💚💙💜

New pin! Just do you!
#beunique #yougotthis #screwsociety


Drinking shakes can get boring! So I decided to make these chocolate chip cookie dough balls!😍 2 of these a day, just ✌ and that can help increase⬆️ energy, reduce⬇️ stress, help with your fruit🍉🍌 && vegetable🍆🥕🌽 intake especially for those of you who struggle with getting your daily servings, and the list goes on! .
Where my sweet tooth🍫 peeps at?! These cookie dough balls can also help reduce sugar cravings!! Holla🙌 Doesn't get better than that! Plus it also aids in weight loss for those of you who are looking to drop a few pounds especially with it being bikini👙 season!🙌🌈 I could go on and on but ya get the picture! Having an OPEN MIND & switching things up is NEVER🙅‍♀️ a bad thing!💁‍♀️
#superfoods #fuelyourbody💪 #bikiniseason #onlinecoach #entrepreneur #gethealthy #getfit #stayfit #fitgirl #fitgirlfam #positivevibes #freespirit #motivation #runfaster #irunthisbody #bodypositive #screwsociety #healthyliving #liveauthentic #yoga #hiitworkout #lululemon #nike #girlpower #mentalhealth #womenpower #travelgirl #beachlife #healthytips #bbg

Going through some old clothes today and stumbled upon these bad boys. At first I got really sad thinking about how I'm no longer a size 2. Then after my knee jerk reaction I reminded myself that at the time I was wearing anything from a size 2 to 6 (because women's sizes aren't consistent AT ALL). Then I reminded myself how I was barely eating 1000 kcal/day in order to get into these sizes and doing cardio multiple times per day especially if I ate more in order to compensate. I had no muscle and was not eating enough protein. I effectively trashed my metabolism. I thought being "skinny" would make me happy and gain confidence, yet I still thought I looked "fat" and I definitely was not happy in my relationships with the opposite sex. NOW, I may have gone a little too far in the opposite direction (it happens) 😜 BUT I eat well, I eat protein and fat, I eat fruits and vegetables, and I try to eat mindfully asking myself what I need in the moment. I enjoy cooking and meal prepping. I have started to "like" (not quite love yet) strength training in order to build muscle and help with that metabolism! I am happy in my relationship. I am starting my own practice to help others eat healthful foods and nourish their bodies properly. #imhappy #weareallaworkinprogress #goals #whatevermakesyouhappy #screwsociety #imnotskinnybashing #rd #rdn #entrepreneurship #justbehealthy #justbehappy

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

In a society that profits from your self doubt, loving yourself is a rebellious act.
#selflove #loveyourself #screwsociety #berebellious #babygirl #mommyandme #delilahrose #happymonday

#Repost @happyagain26 (@get_repost)
Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything, maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place! 🌼🌸💙💙💙🌸🌼 #AFUCKINGMEN #screwsocietalnorms #screwsociety #notablindsheep #ithinkformyself #ihateholidays
#happylife #beyourself #selfreflection #movingon #improving

Society: "Be yourself"
Society: "Not like that"

Screw society, be yourself. Live life and don't care about what the world has to say.
#screwsociety #beyourself
#livelifetothefullest #beamazing #beweird #haveconfidence #befit #behealthy #fitmom #fitwivy

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