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I used to think that love was something earned if I tried hard enough.
I used to think that people being proud of my achievements would make me feel more accepted and more valuable than ever before.I’ve found that somehow all of my “used to” thoughts creep in when I stop trusting God.I start trying a little harder to please people, I start conforming myself to the image that people want to see rather than what God has seen all along.The beauty of an ocean is its vastness and mystery.Creation is this incredible phenominon that surprises us with its beauty each and every day.It doesnt try too hard, it just simply is because God made it that way. We dont have to “try” hard in the eyes of God, we simply receive his love knowing we are beautiful because we are Gods creation.Perhaps in trusting God its more than looking around for open doors, striving to figure out what God has for us or looking at where the moneys going to come from.Perhaps God is not wanting us to focus on whats next but rather who we are in Him.That way we dont walk into this next season with all of are “used to’s”of performace, striving, and doing all of these crazy spiritual gymastics just to feelloved and excepted.Truly I think God is trying to remind us that the beauty is in his presence and the vastness and mystery of His love is what our hearts have been longing for all along.I Really sense the lord saying “Seek me first, beautiful one.Seek me first and find rest in my presence.its there I will fill you for the journey ahead.Its there I will replenish you ,and do what I do best...Love you,” #beach #ocean #sunset #sunsetpic #cloud #clouds #sunshine #beachlife #beaches #beachfront #beachwalks👣 #oceans #oceanfront #oceania #scenic #scenicview #sceanic #travel #travelblogger #travelholic #travelphotography #travelling #traveler #travelstyle #travelguide

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