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Lightning storm in Houston on the #foresthillsdrive tour damn ! People are running like roaches !!!! #turndown #scarycrap #nuts

WHAT IS HAPPENING.#Scarycrap #ghosts #saveme

Tbh id hop on the screw that train to hell no vile if saw this #scarycrap #funny #holiday #plane

In Yorktown playing with @garyglennmusic... But my joy was slightly diminished at the snakes and spiders warning in the port-o-potty.
#AShowmansLife #ScaryCrap #TexasMusic

Who knew? Lol #whoknew #scarysh$t #scarycrap


#scary #gta5 #gtav #scarycrap @rockstargames @gta5_gtav
@gta5photoshoots @gta5.network
Back Story:I was watching videos on gta 5 easter eggs and I was playing gta at the same time as watching gta 5 easter eggs.So when I was watching the video I went to go see if it was true.😐😐😐When I went to that certain location on the map in gta 5 I went to the exact place I dont know if that was a person or a ghost👻 or an animal😼 or something👾 but that shi* was creepy😨😨as hell Idk the back story of this but what I do know is that the time in gta 5 was around (22:00=11:00) in the night.I know what I saw that was creepy af but I am never going there AGAIN!!!😖😖😖😨😨😨 LIKE IF YOU THINK IT IS REAL!!!

🌟self growth 🌟does not happen sitting still, seated in your comfort zone, staying where feels safe. growth happens when you break out, challenge your normal, push the limits and scare the crap outta yourself. do something that's scares you and when it stops scaring you find something else that scares you.
The past 2 days iv hit the 'gym gym' having never stepped into one in my life. Those who know me know I only ever did 'gym classes'. The thought of alien machines things, weights and nothing I knew was rather uncomfortable. But my trusty PT made that all go away quickly and Im happy I stepped out of my comfort zone.
#newnorm #betterbody #scarycrap #norishedlifestyle

"He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees the ghost."
I'm working my way through 'IT' by Stephen King on audiobook and MAN IS IT GOOOOOOD!!! Here's a quick sketch for my friend the Turtle! #it #stephenking #sogood #wow #scarycrap #horror #books #audiobook #matthewsutton #sketchbooks #illustrationage #pennywise #pennywisetheclown

WHAT. Is going on?! These weird dog faces keep popping around in my room, there's no face there!! (Using Snapchat btw) A ghost? I don't know, I kind of want to be friends with a ghost, but I'm also mentally disturbed because of them. Witnessing the reincarnation of my hamster? (Who got squished behind my wardrobe by accident) #paranormal #scarycrap #help

WHAT IS HAPPENING.#Scarycrap #ghosts #saveme

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