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my idol👆🏼🏳️‍🌈❤️ -
i'm trying to be more active again but school is stressing me out rn bc I messed up my first exam🙄 & i'm scared that my boss will be angry at me bc i messed up😫
#andrewscott #andrewscottisbeautiful #scottie #scotties #scottiefamily

I know that this is a very short and not perfect video, but I've been doing it with so MANY EMOTIONS. I found amazing friends here and I'm so proud to be a part of this lovely scottie family. Many of you wrote me when I needed help, many of you told me, that it's okay when I did some mistake and many of you just told me, that I'm a nice person. And even if we didn't talk much, or if we never talked, or if you're not in this video, I'm so thankful for EVERY ONE OF YOU 💕
Now.. my dear friends, you who ALWAYS talked with me, who can always make me laugh, how do I deserve you? Gosh, I'm so thankful, that I met you! Maybe we'll see each other in real life one day, I really hope! ❤
Oh, and Jim (@jim_is_andrewlocked ) thank you so much for your video, it was one of the most beautiful things! 💙
And one special thanks to Lucas (@agaybaddie ) , Jim (@akioky ) and Seb (@lord_moran ), very talented cosplayers, nice, kind and beautiful human beings, who inspired me in many things and I'm so thankful that they wanted to be a part of this, because they're really amazing, thank you again! 💞
...your Sandy/Nicolas 😊
#scottiefamily #scottie #andrewscott

Let's get this straight people...I'm a #scottie and my friend, Luna (@orionlunabowbows), is a giant #schnauzer. We get it, the beards can make it challenging to tell us apart 😁🙈. #HamiinMiami
Photo 📷: @ml_marthinsen. More on the blog💻: Hamiinmiami.com

Jock on alert!

"I refuse to take the cheesy shot of me holding the tower. I will just stand here. Take it or leave it." #ChelseaMcBouncy #ChelseaExploresItaly #ZaydasTravelDiaryPisa #Scottie #ScottishTerrier #Dog #scottishterriersofinstagram

Happy Birthday to the two most incredible women in the world. The Lord could not have blessed our family with a more precious Angel, Scottie Ann Sligar. My heart is so full. Happy Birthday Girls. I love you #Sligarpartyofthree #scottie


@terathescottie invite you to do a sploot 😘 thank you for tagging us!
Tag us or send us your scottie's photo and it will be shared here!

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George's new 'do. Great work by John @bldhtx #scottie #terrierterror #wheatenscottie

Sneezing dogs are the cutest, another sticker available in my Redbubble

#redbubble #sticker #shop #dog #puppy #pup #drawing #cartoon #scottie #scottishterrier #drawing #art

He's adorable (when he's not being a prick) 😍
#Scottie #cats #catsofinstagram

Windswept Lils this morning!! 🐶🌪🌪

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