Scam Alert : t_t_online.store is a scam page.
By the _ and .... you shall know them. #scamburstng #scamisreal #scammed #scamalert


If you get contacted by an account calling themselves @thesam125, block them immediately. They sent me messages saying would you like to try my products. Only thing is, this account never had a website, never had an email and they said they were on Facebook but they weren’t. They were also asking questions like ‘where do you live’. Definitely not how a professional person speaks to someone regarding a potential PR/Collab. I gave them a few fake addresses and they were saying ‘is this where you live, is this address real’. And then they wanted to know the name and address of the nearest airport closest to me. 😰 I don’t usually call out people like this, but this exchange just made my skin crawl. Please be safe, and when giving your details out regarding PR, always do your research on the company first, don’t just give your address out at the drop of a hat. #scammer #scamalert #skincare #skincareblogger #skincarecommunity #abcommunity #kbeauty #koreanskincare #kbeautycommunity #rasianbeauty

Alert!!!!!! FLYFAR charged my CC for a service they don’t provide and then rob your bank account blind!! Call your bank and dispute their charges ASAP if you fell prey to them as well!! #scamalert

Neither the #EPFD nor the IAFF Local 51 makes phone calls to solicit donations. If you get a call, DO NOT give out any personal or financial information and HANG UP.
If you donated money via a phone call, contact the @EPPOLICE at 915-832-4400 to file a report.


So this FUCKSTAIN is back at SCAMMING by selling knives he does not own. My original post was October 17. Recently he tried to sell @holtbladeworks Specter that belonged to someone who it was given to as a gift ENGRAVED. Apperntly, he recently was released from JAIL AGAIN. I dont know this OXYGEN THIEF'S new fake account, but I do know he has one, So keep an eye out for any Unknown CUNTS you may encounter trying to sell, trade, etc kmives, etc. Oh, and while i think of it, DOUCHECANOE is a FELON who is not permitted to be around firearms, which litter his feed. He lives with his MOMMY, and operates from FLORIDA.
Bottom line, he uses his sister to give positive feedback. VET EVERYONE.

#knifesale #edc #knifeaddiction #knives #knivesofinstagram #blade #sharpie #knife #scammer #thief #cheesedick #douchecanoe #knifetrade #knifetrader #edcthieves #scamalert #

Beware of @deluxury_fashion it's a scam page. #scamalert #scamburstng

Scam alert: please beware of @aisha_outlets it's a scam page. #SCAMBURSTNG #scamisreal #scamalert

Aquatherapy Jewelry DBA Aqua Therapy Living Jewelry does NOT have any authorized dealers or resale sites online. I DO NOT ship outside of the United States due to strict Customs Laws. Recently, I've been made aware of several online sites with my product photos, descriptions and even reviews and claiming they can ship worldwide. I was contacted by a lady in Panama who almost got swindled by these people because, yes, they will go and order my product from Amazon to a US address and then they will ship it from there out of the country. But there's a catch, and it's in very fine print. If your item is caught by customs you will not receive a refund. And I promise they all get caught. This is a very frustrating thing as a business owner and artist. They are doing this and people may think it's ME or my company taking advantage of them. They are also charging 5x what my product is listed as and charging huge shipping fees. Again AQUA THERAPY LIVING JEWELRY does NOT have any authorized resale agents or other websites besides www.aquatherapyjewelry.etsy.com and www.amazon.com/handmade/aqua-therapy-living-jewelry My Amazon may be deactivated soon as all of these bogus websites are taking the listings straight from there and buying from there. Ugh
#scam #scammers #fraud #dontgettaken #ididntdoit #notme #fraudalert #scamalert #lieslieslies #liesliesliesyeah #theyregonnagetyou #dontfallforit #nottrue #scoutshonor

Are you on #Instagram? If you were offered as a "brand ambassador" in exchange for posting product pictures, be alarmed! Click the link on our bio and learn how it works and what to do.
#BeTrusted #BBB #brandambassador #scamtracker #scamalert

Instagram #ScamAlert! 🚨 Phony offers fool instagram shoppers! (Link in bio) 🛒🛍

@forever21_mega_store is a scam page. Please beware and remember to report the page. #scamisreal #scammed #scamburstng #scamalert

Today I’m here to call bullshit on a #linkedin scam.
There’s a thing circulating right now (which doesn’t even look remotely legit if you look at it with a clear head), whereby the post says:
‘Follow our profile now, click ‘like’ and comment ‘hi’ and we will review your LinkedIn profile and match you with suitable opportunities’
As a recruiter, I promise you that NOONE has time to manually review 5k+ LinkedIn profiles ‘just in case’ they match ANY of our vacancies.
The last one of these posts I saw is now gone, along with the phone numbers and email addys requested from each person. $$$ - they’re selling them guys! Along with the highly followed profile. They are taking advantage of your position and taking the fucking piss.
If you happen upon one of these posts, comment (not ‘hi’) but instead ‘SCAMMING BULLSHIT ARTISTS’ and report it to LinkedIn.
We get enough calls, emails and disappointments in life that we didn’t ask for, and recruiters give ourselves a bad enough rep without these arseholes helping it along.
Question everything.

“This is simply a new twist on an old scam but our same advice applies: just hang up,” 📞 said Jim Alberts, Hawaiian Electric’s senior vice president for customer service. “Whether it’s bitcoin💰, gift cards 💳 or money orders, our companies aren’t going to threaten you or have you running around town to meet unorthodox payment demands.”
Scammers are targeting 🚫 our customers and the latest surge of callers are threatening businesses with immediate disconnection if they don’t get paid in the digital currency known as bitcoin.
Customers should simply hang ☎️ up if they receive such a call, and then dial the customer service line that is printed on their monthly electric bills or listed on their company’s website. They should not call the number displayed on the caller ID, even if it says “HECO,” “MECO” or “HELCO.” For more information, 💻 please visit hawaiianelectric.com/stopscams.

#BeSafe #BeAware #StopFraud #ScamAlert #HawaiianElectric #MauiElectric #HawaiiElectricLight #BitcoinScam #MoneyFraud #ElectricBill #Scammers #FradulentCalls #StopScams #BitcoinScammers #FraudCalls

**ATTENTION EVERYONE** I was in the market for a cartooned photo that was supposed to be made by @suprem_graphics and I submitted the payment and I checked back to see how the process was coming along, and he BLOCKED me!! Share this with EVERYONE!!! #scamalert #scamartist #shareforshare #graphicdesignerscam #graphicdesign #cartoongraphics

Scam Alert please beware of @mandate_omowunmi_outlet it's a scam page. Please report the page and tell your friends that follow the page. #SCAMBURSTNG #scamisreal #scamalert

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