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(swipe left to see next video) Here is a VERY fast version of the full process involved in making a custom stamp for a client (thanks @egrupp284 and @harpdenise !) I have edited a lot of the carving out as it would have made the video so long, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of what's involved. If you would like a custom stamp made (or you like any of the other stamps I have made to add to your collection) you are welcome to DM me and ask. I'm still working on getting stamps into my online shop, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more updates😊. Happy creating!

(swipe left to see the original photo) I'm very excited to share a hand carved stamp I have been working on lately for a custom order. Emilee ( @egrupp284 ) asked me to make a stylised stamp version of an adorable photo she sent me, of her sister @harpdenise playing the harp when she was a girl. The finished stamp will be used to make a gift for her sister. Such a lovely idea. I will be posting more videos soon showing more of the process, as well as the printing. I will also post other videos on my Facebook page. Don't forget to follow me there, just search for miraculous.mosquito! Thanks again Emilee for the order, I hope your sister likes it.😊

New toy arrived today!! It’s so much fun!!!Love it!!💕 #wearememorykeepers #scrapbookingtools #scrapbookingsupplies

F l a m i n g o 🌼
So excited about my new washitapes!! Perfectly goes with my Flamingo Cup :)
#flamingo #washitape #scrapbookingtools

A new feline to add to my hand carved stamp collection! A word stamp (or a juicy fish) would fit nicely in his mouth, don't you think? He is very proud of his shiny tail as well! Make sure to follow my Instagram so that you don't miss the opening of my online shop very soon, where many other stamp designs will also be available!😊👍

Finished carving! Those spots were challenging but they were totally worth it.

Separadores de gatito, son 30 diseños diferentes en una caja o también disponibles por unidad.
Haz tu pedido escribiéndonos un mensaje. 🎒💌🖊️📍🖋️🖌️🖍️
Envíos a todo el país $ 500 c/u
$ 12.500 caja de 30

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Stikers muy verdes 🐧🍉🍌🍍🍓🌵🌱🍁🍃🌿☀️
Escríbenos un mensaje para realizar tu pedido 📕
45 unidades
3 x 3 cm $8.000 caja
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I know I know... It's Monday (it is here anyway) ... So here's a coffee carving to cheer you up! Watch right to the end to see the print. Have a great week 😊

Last Friday was a productive day for me with regards to stamp carving, and I have made a few more since. I have been trying to get a good collection of designs made so that customers will have plenty to choose from when I begin listing in my shop. I want to design stamps that are a bit different from those already available. There are many other things to think about, but it's a start. If you have any ideas of stamp designs you think would be good, please let me know, I'm keeping a list 😊

Tonight I carved a bigger stamp than usual, 5 by 5 CM. It could be used as a stamp to label books, perhaps.

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