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Wanted to listen to one of my favorite #records and found it #broken #getupkids #scottlitt

Sunset Tears....Cling To Fears...Don't Hesitate, Smile @ Fate....Sweet Shiver Burn...
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// Nirvana - In Utero // Geffen Records 20th anniversary edition // A very important record in my formative years. Crisp production really brings out the snarling reservation of kurts voice and the new mixes are a good addition. Also included are Gallons of Alcohol Flow through the Strip, Sappy, moist vagina, and marigold. Basically the outtakes included on the singles.// #nirvana #inutero #stevealbini #scottlitt #davegrohl #kristnoveselic #kurdtdkobain

I worked for this band for a few years in the 1980s and I got to say they were flipping great #chrisstamey #peterholsapple #mitcheaster #rem #dbs #scottlitt #mickhoughton #albionrecords #geneholder #london #indiemusic #indie

Grammy award for Out Of Time Best Alternative Music Album, 1991 at remhq. #grammys #tbt #findoftheweek #REM @michaelstipe @lordmillsey #PeterBuck #billberry #scottlitt #bertisdowns #1991 #alternativemusic


"Document" was the last IRS record of original material R.E.M. would release on September 1, 1987. Also the first R.E.M. record produced by #scottlitt. From the hard charging opening track "Finest Worksong" to the non-love ballad "The One I Love" the boys from #athensga would soon tour with #10000maniacs which I was lucky enough to see at #purdueuniversity. Still one of my favorite shows. #vinylporn #vinyladdict #instavinyl #vinylcollector #music #records #vinylrecords #michaelstipe #nataliemerchant


1 Make Yourself
แผ่นUS ปี1999 สภาพ /แผ่น ซีล
ราคา 300บาท

2 Morning View
แผ่นJapan OBI ปี2002 สภาพVG+ /แผ่นVG+
ราคา 300บาท

3 HQ Live Special Edition(2CD+1DVD)
แผ่นEU ปี2012 สภาพ /แผ่น ซีล
ราคา 350บาท

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R.E.M. - New Adventures in Hi-Fi.
A fan favorite: I totally agree.

June 22, 1991 - "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M. went No.4 on the Hot 100. with their seventh studio album, Out of Time. The song was released as the first single from the group's 1991 album Out of Time. Built on a mandolin riff, "Losing My Religion" was an unlikely hit for the group, garnering heavy airplay on radio as well as on MTV due to its critically acclaimed music video. The song became R.E.M.'s highest-charting hit in the United States, expanding the group's popularity beyond its original fanbase. It was nominated for several Grammy Awards, and won two for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and Best Short Form Music Video.

R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck wrote the main riff and chorus to the song on a mandolin while watching television one day. Buck had just bought the instrument and was attempting to learn how to play it, recording the music as he practiced. Buck recalled: When I listened back to it the next day, there was a bunch of stuff that was really just me learning how to play mandolin, and then there's what became 'Losing My Religion', and then a whole bunch more of me learning to play the mandolin.

The music video for "Losing My Religion" was directed by Tarsem Singh. As opposed to previous R.E.M. videos, Michael Stipe agreed to lip sync the lyrics. The video originated as a combination of ideas envisioned by Stipe and Singh. Stipe wanted the promo to be a straightforward performance video, akin to Sinéad O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U". Singh wanted to create a video in the style of a certain type of Indian filmmaking, where everything would be "melodramatic and very dreamlike", according to Stipe.

The music video was nominated in nine categories at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards. The video won six awards, including Video of the Year, Best Group Video, Breakthrough Video, Best Art Direction, Best Direction, and Best Editing.

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Here's your #TapeTuesday. Following five increasingly successful albums for the indie label I.R.S. Records, the band grew frustrated with their overseas distribution, especially after having the hit "The One I Love." The guys began entertaining the idea of signing with a major label and finally chose Warner Brothers due to the label's promise of complete artistic freedom. The guys began to create demos both in the traditional rock band set up and also with a percussion, mandolin and accordion set up. Singer Michael Stipe told the band not to write any REM-type songs. Instead of a consistent vibe, the album was an eclectic, scattershot collection that contained both folky acoustic dirges and also the poppiest rock songs REM would ever release. So called "Ironic" pop songs like "Stand" and "Pop Song 89" were intermingled with introspective Americana like "World Leader Pretend" and "The Wrong Child." REM chose the American release date to coincide with the 1988 presidential election with the guys publicly endorsing candidate Michael Dukakis. The album was a huge hit and spawned 4 singles while going double platinum. An 11 month tour followed with the biggest budget the band had ever had. To me the album perfectly captures the political hailstorm of the late 80s with "Orange Crush" sounding like a catchy manifesto of the youth of America stuck in the middle of the "Me" generation. Green is also the one REM album where you get a little bit of every flavor REM offered. The definition of a classic. Purchased at Coconuts Music & Video in Westmont, IL May 1995. #REM #MichaelStipe #PeterBuck #MikeMills #BillBerry #ScottLitt #OrangeCrush #Stand #PopSong89 #GetUp #WarnerBrothers

Hace 20 años debutaba DAYS OF THE NEW con su álbum homónimo producido por Scott Litt
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Here's your #TapeTuesday. Nirvana's MTV Unplugged In New York. Recorded at Sony Music Studios November 18th, 1993, Nirvana was at the height of their fame. Instead of the normal MTV Unplugged scenario, Nirvana chose obscure covers, lesser known album tracks and the occasional hit from their two major label albums. Most of the cover choices mirrored the depressed and drug-addled psyche of Kurt Cobain. Leadbelly's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" was an eerie statement on Kurt's rocky relationship with Courtney Love. The band was also joined by Curt and Cris Kirkwood of The Meat Puppets for a few songs, a dream come true for a longtime fan of that band (though MTV had wanted a bigger name like Eddie Vedder). Throughout the proceedings Kurt was deadpan, funny and self deprecating. Though not completely unplugged (Kurt wanted to play through an amp calling it his security blanket), cellos and accordions peppered a set that turned on a new group of fans who wanted to hear Nirvana sans-distortion and feedback. The stage was dressed in flowers giving a feeling like we were watching a funeral and giving the sad series of events in the coming months, we sort of were. By far the greatest MTV Unplugged of all time and one of the greatest albums of the 1990s. Released posthumously in the fall of 1994, the album went on to sell five million copies. Purchased at Coconuts Music & Video in Westmont, IL June 1995. #Nirvana #MTV #MTVUnpluggedInNewYork #KurtCobain #DaveGrohl #KrisNoveselic #DGC #Geffen #ScottLitt #MeatPuppets #PatSmear #MontageOfHeck #HBO

// Nirvana - In Utero // Geffen Records 20th anniversary edition // A very important record in my formative years. Crisp production really brings out the snarling reservation of kurts voice and the new mixes are a good addition. Also included are Gallons of Alcohol Flow through the Strip, Sappy, moist vagina, and marigold. Basically the outtakes included on the singles.// #nirvana #inutero #stevealbini #scottlitt #davegrohl #kristnoveselic #kurdtdkobain

Here's your #TapeTuesday. Formed in 1991 in Berkeley, California, singer-songwriter Adam Duritz and guitarist-producer David Bryson began as an acoustic duo playing mostly coffee shops around Berkeley and San Francisco. They recorded some demos with David Immurgluck of the band Camper Can Beethoven, began expanding their sound into a five piece band and signed to Geffen a Records in 1993. A rousing performance by the then-unknown band at The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction of Van Morrison in January 1993 complete with a very enthusiastic introduction of the band by the legendary Robbie Robertson certainly helped grow buzz for the young band. The album was released that September and the rock-star-mentality-mocking "Mr. Jones" was an instant hit making August And Everything After the fastest selling Geffen album since Nirvana's Nevermind. The collection was produced by T-Bone Burnett and recorded in the bands living room in Los Angeles. To me the album has it's own distinct personality and perfectly captures a post-Desert Storm Midwestern vibe. In an era of grunge and jaded apathy Counting Crows stood out for reaching to influences older than the punk era: Dylan, The Band, Van Morrison and Neil Young. Still a striking, intense listen. Purchased at Coconuts Music & Video in Westmont, IL March 1995. #CountingCrows #AugustAndEverythingAfter #AdamDuritz #DavidBryson #MattMalley #CharlieGillingham #SteveBowman #TBoneBurnett #PatMcCarthy #ScottLitt #GaryGersh #MrJones #RainKing #RoundHere

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