It was his first bukkake scene and he ended up looking as messy as a plasterers radio
#bukkake #alien #scifi

#OnceUponATime 's last season is going to be epic. Don't miss a new episode this Friday at 8|7c on ABC #Season7 #ouatseason7

Check out my ( #disney #ouat #scifi  #fantasy COMMINITY the LINKS IN MY BIO 🔮7x18 ouat notes🔮

I'm super excited for this episode tonight Hopefully I take good notes

I got my wine ready
And uncle's cooking burgers &tater tot's for dinner

Do you have snacks while you watch ouat do you drink hot cocoa with cinnamon
I would love to know
what your routines are let me know in the comments below

Oh my God Coco reference Lafonda

Omg love this
We miss u belle

OMG dr.f  is wearing his

Mass from Princess in the frog movie

I love the background i'm really loving the background of the CGI looks perfection I can't get over the (Coco Pixar) reference with the picture it's beautiful good job Disney

So far really enjoyed this episode

Dr. f took the dagger

personally they need to just skip the Cinderella  no offense... Thankyou so much for giving us Robin &Alice screen time they are extremely freaking adorable

Rumple has to test Alice to see if she is the real Guardian.. More Robin&Alice I'm loving this

Her adventures in Wonderland

I love the wonderland reference too ⚡️perfection⚡️ this is one of the reasons why I love ouat
the hidden Mickey's
The Hidden Disney magic

I don't think Alice is the guardian
Seems to easy

Hook will never wake up lol

Rip nick... Be my guest... Rumple said  Beauty& the beast reference I love that

Yeah rumple he's your grandson remember!

You Tell him regina
So rumple is turning like the original dark one with the glitter skin because he's running out of time or what's the reason I'm little Lost

I still don't trust Dr. F

Well we get a backstory of Dr. F and Regina

There's definitely no time I feel like

This episode is really pushing the storyline & I'm really enjoying that.  Maybe Mother Gothal took the dagger.. Do you think ABC is going to give us something in the future I'm not saying something like ouat

but something fantasy &magical I felt like they should... Crossing is going to get canceled
I'm 100% sure about that
I will confirm that when it happens.. I really love the

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Oh yeah did I mention I love sunsets? I mean come on guys, tell me this isn't the type of shit you'd see on stranger things or something... just wow ❤
#scifi #vibes

Item #: SCP-015
Object Class: Euclid
SCP-015 is a massive network of pipes, boilers, and other plumbing apparati. The mass is currently contained within a warehouse in ████████. The pipes SCP-015 is comprised of are constantly growing; at the time of its discovery, the pipes had already connected themselves to 11 other structures in the area of the warehouse via underground plumbing and sewage systems. SCP-015’s reach has since been trimmed and isolated to the inside of the warehouse, where the total length of its component pipes is estimated to total 120 miles.
The pipes are composed of steel, granite, glass, wood, pressed ash, bone, and human flesh. Their contents are infinitely variable, and have included oil, mercury, rats, ground glass, entrails, sea water, honey, molten iron and an unidentifiable species of insect.
The system responds to people behaving in a way harmful to SCP-015, being in possession of most tools, or attempting to repair part of the network by bursting its pipes, allowing them to spew out their contents on the trespassers until they either leave the warehouse or expire. SCP-015 is responsible for the deaths and disappearances of 31 personnel. To this date there are reports of banging and screaming coming from the warehouse.
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