'In Memory of The Sun King'. Red pen on A4 paper (front and verso). Scrawled on the back of a mental health questionnaire with my iPod and earphones plugged-in to The Beatles song 'Sun King' from their 1969 album Abbey Road. Made cross-legged on my bed in a Children's Hospital in August, 2010, aged 13.

Still getting the hang of this one....
@mental_health_memes_2 ~T

Kemarin, salah satu seniman dari Art Brut Indonesia @anfieldwibowo mendapat kesempatan khusus dari @pt_transjakarta dalam melukis badan Bus TransJakarta dengan tema Perempuan. Terlihat Anfield berfoto bersama Bapak WaGub @sandiuno 🎈 Selamat Hari Kartini untuk semua perempuan hebat Indonesia

hallo! (not me)
mir gehts heute ganz gut. hab 1.1kg verloren seit gestern und da bin ich auch stolz drauf. obwohl ich soviel gegessen hab. naja hab bis jetzt nur bissl müsli gegessen und dann vlt heute abend nochwas. aber erst mal schauen. .
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„Ruszyłem ręką - umierali,
potem drugą - rozstąpiły się niebiosa
biała droga brukowana wprost do Boga”

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When I started here a couple of months ago, I promised myself I’d always be real, I’d share my highs & lows & I wouldn’t buy or pander to followers. I’ve kept to that. This week has been fucking massive. For the first time ever I rode a high & didn’t mess up! I didn’t know it but I actually had felt it coming & instinctively tried to do something about it. I’d tried to make a video the other day, but scrapped it when I felt I hadn’t been natural. Two days of fairly manic behaviour later I watched it back at & realised my frustrations were my hyper sexual side trying to get out. Instead of going off somewhere no one knows me & doing something dangerous or crazy, I recorded myself masturbating for 20 mins. I watched a few mins & thought I looked desperate & mistook it for attention seeking. Now I see it was my craving & amazingly I’d actually trusted myself to manage & not give in to a quick fix like a sex junkie. I’ve had such a productive week with work, training & then this, to me this is huge! Ever seen an alcoholic or drug abuser fall, it’s the same, & I’ve fallen far & hard many times! This week I wobbled but my funny little head kept its cool & let my body work it out. Those of you that watch my videos on pornhub will notice in this one I cum multiple times, like going back to the bar, “1 for the road”. This one makes uncomfortable watching, I don’t think it’s hot, or sexy. My head was on autopilot & I don’t remember much of it. I can see now the frustration as I kept needing more, & the look on my face where I know I’m someone & somewhere else. So pleased I managed to film this as I’ve learned so much about myself & know that it is possible to live with my problems naturally. It won’t always be like this I know. I’ll fall again, I’ll mess up again, I’ll suffer again, but this week, this week I won & I’m real proud to share that with those of you who are interested. Have a beautiful weekend. 😊🙏#girlinterrupted #mentalhealth #bipolar #schizophrenia #nymphomaniac #hypersexual #trustyourself #personalvictory #stripper #lapdance #cutyoudown #real #pornmodel #human #youcandoit #thankyou #noonesperfect #surfergirl #johnnycash #looseyourself #toughestchallengeyet

Old gates of bedlam . Mania and Dementia.This is real psychiatric disorder. Now ingnored. THE CELEB WORTHIES LOVE UPBRINGING PROBS. #schizophrenia #bipolardisorder

💕⚽ Don't spend nearly enough time talking about how much my love for #football & #barnsleyfc in particular keep me fighting against my #mentalhealth problems. (Oh the irony 😂)
Mainly because the #mentalhealthcommunity and football fans have little overlap I get scared of boring everyone 🙈
Anyway, I've not slept for a few days. Had a pretty bad episode. No meds etc. But gunna go grab some cans and my prescription and try to chill with final score and FA cup later since I can't make it to Elland Road.
Sorry for being an ignorant cow 😘
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Support our team, “We Walk for Craig,” for the 3rd year in a row, as we participate in the annual NAMI 5k for Mental Health Awareness!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
When: Saturday May 5th
Location: Jones Beach
Check in: 9:30am
To register and/or donate: LINK IN BIO

1 in 5 individuals are affected by a mental health condition at sometime in their lives. A little support can go a long way.
#nami #namiwalks #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #schizophrenia #bipolar #ocd #ptsd #psychosis #preventsuicide #savelivestogether #breakthestigma 🌎

Thanks to #invega I don't have these symptoms. Although right now I'm dealing with #insomnia.

When you're tired of having to choose - and you make a wig with your own hair. We are multiple! #wig #naturalhair #afrohairstyle #performancearts #identity #genderfluid #fetishism #womenofcolour #woc #hysteria #schizophrenia

I started @weallbelieveinyou in 2016. My original intent with it was to take photos of people with mental illnesses and tell their stories...create a mosaic of people who had struggled...so that when someone needed hope or inspiration they could find it in these people. I also wanted the people I photographed to become a community. I started an online peer support of 250 people who turn to the group when they need hope or want to give hope to others. May 3, 2016 WABIY had an amazing show at the gallery of Alberta that I was so proud of...and shortly after I got sick. Really sick. Two years later after a hospitalization and med changes I have been doing so much better. I feel alive for the first time in 23 years. The two year break from WABIY felt like a failure to me. But i now realize that it’s allowed me to dream & plan for what it will become. It’s allowed me to discover which services are really needed for people living with mental illnesses and their loved ones...and to figure out how myself and WABIY can meet those needs. A lot of people don’t know this but a good portion of my days are spent helping people who have DM’d me and are needing help. System navigation is now a large part of what I do...helping people figure out where and what the need to do to get help. Helping people navigate the mental health system has helped save lives. And I want WABIY to keep doing that. I also want WABIY to start doing education seminars...and teach photography to people with mental health struggles...and have a national conference...have peer support groups...and teach self care. I really believe in the potential of WABIY. But here’s the thing...we can’t do it anymore without the help of my community. I need your help to take WABIY to the next step...really to keep it going. Without financial help I won’t be able to elevate it to the next level. So, I’ve started a gofundme. To ask for help is super anxiety inducing for me...but I’m realistic about where we are at. We need help. To find out how go to the link in my profile or share the link. THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you are unable to contribute we would so appreciate it if you could share the link!

Camels drowning.i am naked.

Terimakasih atas kunjungan dari Bali Corolla Club ke Rumah Berdaya Denpasar [2018.04.21]
#weareschizofriends #schizophrenia #schizofriends #rumahberdaya #berdaya #bersamakitabisa #nostigma #stopstigma #denpasar

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