Me when I hear about a new diet or insane fitness program. 😑⠀

That's why I'm hosting The Raucous Weekend June 22-24. I'm taking 12 people on a 3-day thrill ride through the breakdown of shaming, metric-based health standards, and teaching them how to come back to health on their terms.⠀

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Except, no need for the lashes part either. But yep... 🤜👖❌
Toodle-oo 🤓

Dont invite me out to eat ---> follow (me) @_.randomm.mmemes._
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The best thing about this Intuitive Eating malarkey is that you get to eat exactly what you fancy at that moment in time. None of the expectations of what is appropriate for the time of day, no matter if it is officially a meal time or any of that. Just when you are hungry eating what you are hungry for. Loving it! Hopefully I'm going to get better at stopping eating when I feel full, that may take a little time to get to grips with. Despite not knowing what's going on with my weight (if you didn't see my post way back, my scales ended up where they belong - in the bin) my clothes feel the same fit-wise so I know I haven't had any dramatic weight gain. #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #fuckdiets #screwdiets #dietsdontwork

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Check out her before and after pic's! No photo shop here! She simply follows the "plan". What's holding you back from starting? Don't you want to lower stress, have more energy, sleep better, look better?
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Woke up early to stock up on my favorite type of carbs, focaccia. The pizza and raisin focaccia from this place is 👌

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I was curious this morning, so I searched “it’s just food” on Pinterest. I figured I’d get some quotes about eating intuitively or even just the words “it’s just food” with a cute graphic. What I got was something totally different.
My search results were full of recipes that were low fat, low carb, low calorie, keto, paleo, gluten free, vegan, Weight-Watchers friendly, 21 Day Fix friendly, Whole 30 friendly, and a bajillion other things that clearly imply that food is not, in fact, just food.
I wanted to be surprised by this. I wanted to be amused by this. But, to be honest, it made me mad. See, around 70% of Pinterest users are women. What we’re seeing here is millions of women who think that food requires some kind of restriction. They think that food has to have rules or diets attached. And it’s not even slightly their fault that this is what they believe.
The diet industry has conditioned us to believe that food is our enemy. They’ve told us for longer than we can remember that we don’t know what’s good for us and that we can’t be trusted to make decisions about what we put in our bodies. They’ve told us that small is better, that we should always be losing weight, and that the only way to be healthy is to follow complicated rules about what foods are “good” or “bad.”
It’s time for us to kick the diet industry to the curb. It’s time for us to realize that food actually is just food. It’s time for us to learn to trust ourselves to make decisions without rules. We’ve let outside voices override our own bodies and instincts for too long. But it’s time to take that power back and tell the diet industry where they can put their rules.
🔥🔥🔥Are you ready to tell the diet industry to take a hike? Do you want to learn how to trust your instincts about food? I have open spots for one-to-one remote coaching! Send me a DM so we can talk about how I can help you!🔥🔥🔥

@dollyparton is truly a bad ass bish. We’ve decided to focus on eating better, but skipping the #diets and having more fun working out together. We’ll be posting about the #chicago10k coming up in June for those who are interested. #morefun #summerofcycling #runnersofinstagram #screwdiets

It’s summer diets time!!
But here is the truth:
*Don’t diet. Instead eat the foods that give your body energy.
*Losing 10-15-20lbs isn’t going to solve your problems or make you happy. Instead you have to learn to love your body (I know it’s difficult at times) and figure out what really makes you happy.
*Forget comparing. Realizing that your body is different than other people’s body’s is reality. I used to have a bad habit of comparing myself to 23 year olds who have no children - my body has gone through different things at 31 with 2 kids than there has...stop the comparison!
*Ditch the scale! Weighing yourself every morning (guilty here) really does nothing for you. It’ll either put you in a good mood (lost weight) or bad mood (gained weight) but doesn’t take in to account if you’ve drank enough water, worked out, muscle tone, etc.
Basically just trying to say don’t fall for a summer diet. Instead learn what your body wants and needs and work towards becoming the best you 💖
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I'm really embracing Intuitive Eating now and I have to say it is unbelievably liberating to have the choice to eat EXACTLY what I fancy and when I fancy it - and that being OK! Without weighing anything, double checking portion sizes, remembering how much I get for a healthy extra allowance, worrying about macros, calories, points, syns, following rules that make no sense or anything else. Just eating what I really want, when I want it. I truly believe that Intuitive Eating is going to save me and be the key to unlock me from the self imposed prison that I put myself in years ago when I started that very first diet. I'm truly excited about the prospect of never going on a diet again - EVER. #intuitiveeating #bodypositivepower #bodypositivity #bopo #dietsdontwork #fuckdiets #screwdiets #neverdietingagain #ed

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Starting today 🍾 #screwdiets #champagne #neon

So many people go with the impression that when you're on a "diet" (I don't believe in diets) the only thing you eat is salad 😂 yes salad is great for you but healthy eating doesn't restrict you to eating just salad. A healthy diet consists of eating lots of fruit and vegetables, lots of protein, healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates. And in moderation, treating yourself once in a while isn't going to kill you. The better you fuel your body, the more energy you will have in the long run! #foodforfuel #screwdiets #eatgoodfood #healthyeats #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #strong #strongfood #fitfood #lesssaladmoresteakandpotatoes #tasty #bikinibodybynik

I’m so proud of my baby 😋😋!! Brb gotta inhale this whole #pizza. #chicagodeepdishpizza #screwdiets #cheatdayeveryday #delicious #iknowididitwrongbutplsdonthateme

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