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Making it Monkey last Monday with a huge #MonkeyShoulder party! Thanks to everyone who came down and had fun! This Monkey Colada went OFF! 🍹🔥🍹🔥

IT LURKS BELOW!! Awesome! About to stream IT LURKS BELOW, David Breviks(creator of the Diablo games) new game! Should be pretty bad ass! Come check it out!

It’s my Friday 🤷🏻‍♂️ Laphroaig PX cask with complimentary plot of Islay 🥃👌🏼

Schaut ein World #Whisky Awards 🥇Goldmedaillen🏅 - Gewinner um die Ecke ;) 💙Das ich ein Freund der #Speyside bin, ist kein Geheimnis. Mir gefällt die Harmonie der #Whiskys. 💙

Der @benromach #15 hat mich dann doch überrascht... 🎊🥃🎉 In der Nase: im ersten Moment minimal Sherry, mit einem Hauch Vanille. Beim zweiten Schnüffeln habe ich eine leicht scharfe, intensive Note gefunden - Ingwer könnte nahe kommen. Dazu eine fruchtigem Birnen Note. Am Ende ein Haus Citrus - vielleicht orange, evtl aber auch Grapefruit. 🍊

Auch der Rauch wurde schon in der Nase sehr sehr rund und sanft eingebunden - wirklich gelungen!
Im Mund: sanfte Frucht, nicht zu süß - tatsächlich hatte ich nach der fruchtigen süßlichen Note in der Nase doch mehr süße im Mund.. Dennoch kann man leichtes Kompott herausschmecken.
Der Rauch ist deutlich zu schmecken. Aber auch hier toll eingebunden. Dennoch ist da auch eine bittere Note, die mich sehr an verbrannten Zucker erinnert. Ich muss gestehen, daran störe ich mich leicht.
Abgang: Der Abgang ist eher kurz als lang, klingt dafür aber gleichmäßige ab. So finden sich im Abgang doch deutliche rauchige und Aschige Noten.

Fazit: Der Benromach 15 is ein durchaus gelungener Whisky. Die Goldmedaille sollte "in Ordnung gehen" ;) - Späßchen..Natürlich ist es ein Top Whisky, dessen Auszeichnung absolut verdient ist.
Allerdings.. Wenn ich ihn blind Verkostet hätte,  hätte ich ihn eher in die Highlands eingeordnet. Er ist kein typischer #Speysider.

Abgesehen von der leicht bitteren, verbrannten Note im Mund, ist er für mich ein erstklassiger und sehr schön gelungener. #SingleMalt. Rund und doch eckig. Gelungen, vollmundig und doch leicht Fruchtig. Toll!
Ich freue mich auf die anderen Abfüllungen der #Brennerei, denn sie scheint einen ganz eigenen Charakter zu haben. 🎊Kaufempfehlung!? Ja, defintiv. 🎊

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Inspired by Hains & Co, & Bobby Heugel before them, Dominion is launching our Break Even Bottle program for the first time.
We will be buying rare, hard to come by whiskies, then selling them to you at cost.
The idea is to give everyone a chance to try something special that normally you would never get to, as well as getting you in to enjoy our venue that we are proud of.
We decided to start with one of our favourites.
The first in the series is the Bruichladdich Black Art 4.1
A 23 year old gem of a whisky, made up of casks undisclosed by Head Distiller Jim McEwan.
We asked what the casks were when at the distillery, he replied that if he told us he would have to kill us. What we do know is that is a mixture of American & French oak, with various European wine casks dotted throughout. A superb dram & a great way to kick of the series

Today on MALT we celebrate 50 years of The Connoisseurs Choice from @gordonandmacphail with just the 9 reviews. I promise when we do a follow up piece later this year it'll be 10 at least! Link in the bio.

Transparency. Some samples bought from those @dornochwhisky dudes, others at retail or @carnegiewhiskycellars and then brought together for a trip across the decades.

One of the most overlooked distilleries in Speyside is actually related to one of the most popular Scotch whisky brands. @theglenrothes was fully reacquired last year by Edrington Group - brand owners of @the_macallan - from @berrybrosrudd last year. Maybe we’ll be seeing more of The Glenrothes in our part of the world soon!

Two extremely rare bottles of The Macallan 1926 have today set the world record for the most expensive whisky bottles ever sold after they changed hands for US$1.2m.
You can find more about these unique bottles on our website.

This week is Glenfarclas. Nice and sweet. Goes down smoothly #whiskyoftheweek #whisky #scotchwhisky #scotch #scotland #highlandsinglemalt #singlemalt #aged10years

Discovered a new single malt that I really like. @speyburn_whisky is a Speyside whisky that's light-bodied and very elegant. Sweet honey and caramel notes with a hint of citrus on the palate.
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Didn't think my day would produce this. 1970's litre bottle of Cutty Sark, with ATF tax stamp intact. Ended up finding the accompanying model ship to go with it. @cuttysarkwhisky @cuttysarkusa #thanksdustin #cuttysark #scotch #scotchwhisky #whiskey #whisky

Rich & Rounded, Malty With Toffee, Honey, Spicy Coconut & Vanilla Notes • Aberlour - 15yo - 40%vol - Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Double Cask (traditional oak & sherry) Matured • Mumbai - India 🇮🇳 • #aberlour #aberlour15 #doublecaskmatured #highlandsinglemalt #highlandsinglemaltscotchwhisky #singlemalt #singlemaltwhisky #scotch #scotchwhisky #whisky #whiskey #whiskygram #instawhisky #photo #photography #photooftheday #instphoto #pic #picture #picoftheday #instapic #travel #traveler #traveling #travelgram #traveltheworld #globetrotter #instatravel #instagood #instagram

Golden goodness! 👌

Photo: @sharpimagery

Ballantine's 12y (Old Bottle) なんだか勢いで、開けてしまいました😓 状態はいいですね😊 お飲みになりたい方は是非! あっ、これはブリューインバー主水の話し。

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Time for some Lagavulin 16 43% and some song writing. Finally off work for a stretch. ( 3 night shifts feels like 6 days lol). This Laga 16 is so delicious and something I wouldn't have enjoyed as much even just 6 months ago. It's funny how the palate evolves. Such a fun journey! Initial thoughts on this.
NOSE - I get hit first with bacon. Not how I usually cook it though, this is more like bacon being cooked on a charcoal grill. That falls back and a sweetness appears. Then a meat, like a steak. Then it's bacon again but this time it's like you're smelling it out of the package, raw, before cooking. After a taste and back to the nose the smoked aspect is more subtle and pinned behind a brown sugar , caramel sweetness with red apples , raisins and other dark fruits that are hard for me to pinpoint due to the complexity and layers of this nose. Then some massive smoked vanilla. A little cinnamon after half a dram . What a fkn beautiful nose.
PALATE - Oh fk yes. Sweet , bbq smoke , nice and mouth-coating. Bacon . Dark fruit's, I can definitely pick out plums and figs but it's covered with a sweet smoke. I'm getting apples now. Thick and chewy . Toffee. The whole time the smoke lingers and makes itself known but doesn't overwhelm. Salty, vanilla. Glorious stuff.
FINISH - Long, slightly drying. Smoked salmon remains, along with a sweetness. Some oak spice upon swallowing, salty.
What a beautiful whisky. Exceptional really. Added color and chill filtered , but it doesn't matter. It's an anomaly? Maybe. But if it was higher strength and non-chillfiltered, I wonder if I would notice it's subtleties. Complex, yet refined. Impactful , yet smooth. Rich but not to the point of only being able to pour a 1/2 oz and be full lol... I call this BALANCE.
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Littlemill Crystal Decanter / Dark Sherry. Available on luxglove.com!
The distillery Littlemill closed in 1994 and has been since destroyed. Littlemill was producing a very elegant single malt that is still today highly looked after by the most serious whisky collectors. This Littlemill is really old, maybe distilled in the 1950's.

Hibiki 35 yo
Nose: Beautiful flower bouquet and ripe fruits followed by elegant sherry, woody notes reminiscent of incense, vanilla and honey aromas.

Taste: Full-bodied, smooth, and creamy on the palate, splendidly rich

Finish: Clear, sophisticated, lingering.

Fore more information:
Email: tajimayamanila@gmail.com
FB/T/IG: tajimayaph

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