Today I'll be sharing my story and discussing the importance of women in STEM at the QEH School Trailblazers Conference. I'll be speaking alongside some incredible women and most importantly I'll meet the next generation of STEM ambassadors 💪🙌🌠
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Yesterday these pins arrived. They have been commissioned by the Women In Physics at Imperial College London. They have set themselves a challenge of raising enough money to get the @angeladsaini INFERIOR book into every public school in NYC 🗽 they have already succeeded in getting the book into schools in the UK. The book is called 'How Science Got Women Wrong - And The New Research That's Rewriting The Story.' so you can see it is an important message about changing the damaging stereotypes within science in industry and schools to achieve equal opportunities for all. .https://www.gofundme.com/challenge-bias-in-nyc-schools
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Happy weekend everyone!!! We made it, even if I did have to call upon a little ice-cream this afternoon,
to get us there quicker 🤷🏻‍♀️
Tomorrow we are off to London to get our geek on. The @newscientistlive show has come to London and I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’ve been a bit of a science geek for as long as I can remember and it’s been my dream since I was a little girl to travel into space.
So, I’ve spent the last couple of hours studying the #NSLive website to make sure I don’t miss out on anything.
We are talking Hydrogen Fuelled Cars 🚙, Robotics, Space Exploration, Planetariums, Fire Science, Microscopy, Science Experiments, the lot!! 🚀🛰🔋🔍🔥🌎🦗🧠☄️
So, come on, what gets your geek on?

Here’s our founder and Head of Explosions @reneewatson77 on the opening day of @newscientistlive

"First day of New Scientist Live with @thecuriositybox_ and I have just about burst a gasket with excitement! Come see us and play with our putty!”⠀

We’re at the show every day so swing by stand 1405, say hi and join in the seriously sciency fun! 😁⠀

Get hands on and play with putty, explode marshmallows with our pressure experiments, post your questions on our WHY? wall and check out our science kit including seriously cool smartphone microscopes 🔬⠀

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#Celltember 21

A few days ago, I talked about HeLa cells and their enormous contribution in basic sciences as well as in biomedical research. Their development also allowed to better understand the essential requirements for the development of new cell lines and models. This has save time, resources and increase the reproducibility of the assays. However, the new knowledge of cell biology has also shown how important is the micro environment for cell development. Organs and tissues are not typically composed of a homogeneous cell population, but rather are complex structures with intricate relations between vessels, nerves, extracellular matrix, etc. To better understand these complex interactions, a two-dimensional model (cell monolayer) is not always the best option. And it is precisely here, where the "three-dimensional cell cultures" or "spheroids" can be very useful. This 3D arrangement allows cells to interact with each other and with the extracellular matrix in a more natural way, providing a better representation of reality. Under these conditions, cells are also subject to the restrictions and mechanical effects of the environment, factors that are key for cancer research and the development of stem cells, to name a few.
Thanks to new technologies, researchers have been able to study entire spheroids, as well as subpopulations and even individual cells within a colony. In particular, the ability of spheroids to mimic a true tumor has been an important contribution in the discovery and development of more effective drugs.
So spheroids, together with other techniques, have helped us to go one step further in the titanic task of understanding complex systems.

DOI: 10.1016/j.tibtech.2012.12.003

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A B C of Neuroscience!
Hand-made notes!!!
Lets get started♥️
I have decided to start with a description of a brain region which is evolutionarily conserved and we use it a lot during fearful situations in our lives :) A for Amygdala ♥️ There is a brief description on amygdala, its location and function in our brains!

At the end, here is an interesting case study of a female patient called SM who suffered from a rare genetic disorder called Urbach- Wiethe Disease. She had bilateral amygdala destruction and due to which she couldn't experience fear.

Media called her: " woman with no fear" or "fearless woman"

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Officer Jernigan and Sixth Grade Science make a great team! Fingerprinting, crime scenes, and hands on learning labs! #beREAL #QualityTigers #ScienceforAll

Lovely to see @laylamoran visiting @reneewatson77 and @thecuriositybox_ team on our stand @newscientistlive today.⠀

“A chance meeting with one of my favourite game changing women, Layla Moran.”⠀

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This small energy ball packs a big punch, and is a great way to demonstrate how to conduct electricity in a circuit. Pick up this item or any others on our September Product of the Month and receive 10% off! Time's running out, place your order today! #POTM #Sale #Scienceforall

It’s a bracelet. It changes colour. It’s purple. It’s science. 😍🔬🚀 ⠀

Come and see us on stand 1405 @newscientistlive and join in the seriously sciency fun!⠀

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First day of @newscientistlive with @thecuriositybox_ and I have just about burst a gasket with excitement! Come see us and play with our putty #newscientistlive #getcurious #putty #scienceforall

It’s a bracelet. It changes colour. It’s purple. It’s science. 😍🔬🚀 @newscientistlive #newscientistlive #scienceforall #scienceisfun @thecuriositybox_

An amazing journey to the future took place last weekend, at Public Cyprus / @themallofcyprus, where people had the chance to see the innovative inventions and applications, designed and created by Frederick University students! With MDL and @fuf_racing_team
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How do you spot a fake masterpiece? How do you define and preserve a cultural heritage? And what does a hydrogen atom have to do with it?
NYUAD Professor Maria Baias leads the conversation at our very first Fikret Science Club! .
📆: September 25
⏲: 7pm
📍: L'Arte Restaurant in Manarat al Saadiyat. *

To grab a coffee and follow your curiosity, RSVP to "A Hydrogen Atom's View of Ancient Mummies and Art Forgers" by emailing nyuad.cgsb@nyu.edu

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Testing experiments for an upcoming product! #scienceexperiment #AmSci #scienceforall

Hai Sobat Iptek.. .

Setelah 3 hari kegiatan Science For All (SFA) diselenggarakan di Jombang, PP-IPTEK, Kemenristekdikti menggelar Kompetisi Roket Air Regional Jombang pada tanggal 19 September 2018. Kegiatan yang dimulai pada pukul 07.00 WIB ini diikuti oleh 219 siswa SMP, SMA dan SMK di Kabupaten Jombang yang berlokasi di SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Jombang. .

Kompetisi Roket Air telah dilakukan PP-IPTEK, Kementerian Ristekdikti sejak tahun 2003 di beberapa kota di Indonesia dengan tujuan untuk meningkatkan pemahaman siswa dalam bidang antariksa dan memperkenalkan sains dengan cara yang menyenangkan. Penyelenggaraan Kompetisi Roket Air Regional Jombang diselenggarakan atas inisiasi Dinas Pendidikan Kab. Jombang dan Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Jawa Timur melalui MGMP IPA dan Fisika. .

Hadir sebagai 6 pemenang Kompetisi Roket Air Regional Jombang berturut-turut adalah Silvia dari SMA Abdul Wahid Hasyim sebagai Juara I, Moh. Syahrul Okta dari SMPN 4 Jombang sebagai Juara II, M. Khilmy Ikkromulloh dari SMAN 3 Jombang sebagai Juara III, Risma Medika dari SMPN 1 Megaluh sebagai Juara Harapan I, M. Zacky Rahmansyah dari MAN 3 Jombang sebagai Juara Harapan II, dan Elita Lailatul dari SMA Abdul Wahid Hasyim sebagai Juara Harapan III. Ke-6 pemenang ini berkesempatan untuk mengikuti Kompetisi Roket Air Nasional yang akan diselenggarakan di PP-IPTEK yang berlokasi di TMII Jakarta pada tanggal 28 September - 1 Oktober 2018. 6 (enam) pemenang terbaik Kompetisi Roket Air Nasional (KRAN) akan menjadi delegasi perwakilan Indonesia dalam ajang International Water Rocket Competition yang akan diselenggarakan pada tanggal 5-8 November 2018 di Singapura.

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AWKWARDNESS OVERLOAD - A sneak peek of a [casual] video series I’m making for students (ages 11-15) that are in computer programming courses. The schools that will have these specific courses are largely made up of underrepresented minorities.
This is clip of a longer video that explains some of the fears I had as a minority, low-income student who dreamed of having a career in STEM. I’m passionate about promoting STEM education and have been directly working with organizations that are striving to make quality education accessible to each and every student. This is just the beginning! ✊🏽📚
*I can count the number of videos I’ve created and edited on one hand so I’m well aware of how cheesy this is and that I need to improve 😅 I also realized how insanely awkward it can be to talk to a camera by yourself and how I prefer speaking in person to an audience! #educationforall #STEMgirls

Future of Biotech: Derrick Wong – automechanic turned Bioprocess Tech hired@culturerobotics. His supervisor raves about his technical abilities, work ethic & attention to detail – great combo of transferable skills & technical skills developed @CCSFBiotech! #scienceforall

What was it like 50 years ago to be a woman in a male dominated field? What is it like today? And what does the research have to say about it? Check out an analysis of this growing trend on the blog! Written by yours truly, editor Mary :)

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