Yes I really am wearing it everywhere. The coat at Silvia Furmanovich's cocktail at BG. #novemberiscoming #vote #jewelry #scattermyashesatbergdorfs 📸 1st/3rd @brandonctobin for BFA.

Celebrating a personal hero today — @joanhornig sharing @pavethewayjewelry all weekend @bergdorfs! Joan, you are a legend, a pioneer, our fearless leader! Visit us + shop an incredible ‘product with a purpose’ #philanthropyisbeautiful #scattermyashesatbergdorfs x

‘Well, 1. I’m sure she’d like to know where I got this dress... but, earnestly, I do not think my 20 year old self would know what @bergdorfs is’ #SNAPPEDATBG #SCATTERMYASHESATBERGDORFS #THELANDOFSARA #THISIS30 [📷 credit :: @rgperezphotography] (2/5) x

ThursNight viewing film #scattermyashesatbergdorfs
All #yesgoodwillindy

In honor of my favorite city #nyc & my favorite store #bergdorfgoodman & one of my favorite men in the world #myfather
My father introduced me to Bergdorfs on my 13th Birthday where he treated me to have my makeup done for the 1st time ever at the @clinique counter. 💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄Little did he know all these years later - I’d still have an obsession to this Holy Grail of a store & the always resilient city of NYC! Everytime I’m in the city I still come for the thrill of the #visualmerchandising #windowdisplay & the talented #designers & #artists the store showcases. Need a great movie - watch #scattermyashesatbergdorfs ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Call me ASAP to enjoy these BIG Beauty savings! And a FANTASTIC gift from #esteelauder . 212-872-2777. Ask for DAVID! Free Shipping! No tax in most states! @bergdorfs @esteelauder #bergdorfgoodman #mua #makeup #skincare #fragrance #treatment #makeupartist #beautydiscount #beautysavings #beautypromotion #scattermyashesatbergdorfs

SAVE THE DATE: ‘SARA’S ARMOIRE’, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th, 12 - 7 PM @bergdorfs — all my favorite picks for Fall/Winter, featuring special guest @joanhornig @pavethewayjewelry! My fall event, mark your calendars now! #insidebg #philanthropyisbeautiful #scattermyashesatbergdorfs #NYC #NYFW #trunkshow #popupshopnyc #popupshop #personalshopping #personalstylist #shopinshop #coloryourdreams x

(Turn sound on) I am so honored to have my collection sold at @bergdorfs. On display in their windows and in the store. It’s an absolute ‘pinch me’ moment. This little clip from “Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf” will show you why ❤️ #NoiratBG #scattermyashesatbergdorfs #BergdorfGoodman #Bergdorfs #gratitude

I found another picture of me, from around 1979. It’s so full of interesting stories, I had to share it. Pictured are at left, my assistant, #LukeTaylor, a sweet kid whom I adored, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Goodman, owners of #BergdorfGoodman, where I worked in the Fur Salon. (Luke later was burned badly in a fire from falling asleep with a lit cigarette.) his aunt was #judycollins. At the time, the Goodman’s still lived on the 8th floor, and would wander down to visit. Next to him is #FrancineHuff, a former model in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, till she was in a car accident, and though still stunning, she had to change careers. She was a sales person, had great style, and one of her clients was #yokoono, and #johnlennon. For anyone who has seen #scattermyashesatbergdorfs they tell the tale of an amazing moment of taking cases of 120 fur pieces, coats, jackets, hats, scarves, to #thedakota for them to try on. Yours truly was packing those trunks, wheeling those cases up the elevator with Francine, unpacking them, laying the contents out on their #chesterfieldsofas and being ushered by yoko to the living room. Sitting next to the white lacquered piano, across the room from the meditation pyramid, we whiled away the time, hearing John and Yoko trying things on. To our surprise, they selected about 90% of what Francine had selected, I’m sure with the help of #jackcohen, who was the buyer. The next person over is Barbara Smith, married to John Smith, who I believe was the brother of Jean Kennedy’s husband, as Barbara was always hanging out at the Kennedy Compound. She was German, born around 1942, and lived in abject poverty as a little girl in Germany in the aftermath of WW 2. When we worked together, she usually wore easily 100k of jewelry to work every day. Seated in front of her is Gisela Burke, another German woman with a very different story. She was born in 1932, the child of a well to do family who happened to be Jewish. She lost many relatives to the concentration camps, and ironically saw her aunt knocked down and stripped of her fur coat by the police. She and Barbara had quite an underlying animosity towards each other...to be continued.#newyorkcityhistory

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