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TRIGGER WARNING: SELF HARM ⚠️ First off, I'm sorry to show you my scars as I know they can be triggering. I would never show fresh cuts, only healed scars.
Okay! I am 2 years self harm free, and as I was going through my photos, I found one of my scars.
Both of my arms have been covered up for several years now, and I don't have any photos of my scars before the tattoos.
I found one of my leg scars, which go all the way round. They are not fully covered up, I'll need more work, but this is Geoff the sloth. I fucking LOVE sloths. I wanted something fun to cover up something that reminds me of negative experiences.
I am not ashamed of my scars. I am not ashamed of having to self harm in order to deal with my thoughts.
Never be ashamed of your past. Never be ashamed of the person you were.
Young Liv, I'm sorry for the pain you were in, I'm sorry you went through that.
But I'm bloody proud of you.
And I'm so proud of all of you too! Here's to recovering.
(Tattoo by the AMAZING @charlotteannharris ❤️)

Ah, the photo that started it all (tagged with some of the publications who ran this back in 2015). I look back at this photo from years ago - which ignited my feisty friendship with my bro @ianpett (better be a groomsman in your wedding one day, man!)- and barely recognize this girl. How was I so brazen? I am the #dancer who would change in the bathroom alone. I am the girl who psychoanalyzes bathing suit cover-ups like Freud watching an episode of GOT. I am the person who worries that any amount of skin will emblazon me with a scarlet S on my chest. On the day of this photo shoot, I remember my best friend Hepburn taking off work and coming over, so she could be there to support me during such a vulnerable yet important #bodypositive project (and make sure this Canadian CFer wasn't a total creep). We laughed and bonded (mutual creepdom and all), and as he was leaving, I told him that she always reminded me of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face (she was dressed all in black)- and the name Hepburn stuck forever! 😈 Showing my #scars and tubes for #saltygirls- with the hopes of inspiring future robots to love themselves for who they are - was terrifying... and still is. I look so confident here, but I'm just as insecure now (actually, way more so), depending. I'm so excited for our @companythreesixty video to launch next week... because it really brings things full circle! Luckily though, being vulnerable for someone else - even when it hurts - isn't about us... It's about generations growing up feeling less alone, less ostracized, less unworthy. I don't always feel worthy of your friendships or follows on here, but I am so thankful for each and every one of you... and I hope you know that you ARE (worthy, that is). It's cheesy and dorky 🤢🧀, but true. You are worthy... just as you are. Broken bits, baggage, damage, anomalies, idiopathies- everything... and, you are appreciated whole heartedly by me. Question: What was your childhood nickname and why? 💋 #mutantsunite

Meet Dana Vulin, chemical burns survivor, humanitarian, author & #SuperWoman💪

Dana Vulin, 31, from Perth, has undergone more than 200 surgical procedures since she was set on fire in February 2012 by Natalie Dimitrovska who was jealous Dana had spoken to her estranged husband during a party.
Dana was at home the night Dimitrovska visited her accompanied by a friend, Daniel Stone.
Dimitrovska demanded to know where her husband was wrongly thinking Dana and he were romantically linked.
Dimitrovska then grabbed a bottle of methylated spirit, removing the cap and throwing the liquid on her.
Waving her hand in a zigzagging motion, she doused me with the chemical, hitting my face, arms, chest, everything from the waist up, Dana recalled in her new book "Worth Fighting For".
The methylated spirits caught the naked flame in my hand and suddenly the whole world was on fire.

Ms Vulin was badly injured in the horrific attack suffering third degree burns to two thirds of her body.
Dana has undergone countless medical procedures that changed the course of her life irrevocably and for two and a half years, Dana had to wear a compression mask on her face in a bid to help her horrific burns heal.

Previously, Ms Valin has described herself as a 'modern day Frankenstein' and said she is a 'walking advertisment for what modern medicine can do, while her attacker, Natalie Dimitrovska, was later jailed for 17 years. "My scars are a reminder that mentally, I'm invincible & I may be covered with scars on the outside but on the inside, I am silky smooth" #fighter  #health #acidattacksurvivor #photooftheday  #warrior #acid #instagram #strong #amazing #author #colorful #burns #Blessed #celebration #beautiful #miracle #alive #scars #happy #womenshealth #beforeandafter #burnsurvivor  #miracles #survivor #transformation #themustardseed

After 15 long weeks, consulting with over a dozen specialists, and a long stay in the hospital, my spleen has finally come out. It was a major surgery due to my Von Williebrand disease(a blood clotting disorder) and also the size of my spleen, but Dr. Lee at Shady Side hospital preformed it beautifully. With special treatment for my blood, and almost 4 hours of operating, he also managed to do it laparoscopically saving me from having to have a giant scar down the center of my stomach. I'm currently in unimaginable pain, with 2 central lines, a catheter(sorry I'm not sugar coating things) and unable to hardly move a smidge. With all of this being said, I am so excited that I'm in a step in the right direction to taking my life back. It's going to be a long, hard road to recovery but I know I have the strength to take back my life now. #splenectomy #surgery #strength #roadtorecovery #upmc #pittsburgh #ouch #scars #laproscopicsurgery #vonwillebranddisease

hella short edit sowie 😭 | tbh i'm getting back into this and i rlly enjoy editing again as a change :D anyways i love y'all and stay strong | comment something!! 😂 | audio from one of @mentally.br0ken editssss | Little unsteady
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tag me in repost pls?

hier mal ein kleines update meinerseits.
ich hab die letzten tage bei meinem freund verbracht und es war eigentlich ganz schön. natürlich hatte ich auch meine schlechten momente und schlimmen gedanken aber überwiegend war es trotzdem schön. heute bin ich dann zum arzt und hab nichts neues gehört. sie hatten nichtmal irgendwelche untersuchungsergbnisse, also muss ich morgen noch mal hin.
nach dem sinnlosen arztbesuch bin ich erstmal heim und hab mit meiner mutter geredet und dann mit meiner familie den tag verbracht. haben zusammen gekocht und waren einkaufen. morgen schauen wir noch nach wärmen schuhen als meinen chucks, für den herbst. 🙈
jetzt mal schauen was morgen noch wird. meine mutter will morgen mit meinem bruder und meinem auto aufn fahrübungsplatz. und ich finde es scheisse. mein auto ist der letzte platz an den ich mich zurückziehen kann, in dem ich mich wohlfühle, was einfach komplett mein reich ist. klingt vllt doof aber das es bedeutet mir einfach! mein bruder hatte heute seine erste fahrstunde ((in einem automatik bei der er nur gelenkt hat)) und jetzt soll er mit meinem auto autofahren lernen. das finde ixh scheisse. aber das ist meiner mutter egal. die will ja allerdings anscheinend auch nicht das mein bruder mit ihrem auto fährt. aaarrrgggg. es nervt mich, vor allem das ich nichts dagegen machen kann. findet ihr ich übertreibe? :/
#borderline #depression #sleepless #depressed #anorexia #magersucht #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #selfharmmm #cutting #ritzen #recovery #recoverywin #scars #tattoo #suicidal #adhd #adhs #purplehair #staystrong

Find your comfort zone. Then leave it.


We look at ourselves time and time again. The story evolves and dissolves. This mirror that is a constant in our life. Every day. Sacred and innocent, humbling, and halfheartedly becoming every thing we feel and know. But, this too changes. We change. The I becomes something different every day - whether we see it or not. The I becomes you. The you becomes me. The mirror reflects back in us and shows us who we are. Only if we look - if we really look. The mirror is there to be seen and unseen - to be listened and silenced. You really are me and I really am you.

Muse: @alex.andra.marie
happy birthday 😏

3 Jokers in the deck!🃏🃏🃏
Had a great time at @baltimorecomiccon got to meet a lot of cool people and and a lot, these guys were a lot of fun had a lot of people taking pics with all of us together I had such a blast. Still got one more day left and I hope to see them again. @dirty.dante (did not get the other Jokers info)
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*insert something in inspirational*
Don't know what to say i just made this and thought it was cool lol so put sumthin in the comments

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Last night in the hot tub!! #hottub #random #somoteitbe #loveyourself #scars

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