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Kumbang Badak (Xylotrupes ulysses)
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Anthropoda
Class : Insecta
Order : Coleoptera
Family : Scarabaeidae
Subfamily : Dynastinae
Genus : Xylotrupes
Species : X. ulysses
PS : photo and release
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If this news doesn't blow you away, we don't know what will !! Repost By:
@ekko.world .
Are you taking a reusable water bottle to work today? This new study might help convince you it’s a good idea! The study has found that there's nearly as much plastic in the water inside the bottle as is wrapped around it. An incredible average of 325 plastic particles in every litre of water.
In one bottle of Nestlé Pure Life, concentrations were as high as 10,000 plastic pieces per litre of water. Analysis of 259 bottles from 19 locations in nine countries across 11 different brands was conducted.

Of the 259 bottles tested, only 17 were free of plastics, according to the study.

The scientists wrote they had “found roughly twice as many plastic particles within bottled water” compared with their previous study of tap water.

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Neuroscientist Adie Poe believes the future of cannabis connoisseurship is in terpenes—not THC and we couldn’t agree more. Poe, the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of the research group Habu Health went on to say, "legalization is so fresh that consumers are still just shopping for the highest potency for the lowest price. It’s like if alcohol prohibition lifted, and everyone ran out to celebrate cheap moonshine."

#noshit — Cecil the lion was beloved by his home country and the tourists who could always trust him for a good photo-op. The beast’s death—as well as its skinned and decapitated body left on the outskirts of the park—sparked global outrage.
The man responsible, 55 y/o Walter Palmer, father of two who shelled out $55,000 to fire the fatal arrow is now part of a Trump administration commission at the Interior Department to promote big-game trophy hunting and the “economic benefits that result from US citizens traveling to foreign nations to engage in hunting.”
The council, which will cost taxpayers $250,000 a year, is charged with making recommendations to Secretary Ryan Zinke about removing barriers to importing trophy hunting animals—such as the recently overturned ban on elephant and lion trophies from some countries—and relaxing legal restrictions on hunting and importing endangered species.
The members of the International #Wildlife #Conservation Council, which is holding its first meeting Friday, include a reality-TV safari hunting guide, a former beauty queen, gun industry representatives, members/affiliates of a controversial trophy hunting group, and a veterinarian associated with an exotic animal breeding facility in Florida that sells endangered animals to roadside zoos.
“It’s really embarrassing,” says Masha Kalinina, the international trade policy specialist for the wildlife department at the #humanesociety International. “I just question the qualifications of each and every one of these people.
Notably missing from this trophy hunting council are legitimate representatives of the conservation community with proper #scientific credentials and a record of successful conservation programs, along with wildlife law enforcement experts and biologists who have no financial stake in promoting trophy hunting.”
The council’s charter calls hunting “an enhancement to foreign wildlife conservation and survival.” But the membership of the council seems heavily weighted toward people who think the best way to conserve wildlife is to kill it.

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Junior dan senior...
Dalam organisasi keilmiahan pun senioritas itu ada. Namun senioritas disini lebih ke arah transfer knowledge dan tentunya bimbingan.
Menyeberangi danau untuk menuju suatu pulau adalah cara mereka membimbing kami untuk menjadi peneliti remaja. Di sebuah pulau banyak sekali objek yang bisa diteliti dan diintervensi dengan sebuah inovasi.
Setelah 1 jam mengelilingi pulau kecil ini lalu ditanya, "Apa saja objek yang bisa kamu teliti, dan penelitianmu seperti apa? Kemudian intervensi apa yg bisa kamu terapkan?" wow amazing kan... Yah setidaknya saya bersyukur pernah berlabuh di Forum Studi Ilmiah Mahasiswa Fak.Kedokteran Unlam, karena disinilah awal mula saya belajar menjadi peneliti. Dan disini pulalah awal mengenal senioritas tanpa kekerasan, senioritas tanpa arogansi,dsb.
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Dengan Tema:
Inovasi Penyelesaian Permasalahan Pedesaan, Perkotaan dan Kemaritiman berbasis IPTEKS untuk menyukseskan Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) 2030

Sub Tema:
1. Teknologi Terapan
2. Energi Terbarukan
3. Pendidikan 
4. Ekonomi dan Pangan
5. Sosial Budaya 
6. Konservasi Hutan
7. Kemaritiman
8. Pertanian 
9. Kesehatan dan Lingkungan

Bagi kalian yang memiliki passion dan hobi di bidang kepenulisan dan keilmiahan, INILAH TEMPATNYA 👌
📬 Deadline Pengiriman
Gel 1 : 21 Januari - 25 Februari 2018
Gel 2 : 26 Februari - 25 Maret 2018
📝 Tahap Seleksi 26 Maret- 22 April 2018
📣 Pengumuman 23 April Mei 2018
👥 Grand Final 11 - 13 Mei 2018 🍃FASILITAS:
❤Field Trip dan Tanam Mangrove
❤Sertifikat 10 Tim Finalis
❤E-Sertifikat Semi Finalis 50% Karya Terbaik
❤E-Sertifikat Semua Pengirim Karya.
🍃Syarat dan Ketentuan:
1. Mahasiswa D3/S1 seluruh Indonesia
2. 1 Tim maksimal 3 orang
3. Gagasan sesuai tema dan sesuai format
4. Peserta boleh mengirimkan maksimal 3 karya 
5. Mengisi formulir pendaftaran
6. Mengirim berkas ke lktigsc.enerc@gmail.com
7. Biaya pendaftaran gel.1 Rp.90.000 dan biaya pendaftaran gel. 2 Rp 100.000

Untuk syarat, ketentuan, panduan selengkapnya beserta formulir pendaftaran ,bisa download pada link berikut ini :

Segera daftarkan tim terbaikmu dan raih hadiah menarik berikut ini:
💰JUARA 1 : Rp.3.500.000 + Piala + Piagam
💰JUARA 2 : Rp.2.500.000 + Piala + Piagam
💰JUARA 3 : Rp.1.500.000 + Piala + Piagam
💰JUARA HARAPAN 1 : Rp.750.000 + Piala + Piagam
💰JUARA HARAPAN 2 : Rp.500.000 + Piala + Piagam
💰JUARA FAVORIT (Video dan Poster): Trofi + Piagam

More info👇
Contact Person
085813420943(Ahmad Dahlan)
0895410126354 ( Puja Nelam Sari)
Ig : @enerc_ft_unnes
Youtube: EneRC FT UNNES
email : lktigsc.enerc@gmail.com
Id line : @jze7949m
FB : Enerc Mengudara
Twitter : @enerc_ft_unnes
Web : www.enerc.net


I will....uh... explain math. Ok, more like I will make fun of math. Link in bio.
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“Imagine a time without work… it must be something human beings have been dreaming of for millennia. ⠀ ⠀
We picture months spent lying on beaches, passing whole days in the garden, having endless hours to practise our hobbies and spend time with family. ⠀ ⠀
But while this dream might have been around forever, it’s only now that it is starting to look like it might one day become reality. ⠀ ⠀
And as it draws closer, on closer inspection could it turn out to be a complete nightmare rather than the utopia about which some have dreamed?” ⠀

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