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Ready for #Halloween? 🎃 Taste a bit of the #ScaryWeek with us and guess what costume we’re putting together below? #TasteTheFeeling

That look you give pneumonia after 10 days of it kicking the shit out of your lungs, causing sepsis, an SVT and your heart having to be stopped and restarted. #canyounot #cityhospital #scaryweek

Neeeiiinnnn....Für solche Fälle besser immer einen Ersatz parat haben 😉. #ScaryWeek #TasteTheFeeling

SCARY WEEKEND 💀 A promo progressiva é o seguinte: quanto mais você compra, mais desconto ganha 😉 2 Produtos = Frete Grátis + 10%Off | 3 Produtos = Frete Grátis + 15%Off | 4 Produtos ou mais = Frete Grátis + 20%Off *Promo não válida para produtos do Outlet* #scaryweek #halloween #promo #vincishoes

Be gentle. Fill yourself up with love instead of hate. Fill yourself up with art, books, knowledge, experiences. Surround yourself with people who have nothing but love to give. These things, they are important. They will help you learn how to live. ❤️ let's all give each other a break this week - more tolerance, understanding and compassion #scaryweek #positivity

Huu! 👻 Idag hade vi zombie-cirkel här på folkan 😱💪🏼 #nordicwellness #nordicwellnessfolketspark #halloween #scaryweek

Brace yourself Halloween is coming #lawyerslife #scaryweek #halloween

A nice no-rush Sunday brunch to kick off this rough week #bagel #coffee #sundaymorning #scaryweek

For #ScaryWeek, we should face our fears. 👻 Refresh with a #Coke and go for it! #Halloween #TasteTheFeeling


Recovering dog.
#ScaryWeek #SafeAndSound #HomeAgainHomeAgain #dogsofinstagram#browndog #rescuedog#muttsofinstagram #instadog #ilovemydog#DollyParton

Hi, friends. Female Owner here. Dolly had a really scary week last week. It began with some MAJOR gastrointestinal issues that were undiagnosable, continued with some petechiae spots appearing on her tum and in her ears, and topped off with an irregular heart beat. After a week's stay at the vet, lots of IV fluids and meds (see shaved leg), a sonogram to make sure all her organs were a-okay (see shaved tummy), and an echo-cardiogram (see shaved spots on both sides of her chest), still no diagnoses, but she's feeling great and is back home. She's even slowly having her beloved kibble reintegrated into her diet. I'm telling you all of this for a few reasons. 1) To remind you that veterinarians are AMAZING and we're so lucky to have access to them. 2) To let you know what's going on when you see Dolly's shaved spots in future posts. 3) To tell you to hug your dogs a little tighter tonight. We almost lost Dolly Parton last week. I left the vet crying every night. Every time I look at her now I smile and am so grateful to have her back and healthy. And, don't worry, she's had full bed, couch, and AC privileges and more scratches, cuddles, and pets than she can probably handle.

Our unpacking plans and all have came to a stop last week after this man was wriggling from pain on the floor, unable to even speak. Ambulance came at 2.30, in emergency department until 10.45, then surgery consultation and prep before what everyone thought will be a straightforward appendix removal... Spent 4 hours waiting in day surgery department worrying my ass off as it was only meant to take about two hours. My poor man took almost whole two hours to just wake up after the surgery so nobody was telling me nothing for time being! Finally started questioning everybody and eventually got taken into recovery department which I'm pretty sure doesn't actually allow visitors so thank you lovely surgery nurses for feeling sorry for me. Had to wait for a bed in a ward for another couple of hours. Mr Spivs was mostly off his face that day. We also came to find out that his appendix was beautifully normal as some surgeon described it but they had a look around and found really inflamed part of bowel behind it... long story short we now have Crohn's disease on our hands. After staying another two days in the hospital with pain medication administered almost every hour... Managing pain at home so far has been a task. I wish I could take it away from him 😣 Will we ever get a brake? 😔
#emergency #hospitals #surgery #somuchpain #appendixbutnotappendix #Crohn's #scaryweek #stressed #enoughisenough #thankyounhs

Finally on the mend #poorlyboy #scaryweek!

这几天脸chubby chubby酱~ cute没有?
#potd📷 #throwback #scaryweek #chubbyface #torture #painful #uncomfortable

The difference a few days can make... we had a scary week this week! (Ps. We are home now) *long post warning ⚠️* Our little Harry was admitted to hospital for a few days with Bronchiolitis (caused by rhinovirus and RSV - 2 common colds). I've been so careful with him before his 6 week shots (which he hasn't yet had)! But unfortunately Joey has been sick and I tried my best to keep Harry germ-free, but I wasn't able to.
I write this not only to fill people in, but as a reminder to help keep new, precious babies safe and well! Even if you think you have a bit of a "sniffle" tell your friend or family you won't come and visit their newborn! Of course you want to, but I've witnessed first hand how much a simple cold can be extremely dangerous and potentially life threatening to tiny babies. And remember, even coughing or sneezing in the same room can mean they can catch it, you're best to stay away... It has been a very physically and emotionally demanding few days (which is why I didn't tell many people we were going through it at the time, as my energy reserves were low). I'm feeling very thankful for those who supported us both physically and in prayer. Particularly with Joash (my dad, mum and mother in law) and for my mum and sister who sat with me when Ben was taking care of Joash. And for my father in law (who is a great doctor) gave us the best advice in taking Harrison up to Westmead Children's Hospital!

Ben and I are feeling very grateful for such great healthcare so close to home and all the staff (especially the amazing RN, Emma who is pictured - picture taken when heading home) at TCHW who helped make our baby boy well enough to come home!

We are also so thankful for how much prayer Harrison was bathed in, the doctors and nurses anticipated Harry was going to take an even bigger dive and were amazed when he started making huge improvements. Praising God for this!
So glad to be home as a family of four once more 💕

#harrybenjamin #sickbubba #5weeksold #scaryweek #keepbabiessafe #getimmunised #dontgonearbubbaswhensick #westmeadchildrenshospital #thankful #letsneverdothatagain #prayingforahealthyhousehold #heathlyharry #emmawasthebestnurseever

🙏🏽🙏🏽 #havefaith #continuetopray 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #scaryweek #godgotme

It's been a rough week....and it's only Wednesday!!! Doggie snuggles are just what i needed.... #roughweek #scaryweek #putsomestuffinperspective #sweetbabies #pug #puggle #puglife #theyjustknowwhenyoursad #ornotfeelingwell

A time to celebrate!!!🎉🎉

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