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Blossoming in the spring, the ever so charming Circus Lane in Edinburgh 🌱🌱 @jemmadventures almost got a perfectly clear blue sky for her shot of the popular location! 📷
#CircusLane #Edinburgh #Scotland #VisitScotland #ScotSpirit #LoveScotland

Be water my wee one...

Any Harry Potter fans out there? :)

🍓 Strawberry or Ladybug 🐞?
Anyways, It's been quite a quiet day for the three of us, but 3 things happened for me that made today a good day 👍
So back to work after 4 days off & low and behold, there's actually some new decent coffee!!! (Ok it's only one jar but still..) Best thing about this is since it's new, people won't realise it's communal & will think it belongs to someone, so more for me, shh!!! 🤐
Also, I forgot to take the bins out last night, but not to worry as the bin-men never showed up, so as long as I don't forget (again) I have a second chance, woo 🙌
Finally this little peanut has been giving me the biggest smiles all evening, so a successful day all round. Hope your day has been as good as mine 😁😘
#goodday #babysmile


#Lochan Urr, #Highlands, #Scotland | #Photography by ©John Mcsporran

Best wee baby 💕

The eighteenth century didn't want me.🤷🏻‍♀️
I didn't see Jamie or Claire, but the girl at the next stone over was blasting the Outlander theme song from her phone so I kinda did feel like I was in the show. Legit.

The Trades Hall on Glassford Street, Glasgow is often referred to as ‘The Hidden Gem of Glasgow’ or ‘Glasgow’s Best Kept Secret’. The building was designed and built from 1791-1794 by prominent Scottish architect Robert Adam. It has a unique history with exceptional features and apart from the medieval cathedral, is the oldest building in Glasgow still used for its original purpose.

The Trades Hall is a popular venue for private events (weddings, birthday parties, christenings, corporate events, etc) & all income arising from events held within Trades Hall is used to support the charitable purposes of Trades House and the benevolent work it undertakes.

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