[ o u r ] plans look a lot like ☝🏼 this weekend... books, movies and breakfast in bed ☕️

👓Con los lentes #SCREEN de Izipizi, protege tus ojos de la luz azul emitida por las pantallas LED. 💻
Disponibles en varios diseños y colores en Be Design Store JOCKEY PLAZA (Nvo. Hall, 2do Nivel), LARCOMAR y CONQUISTADORES 1280 😜

A few photos of our recent Izipizi pop-up store at the 2018 Wanted Design Show #izipizi #readingglasses #sunglasses #screenglasses #nyc #terminalstore #wanteddesign #ameico_design

protecting your eyes is #izipizi lemon squeezy ! the screen and sun glasses are back in stock at kapok NDC.
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İzipizi #D kahverengi: Vazgeçilemeyenlerden, en klasiklerden! 👌🏼
Diğer renk seçenekleri hikayede! 🎞
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[ w h e n ] you want to take care of your eyes, but you also want to look super stylish 💁🏼‍♀️ we got you!! 📸 via the very sensible and oh so fashionable @hannahlynchblosse

Pair of the day : #C SCREEN Black 👓


Thank you @spazio54 📸

Bu yaz flamingolar yine her yerde!💕
The White Brand’in #Flamingo desenli terliği popcorner.com.tr’de!
Ürün detayı hikayede, link profilde.
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[ t h e ] digital age is here to stay 💻📱 make eye health a priority and protect your vision AND your overall health with a pair of baxter blue non-prescription glasses today 🤓👌🏼

L E N N O X + A S T E R I // Spending time at screens hurts our eyes ~ Our glasses help! Shop the full range through the link in the bio 👀 #happyeyes

İzipizi bebek ve çocuk gözlükleri, en tatlı renk seçenekleriyle,
0-12 ay ve 12-36 ay yaş aralıklarına özel farklı boyutlarda popcorner.com.tr’de!
Üstelik miniklerimiz düşürmesin, kaybetmesin diye, elastik bandıyla beraber geliyor! 💛
Link profilde.
#popcorner #ohsopop #izipizi

[ w e ] really are!! the support you have shown us has been incredibly humbling and we don’t even know where to start to say THANK YOU!! 🙏🏼 you have all shown so much love towards our ‘pair for a pair’ pledge with @restoringvision and it is truly making a difference to the lives of those who really need it 🤓 giving the gift of sight is something that is so important to us, and we want to HUG each and every one of you who have helped us so far!! 🤗

🌺 • A S T E R I • 🌺

Wow! Awesome! LOL! Boom! Pop! 💥
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The White Brand, tüm Vakkoroma’larda, Kanyon -1. kat Popcorner Pop-up Store’da ve popcorner.com.tr’de. Ürün detayları hikayede, link profilde 😎
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[ d o ] you have an evening routine that sets you up for the perfect night’s sleep? 😴 ours involves a cup of herbal tea & normally a good book on the @amazonkindle - and ALWAYS wearing our baxter blue’s to limit exposure to the blue light that can muck up melatonin levels (the hormone that tells your body it’s almost time for bed) 🤓💤

S U N D A Y S // Ft. Aurora in Tortoise ❤

Pazar lokumu! 😍
İzipizi çocuk ve bebek gözlükleri, bu ara herkesin favorisi!
Renk seçeneklerinin tamamı hikayede, satın almak için, link profilde 👆🏼😊
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