Sitting at the patio with the roommate enjoying a fire since it finally stopped raining. #fire #relaxing #schoolishard #lol

Today is one of those days...a day of worry and stress. A day of my mind going 90 mph about what is happening with my S2! Days like this make me want to 🤢 all day and eat junk! The clock doesn’t seem to move and every worse case scenario is going off in my mind. These days are the hard ones, the ones were I don’t understand why, the days were I just want all this to stop! But days like today make the good days sooooooo good! So moms out there in the same boat, know you are not alone! The worry is so intense some days it consumes your whole body. We can do this, and trust me you are not the only one that feels this way! (Ps: stay out of the kitchen! 🤣🐽) #momlife #momonhertt #stresseating #worry #mindracing #cantstop #kitchen #nausea #longdays #90mph #extraworries #youarenotalone @bublywater #lifesaver #schoolishard #pleasepray #whyus #pleasestop #dearlord #teachersareawesome #junkfood

These new arrivals make us love getting ready for school! Tap the picture to shop. #schoolishard #newclotheshelp

This is my victory today! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I’m working on my Masters in Special Education and these classes give me a run for my money. I received a grade that wasn’t terrible but wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for. It’s discouraging to put so much time and effort into studying and working on an assignment only for you to get a grade that you aren’t proud of. Ps. I’m crazy about school and have a 4.0, so something as simple as a B on an assignment crushes my spirit, silly I know! But I can’t be the only one who feels that way! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In the past when I felt discouraged the first thing I would do is turn to food and not just any food, but fried chicken tenders. I can’t count how many times my friends and family told me I was gonna turn into a chicken tender. I would indulge in the most unhealthy way to make me feel better about something. I guess you can say I’m somewhat of an emotional eater. Some people turn to sweets and I turn to the chicken!
Not today Satan! I chose a healthy meal regardless of how bad I wanted to call in that to go order for chicken tenders! I said no to that bad habit and chose to stick to my plan. I’m awful with nutrition and struggle each day. Ps. I had chicken tenders for dinner last night. Breaking this habit of emotional eating is really hard. I’m no where near perfect, but I’m trying! The struggle is real!

OMG the semester is OVER!!!! No one can quite understand the relief I feel this very moment. When I started down this "back to school" road, I knew it wasn't going to be a cakewalk, and honestly I adjusted very quickly and actually have enjoyed it. This summer semester though has been so rough. I picked classes that were hard for me personally to get them over with and I could spend a majority of my time doing my studies instead of spreading myself with work and studies. I had no idea how hard those classes were going to be for me. I got my first B, which didn't make me happy but I worked hard and honestly, the amount of confusion I had, I'm surprised it was that high, and even more surprised it's my only B. Needless to say I am burnt out and get a few days break, then we start it all over again... Hopefully next semester is easier cus I can't do that again!! #schoolishard #semesterisover #sorelieved

i love school, haha jk i hate it ! #firstdayofschool #imisskindergarten #schoolishard #rebel

The truth is, I was a well below average student. I worked my butt off all the way from the second grade, to until the day I graduated from college with a Bachelors degree.
Do I think it was worth it? Well, that’s a touchy subject.
I worked endlessly just to receive an average C on most of my assignments. Not everyone knows that it’s okay to earn a grade of a C, or a B, and even a D! Because you put all of your effort into earning that grade, and that is the true achievement.
Getting an education is a great thing, but I strongly agree that it’s not for everyone. Even the thought of studying still makes me cringe!
I want to give a shout out to all the students grinding away at papers with only two hours of sleep under their belts. School is rough game, and you need to take care of yourself! Overall, remember that you are not alone in this journey.
Give a like or comment on how you’re dealing with school stress right now, or how stressed you are that school is starting soon!
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Good luck to everyone returning back to school! Parents we send you double the luck! Teachers we send you triple the luck! We hope you all have a great school year! #backtoschool #backtothegrind #thankyouteachers #MVPs #studytime #homeworktime #schoolishard #getit #salvadorian #hispanic #latinos #altadena #beautifulaltadena #cheflima #pupusaninja #limafamily #familyowned #Biggrandmaskitchen

YOU DID IT! 🍎 This week’s release is going down TONIGHT! Set your alarm for 7pm MT. These clothes make me wanna go back to college + I NEVER thought I would say that 🙊. #schoolishard

BACK TO IT 💪🏼 just back to Leeds. I’ve made some August intentions, some new school year intentions. School never has brought out the best version of myself. The me I was during my gap year felt right, felt alive, it was like that first breath when you smell the ocean - I’ve come to realize that it’s times like this that I need to fight for the truest version of myself. I am worried I’ll give up & go back to the version of myself easiest to keep. it takes so much of me to continue with traditional learning. But that person makes me unhappy. So I will push on 🐝 (this emoji has nothing to do with anything but literally how cute is it) okay anyway. bia

“Mom, let’s go on to sleep right here.” #friyay #schoolishard

Rolling up to Aunt @anyabloodworth21 house ready to party for the weekend😂😂😂✋ #schoolishard #thedailyjace

Here’s my PSA for the first week of school, so if your oldest is going into kindergarten, please pay attention! ⚠️
The first week of school is difficult for most kids. They typically do a good job at school, but when they come home on Friday afternoon, they are a hot mess. All that energy they exerted sitting still, listening, following rules, and getting used to so many new things has worn.them.out! And they will show you in the ugliest way. 🚸
This blend, often called Tantrum Buster, is great for these times. *it’s also great for 3 year olds and mamas when they are DONE* Most recipes I have found tell you to blend Orange, Valor, and Release in a roller ball, fill the rest of the way with a carrier oil, and roll on when necessary. Have you ever tried to put oils on a kid having a tantrum? HA! I suggest putting these oils in a spray bottle with an emusifier (a little Witch Hazel, Epsom Salts, or cheap vodka... you may need the vodka for other things tho) and fill the rest of the way with water. That way you can just spray it in the general direction of the hot mess rolling around on your floor (or crying on the couch, or whatever your kid does when they become a hot mess) and get the desired effect. I also like the added ability to do the sneak attack by spraying it on the back of Kid B’s shirt. He gets extra mad when I do this, but quickly calms down and becomes the sweet little boy he typically is, albiet a tired little boy. 🚸
So along with this oil blend, I highly suggest planning a low key evening of rest for the first Friday of the school year. Perhaps your kid doesn’t have a meltdown the first week of school... I’m sure everyone will enjoy some extra cuddle time after the first week apart, no matter how much everyone was ready to be apart. 🚸
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