Wednesday you slut! You are the lowest part of my week on placement alone. As far and as close to the weekend as you can get makes you the vice principal of days. Oh sure you're a day by definition and I suppose by the sheer fact that 24 hour slot will be there regardless and unlike most who call it hump day it is no where near as joyous as actually humping. A Wednesday by any other name would still be a fucking sluuuuu.....also #sds for @mmoonlight17 and @janeen.d.rx #staybearded #stayloyal #stayvillain #shitalk #shittalk #scotthaleistalking

You listen here "laundry" if that's even your real name I've just about had enough of your out of control ways so I suggest you shape the fuck up and get yourself together cause I'm 200 lbs away from being a nudist...also.....#sds for @foxyfire24 💩talk #shit #scotthaleistalking

Mornings what in the actual fuck is your problem like why do you even exist any more? I haven't cartooned in a fucking decade rendering you obsolete so please tell me why I need to break my beauty sleep just to see your pitiful being and what physical work. SUCK MY DICK MORNINGS....also....#sds #nofaceselfies for @joshua_from_oshawa and @shaun_keleher 💩talk #shit #scotthaleistalking

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