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Forty-freaking-one today!! Received this awesome present in the mail from my amazing parentals.. wanted to get my hands on this book for years and can’t wait to start reading it!
‘Schmattes’ written by Lesley Sharon Rosenthal, is a culmination of interviews with people about their lives and their ancestors’ lives who worked in Melbourne fashion or Flinders Lane.  Based on 4 years of research, it brings back the lost world of Flinders Lane, where much of Australia’s clothing manufacturing took place.  A whole street of factories, workshops, warehouses, showrooms and haberdashers.. I can’t wait to get lost in these long forgotten stories!

ca. 1930s #schmattes

Discarded clothing is my paint. Here I am in my studio in front of my palette, a wall of castoffs arranged by color. The photo is a still from the short documentary about my life and artwork, part of the film series “Under Her Skin” directed by Rémy and @kelseybennett_66 produced by @thefront

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