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"Cool shot from @misswinnie_schnauzer
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Winston another manic Monday! I'm sleeping in and staying in bed 💤💤💤 also please follow our buddy Luke @luke_the_schnauzer

Oh my goodness!! 😱 I can't believe it!! 😍 1000 followers!
Thank you all for supporting me so far!!! To celebrate this fun milestone, I have decided to do something special!! ❤🌸
For every 1 like that THIS picture gets, my pawrents will donate USD$1 to our local animal rescue @motleyzoocrew . [1 like = $1]
Motley Zoo rescues and re-home pets, primarily dogs and cats, saving their lives, making sure they are healthy and giving them a loving forever home. They work to help stop puppy mills, to save pets from other neglectful or abusive situations, or help owners that can no longer care for their pets. They also provide doggie daycare @rockstartreatment , where proceeds help fund their rescue efforts. (I'll include a link in my bio so you can check it out and see what they do!) Since I have 1000 followers, of course I hope that I can raise at least $1000 as well! 💰
In conjunction to that, Microsoft will match the entire donation 💲 for 💲. So if we have 1000 likes on this picture, my pawrents will donate 1k, and Microsoft will match that amount, so Motley Zoo will get 2k! 💸💸
Please spread the message about this, in whatever way you can, to help me in this special and meaningful effort 😘💕 [If you repost my picture, please make sure to tag / include a link back to me / include the #luke1kforgood so that they can click and ❤ this ORIGINAL picture. Only likes on THIS picture counts. You DO NOT have to follow me for it to count, just have to like this picture.] Well, of course, if you like my photos, you can follow me 😋 but it is not necessary for it to count 😄

This will run for 1 week, ending 11:59pm PST 3rd Apr

So bring the love, my fellow IG friends, shower the likes on this picture, and help our effort please 🌸💕
Check out my awesome pals
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Many thanks to @ovi_theschnauzer @wonderwallythedog @liebchen.the.schnauzer @ron_theminischnauzer
@kevin_the_schnauzer for helping out 😁

Oh gee, would you look how clever I am 🙊🐶


In the tradition of 👅 Tuesdays, I get to show you the underside of my pretty pink tongue 😋
Everyone please don't forget to ❤ the previous post, 1 like = $1 to the local rescue (link to rescue in my bio), so please ❤ generously!
If you can, please share the hashtag #luke1kforgood (links to my picture) on your post/story so that I can get as many likes on that picture as possible! 💛💜💚💙
This will run for 1 week, so do it before next Monday 🌸💕
As always, look out for my pals
@kona_shepherd_husky ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

La primera y última vez que hemos corrido con otro chico y su perro 🐶
Creo a partir de ahora veré más gente corriendo con perro en estas carreras populares de mi pueblo.
Quizás hemos creado un precedente #bilbo y yo 🤔
📸#noveldadigital #canicross #running #instadogs #schnauzer #schnauzerlove #schnauzermini #schnauzersofinstagram

Tu dueña se colgó con la peluquería ✂ y vos tipo....te transformas en un osito 🐻 jijiji Te amoo moruuuuuu jiji #schnauzermini #elperrooso #próximamentepeluqueria

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