Best friends. #schnoodles

Sooo... when did your folks first take you to the groomer?... still not sure I’m mature enough to handle it, but these peps seem to think I’m getting kinda furry 🤷🏻‍♀️ #schnoodlepuppy #schnoodles #schnoodlelife #schnoodlelove #schnoodleway #schnoodleproblems #schnoodleclub #furryschnoodle

Caught Meredith trying to Doodle Nap this puppy today lol!
He’s a gorgeous Teddy Bear Schnoodle that is going on the available page soon. She went live with him on Facebook today and fell in love with him. Check out his gorgeous eyes!! #teddybearschnoodles #schnoodle #smeraglia #schnoodles #smeragliafarms #puppies #puppiesofinstagram #eyes

Humans make a great chinrest!🐶🐾
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I heard a new term on a podcast “Net Pleasure”. When you are presented with options life do you consider the net pleasure. Instant gratification often has negative net pleasure. You feel great in the moment but those decisions often take us further from our goals.

If you eat sugar it might feel great in the moment but afterwards you crash, feel gross and it takes you away from your health goals. So your net pleasure was negative.
When you workout or out money in savings taking you towards your goals the net pleasure is positive.
Something I have never put in this aspect when making decisions.
What do you guys think about the idea of net pleasure?!? My workouts kick my butt—they end with positive net pleasure though! I feel better, getting stronger, moving towards my goals!

“Brothers” George and Marlon were adopted from Austin Dog Rescue after they were found wandering the streets together! Named after #GeorgeBurns and #MarlonBrando, these dapper #schnoodles are 13 years old.

Running and playing 🐶🐾💕❤️😍#doglover #mustlovedogs #twoodles #dogsofinstagram #schnoodles #doggies

When it's too warm to spoon, but you still want to cuddle. 🍑🍑

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