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Today’s my first day back as a TA (teaching assistant) @uoft!
I teach tutorials for an intro to genetics course, which I LOVE because genetics has always blown my mind. Eg 👇
You have trillions of cells in your body. Hiding inside the nucleus of each of these cells are spools of DNA, wound up like spaghetti 🍝 around a fork.
Except your DNA is shaped more like fusilli pasta than spaghetti - it has a twisted 🔀 helical structure that is compressed and woven tightly into our 46 different chromosomes. But even on your hungriest day, there’s way more DNA in each of your cells than pasta on your dinner plate.
The instructions in your DNA are written out in 4 different chemicals, abbreviated as A T C G in textbooks. These different chemicals sit in pairs along the DNA helix, and you have 3.2 billion pairs of ATCGs. That means that if I wrote a book of your DNA sequence it would be 2,133,333 pages long! If you tried to read that book out loud, letter by letter, it’d take about 300 years!! 📖
If I also wrote a book of your best friend’s DNA sequence, it’d be about 99.6% identical to yours. That means that all the ATCGs would be in the same order as yours…. Except for about 12 million of em. That 0.4% difference accounts for some of the variation between individuals, though a lot of our differences are also due to environmental differences we experience before and after birth.
Those 3.2 billion letters write instructions for around 20,000-25,000 different genes. On average, each gene spells out instructions for 3 different proteins that then go do stuff in your cells! Not every cell uses all the genes in your DNA, and so each cell has different proteins in it. This is what lets all of your cells look and act a bit differently from one another.
All of this stuff I just told you has been found out thanks to decades of research by geneticists. We’ve learned a lot about DNA from the corn 🌽 on your table (thanks to the incredible Barbara McClintock), the fruit flies you bat away from your bananas 🍌, and the mice 🐁you pretend not to notice on the subway tracks.
Excited to teach my new students the basics of modern genetics + the exciting future of genetics!

catch me sitting in front of a test tube for 5 minutes straight trying to get a time lapse video 🌡💉 #sciencebitch

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Back 2 skool - let's hope I don't drop out this time!!!! #sciencebitch

What an amazing application of chemistry! Thanks to @bashar28khan for this very interesting suggestion! | Got a chemical you want featured? Let me know in the comments below!

Decided I learn best via lazy river. #sciencebitch


🔬if I let you make me nervous, then we can't get schwifty 💯#ricksanchez

Interesting stay educated #newstudy #science #sciencebitch #bunchofnerdshit

Geology was lit 🔥🔥 #minerals #sciencebitch #atomicbonding

Sometimes you need a little magic in your experiment #labstuff #sciencebitch

cultured microbes found within or on the body + environment! #sciencebitch

Idk why they let us in the lab. All we do is cry, fall in love, and take selfies. #womeninscience (we're just so #distractinglysexy) #nothinbuttrouble #timhuntyouremyhero #toosexyforthislabcoat #sciencebitch #imabarbiegirlinachemlab

Admittedly I slipped up. I left it too long in the freezer and the surface started freezing. I used my knife to break it up and let it fully melt. I then grabbed another container so I could begin the filtering process.
#CWE #DoseDelight

Two things. 1) The planet is indeed a sphere. 2) Evolution is real. #notfakenews #sciencebitch

Holy knowledge and ganja batman. #neildegrassetyson #joerogan #sciencebitch

I have one of these, and I love it!!
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Repost from @gigadgets - A heavy telescoping ladder that can be stored in small spaces. #ladder #lifestyle #gadgets

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