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Someone requested rare lxrd pics so 😁 here ya go.

I wish I could go back to bed, im so tired. @scarlxrd

Caption this // best caption gets a shoutout

Got a haircut, gonna eat some tacos. Life is good. Tell me the best part about your day @scarlxrd

B✘✘ℱ ℙΔ₡₭™++
- ★ @scarlxrd - Song->Boof pack lil mosey
- 2nd Scarlxrd video edit

Have these ❤ @scarlxrd

\\ T̷h̷i̷s̷ ̷i̷s̷ ̷w̷h̷y̷ ̷I̷ ̷c̷a̷n̷'t̷ ̷f̷o̷c̷u̷s̷ ̷e̷v̷e̷r̷y̷ ̷t̷i̷m̷e̷ // .
Finally did a photo edit after so long.

**F✘RE℣Eℜ G✘ℕE しかし、忘れられていない™**
- @scarlxrd @xxxtentacion - My first video edit -
- Song -> No pulse/Demons:xxxtentacion & blackbear

Sorry I don't edit nor rarely post, I just don't have that kind of energy right now. Maybe my page is slowly dying..

卄乇ㄚ ㄚ乂ㄩ

DR!P✨ @scarlxrd .
Video edit later!

Spin on my d*ck like a beyblade れレ ねネすテピ

Bℜ✘₮ℋ€ℜ$ 生活のために™*** -
-★ @scarlxrd & @xxxtentacion

Which one are you? 🔥 @scarlxrd // I'm definitely the second one 😲

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