Primer día en #Escocia. Bonita tarde en #Glasgow descubriendo la zona de la Universidad y la parte moderna del río. 💙
First day in #Scotland. Nice afternoon in Glasgow discovering the area of ​​the University and the modern part of the river.

VULNERABILITY | Let’s talk about vulnerability, shall we? Yes, I know I have had this super intensive NNAS navigation day and lots of to show but really all I want to share today is vulnerability. ⠀
Do you ever feel like you really would love to have a pause button? And press it, press it hard? Yeah me too. Man this year had been tough. I have been challenged right, left and centre and yes it’s not the worst year of my life as I have already had that once but it doesn’t make it any easier, or less challenging and exhausting. ⠀
I am such a proud and stubborn person though and can power literally thought anything. If one thing goes to hell, I go and open another door, if something is really painful, I will just flip it to look at the bright side and keep going. I like to think I am not a burden to my friends and don’t moan. I never show my vulnerable side. I hate being & feeling weak. And here comes the question: is vulnerability the same as weakness? I associate it with shame and fear but forget that this could be also the birthplace of creativity and most importantly - authenticity. ⠀
Finlay asked me today to look tough. The way I felt was far from that and now when I am looking at this pic I can see that everything that I have been processing is bubbling up to the surface. When you dare to drop the armor that protects us from feeling vulnerable, we open ourselves to the experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives. And here was are, at the doorstep of Kilted Yoga 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ #kiltedyoga

The Balvenie Distillery...
Our last stop on today's tour was the Balvenie Distillery. Including a look inside their still working maltbarn and pagoda.
. . . .
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When you finally manage to strike a pose and somebody ruins everything #photobomb #photobombed #scotlandlover #scotlandtrip #whosthatguy

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