How are you guys doing? 😋💞
-I’ve decided to take a break from social media for a while but definitely not from this account. I really love the welcoming and positive environment that is present within here. It’s something so valuable and precious. People seem to be so nice and although no one has really met, you guys are so amazing and supportive. I would never be able to give up something like that, so I will still be very active here. Currently my other Instagram account is down because people are so negative sometimes, you feel like you need a break. It’s best to not let yourself get hurt by how others view you. Social media is a platform that everyone can access to and at times, you will come across the wrong people. Although there is a problem going on with my other account, honestly I don’t even care. It’s not effecting me at all because I know for a fact that they are making the wrong choices , and I’m sure they’ll understand soon. Lol I’m not gonna let something like that interfere with my Holidays anyway. What matters is that you are happy with your life and that there are people around you who make this possible. You guys are one of those people for me and I’m so glad to be in a fandom, supporting such an amazing person like Froy. He has such a bright personality and its not in hands to not Love him. His smile just makes my day, no matter how bad it’s been and we all know that he is working really hard for us. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead of us. 💞 :) all the love ❤️

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[Scott MCcall 🌃]
["Teen Wolf" show]
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Gente, esse episódio foi uma loucura. / créditos: @stilesfeedx / parceria: @__tw__amores | #teenwolf #scottmccall #allisonargent #scallison

Só eu que amo essa cena? KKKKKK/ créditos: @lovestydia__ / parceria: @__tw__amores | #teenwolf #isaaclahey #scottmccall #stilesstilinski

[Casais de teen wolf x quote]
Eu gosto de todos dai, mas scalisson é meu otp♡
#q Qual é o seu casal fav de tw?
#a Scalisson e Stalia

Use her as your model and I'll be your slave for rest of eternity

scrap of my #1 🥰

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