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New 2018 Select putters will be in golf shops March 30. And, to get your customization juices flowing, we've added each new model to our Custom Shop Creator and Classic Form applications so you can be ready to ship your new 2018 Select to the Custom Shop once you've picked it up from your local Titleist golf shop. Visit our website and click CUSTOMIZE to learn more about customizing your Scotty Cameron putter. #scottycameroncustomshop #scottycameron #titleist #scottycameronputterstudio #titleist

Starting off the week with some lefty love. Left hand Circle T Scotty Cameron 009M in SSS. #leftylove #scottycameron #titleist #circlet #scottycameronputterstudio

2018 Scotty Cameron Select Laguna. J.A.T. New 2018 Select putter models will be available in golf shops worldwide on March 30. Available to pre-order on March 12. #scottycameron #theartofputting #scottycameronputterstudio #2018select #titleist

We have drawn a winner in the Scotty Cameron Instagram Sweepstakes. Scotty gave the bag a final touch before shipping it off to our winner Eric C from Kentucky. Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned for details. #scottycameron #theartofputting #congratulations #scottycameronputterstudio

Made a new friend at the Putter Studio today. @crossfieldmark #scottycameronputterstudio #scottycameron #theartofputting

🙌🙌🙌 Scotty Cameron Carbon 009 Circle J in Blue Pearl finish. #theartofputting #circlej #scottycameron #scottycameronputterstudio 📸: @scottycameron #golfheadz

Countless putters have seen their way through this well loved shop vise on their way to permanent homes. Which stamp is your favorite? #circlet #scottycameronputterstudio #scottycameron #theartofputting

New Cash is King, Junk Yard Dog, and King of Cash headcovers were just released in Scotty's Custom Shop along with some very cool new GeoLuxe shaft bands. The only way to get these new accessories is to send your putter to the Custom Shop for customization. Visit our website and click CUSTOMIZE for details. #scottycameroncustomshop #scottycameron #scottycameronputterstudio #theartofputting #titleist

The Putter Studio was created as a place to help Scotty figure out the answers to questions and thoughts we all have with putting. How does path affect ball performance? Does the putter have enough loft? How does ball position affect lie angle, and how does shaft angle affect loft? The list goes on.
It’s where Scotty gathers information from the game’s top players. This valuable input from touring professionals goes directly into his designs that make it to production. In this environment—with the proper diagnostic tools custom engineered for this location—Scotty can find the answers and gain the peace of mind we’re all searching for with regard to putting. #scottycameron #scottycameronputterstudio #theartofputting

"I’ve always equated sound with feel. Years of Putter Studio research validate that players—whether they consciously know it or not—associate the feel of a putter with the sound it makes when impacting the golf ball. With the insert technology we’ve developed, we were able to improve sound and feel by adding up to 30% more vibration dampening material connecting face inlays with putter bodies. The connecting screws are slightly larger to account for the increased material and the surface compression necessary to produce the softer sound, while preserving the feedback demanded by the best players in the world to aid in distance control and diagnosing mishits." - Scotty Cameron
#scottycameron #2018select #theartofputting #scottycameronputterstudio #titleist

“For the 2018 Select putters I focused on refining the elements involved with the sight, sound and sole components of each model. To keep it super simple, think: Sight, Sound, Sole. Keying on these seemingly small details can make a big difference in how a putter performs, and we’ve made every opportunity to improve each attribute to release our most advanced, best performing putters ever.
For over two decades I’ve been refining and re-designing Newport-style blade putters—for the best players in the world, as well as the rest of us. Thankfully, what works for them can help us putt and play better, too. And, I tapped into that vast network of touring professionals for their feedback to create the models we present with this new 2018 Select line.
I’ve examined and explored every shape, every contour and every radius for improvement. I’ve moved metal around. And I’ve increased the amount of vibration dampening material. So, what may not be immediately noticeable as a refinement can be recognized with a trained eye, and some explanation." - Scotty Cameron
 #scottycameron #2018select #titleist #theartofputting #scottycameronputterstudio

The Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M extends the popular Futura line with a model designed for players seeking a smaller mallet with additional toe flow and forgiveness. The compact mallet - about 10 percent smaller than the similarly-shaped Futura 7M - is designed for easy alignment with built-in toe flow. The shorter single bend shaft configuration provides additional toe hang, promoting an arced path and flowing putting stroke. Available now. #scottycameronfutura #scottycameron #theartofputting #titleist #scottycameronputterstudio

It takes a skilled eye to pick up on the details that matter to the best players in the world. Scotty concentrated on draft angle improvements that resulted in a four-way balanced sole design, for fast, square alignment at address. Refined contours and sight cues build confidence at address. Improved sound and feel are the result of up to 30% more vibration dampening material connecting face inlays with putter bodies. #2018select #scottycameron #titleist #theartofputting #scottycameronputterstudio

Throwback to 1993 when Scotty crafted a Classic 1 Prototype for the player who became that year’s Masters Tournament champion. It was the first major won with a Scotty Cameron putter. The Classic 1 shape, with its rounded heel and toe bumpers and overall "roly-poly" lines, is what eventually became the Newport model. To see more key moments in the evolution of Select putters, visit our 2018 Select page by clicking the link in our profile. #scottycameron #titleist #theartofputting #TBT #scottycameronputterstudio

Throwback to 1994 for this Scotty Cameron transitional Classic 2.5 Tour prototype in black oxide. #tbt #scottycameron #theartofputting #titleist #scottycameronputterstudio

Today I was working on a few hand crafted craftsman prototypes in carbon and stainless. Cameron Smith recently won the Australian PGA Championship with a similar putter. #circlet #scottycameron #scottycameronputterstudio #titleist #theartofputting

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