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Just helping the WI deer population out.
#hoyt #bowhunting #buffalocounty #scentlock

Find fun & happiness wherever and whenever you can. First snow of 2017 . First ride on the new #snowboard #christmasgift #scentlock @evan.hickey #swish #powder

It's. Morning like this when we really appreciate our great sponsor @heaterbodysuit for keeping us in the stand longer! #majorleaguebowhunter #realtree #scentlock #heaterbodysuit

Smacked a doe this morning with the bowtech @b_j_cormier @bayoulandbowhunters #deer #bowtech #chriskyle #scentlock

Little guy never knew I was up here. #buttonhead #getoutdoors #scentlock #americanhunter

Time to sit and relax! #mnbowhunting #scentlock #thegreatoutdoors

With stepbrother last night saw two and almost died but we had fun and laughed about it.#scentlock #hoyt #funnyshit #nocturnals #core4element

He's a pretty nice buck, but not what I'm looking for! #buck #hunting #thompsoncenter #thompsoncenterarms #scentlock


If ozone was not safe, we would not be able to go outside and breathe the air, especially during sunshine, a thunderstorm, lightning, or after the rain. The fact is, when used responsibly, ozone is very safe just like oxygen and very beneficial to our planet and all of us that live here. To prove this obvious fact, many scientific studies have been done by experts on ozone, and all confirm the safety and beneficial aspects of ozone over and over again. 
Here is what some doctors say about ozone:
"Recent authoritative investigations have established, that pure Ozone is Nontoxic even in concentrations as great as 20 or 50 parts per milliliters of air." "Recent authoritative investigations have established, that pure Ozone is Nontoxic even in concentrations as great as 20 or 50 parts per milliliters of air." - Clark Thorp, Ph.D., MD "Pure Ozone is not poisonous in any sense of the word as is breaks down in contact with the mucous membrane, and only Oxygen remains." - A. Hill, MD

Another great experience from last weeks hunting trip to north-eastern germany. Nutria population makes a lot of damage to agricultural areas up there so my buddies are allowed, even obliged, to reduce them. Shot my first two swamp beavers as a buckshot doublette. As my philosophy is to harvest the most possible from every animal I skinned them to preserve the fur. Looking‘ forward to get it back from tanning…
#jagd #jagen #jäger #jæger #hunt #hunting #hunter #huntinglife #waidwerk #chasse #polowanie #jakt #jakbilder #nutria #fjallraven #scentlock #huntavaria

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The answer is yes.

Weather patterns produce distinctive odors that sensitive noses sniff out.
Here's a breakdown of three common odors found in a storm:
Oh yes, ozone
Before the rain begins, one of the first odors you may notice as winds pick up and clouds roll in is a sweet, pungent zing in your nostrils. That's the sharp, fresh aroma of ozone—a form of oxygen whose name comes from the Greek word ozein (to smell). Tropospheric chemists explains that ozone emanates from fertilizers and pollutants as well as natural sources.
An electrical charge—from lightning or a man-made source such as an electrical generator—splits atmospheric nitrogen and oxygen molecules into separate atoms and producing ozone ( O3 ).
The scent of ozone heralds stormy weather because a thunderstorm's downdrafts carry O3 from higher altitudes to nose level.

Once the rains arrive, other odors come with them. Falling water disturbs and displaces odoriferous molecules on. surfaces, particularly on dry ones, and carry them into the air. While being in the forest, these molecules may come from plants and trees.
After a storm has moved through, what's often left is an earthy-musty whiff of wetness. This aroma is a metabolic by-product of bacteria or blue-green algae that we associate with damp soil smell, again, a comforting and natural smell to humans and wildlife.
All these chemicals stirred up by the weather can carry messages. Some biologists suspect that this aroma running into waterways also acts as a cue to freshwater fish, signaling spawning time while the same fragrance may be a beacon helping camels find their way to desert oases.
In brief, what ever meaningful message this could be to wildlife, the most important thing for us here is that Ozone will always be a safe aroma to wildlife to say the least.

When Gander Mountain is having a going out of business sale, only makes sense to act like it's Christmas and #treatyoself 😎 #scentlock #stealthcam #uahunt

sold some of my antlers today, always the worst part of the shed hunting cycle #shedhunting #sheds #deer #wapiti #elksheds #deersheds #muledeer #whitetail #406 #slumberjackgear #scentlock

Trying to be scent free to a deer noise is for many of us here a "Mission Impossible". But in the same time many of us know that by minimizing as much odors possible that we still manage to achieve our objectives of "closing the gap."
The picture here is a good list of only few contaminated items often neglected during season.

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