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May not look a whole lot different but I FEEL a whole lot different 💪🏼 thank you #chaarg for this amazing fitplan. radiating major ++positive vibes today 🌞🌞 feeling so good after finishing these 5 weeks of incredible workouts. #sbfp17 #michchaarg

Successfully completed the coastal countdown together! Thankful to have met such a nice person that I can workout and have great chats with! #sbfp17 #chaarg #gvsuchaarg

Fueling up this AM w// chia seed pudding, sunflower seed butter, + a banana. All day of work at the hospital, happy fri-yay CHAARGies!! #SBFP17 #virtchaargpostgrad #CHAARGeats 🍌⚡️

Today has been my first rest day since #rwrunstreak started on Thanksgiving ++ That marks 102 days straight of running (actually 102+ since I hadn't had a rest day for 2 weeks before Thanksgiving) ++ BUT

Instead of going for a short run + which would have been painful but doable ++ I decided to listen to my body and go for a relaxing 3 mile walk + because my legs were dead from 8 miles yesterday + the 102 other days I needed to break the streak // if I ever want to reach my goals I need to take resting just as serious as training!

Thank you to @courtk_inchaarg for the cross training + rest day advice ☺️☺️ [132/60] ⚡️⚡️#marquettechaarg #chaargsbfp #sbfp17 @fiveminutejournal @chaarg

🍍You know when a girl puts that obscene pineapple bun on the top of her head, sh*t is about to go down. 🍍

Today's #SBFP17 workout about killed me, but being able to do an *entire* pull up by myself afterward and seeing baby arm muscles starting to form makes it all worth it! My noodle arms are slowly going away! #progressnotperfection #loveyourselflift

i am *so* excited for the spring break fitplan!!!! my fitgoal is to keep up with the workouts [even on friday's] while eating balanced + healthy meals!! gotta get the spring break bod 😉#chaarg #SBFP17 #osuchaarg

So cute and so true!! #butlerchaarg #chaargexec #sbfp17 [29//60]

MAJOR planning sesh for a majorly busy week. Heres my #sbfp17 week 2 monday challenge: 5 things i love!
1. Waking up early-- its the number one way to trick yourself into thinking u have your life together.
2. My planner. I am honestly so much less stressed when i have my week planned ahead of time
3. SUNNY WEATHER. Wow seasonal depression is such a thing here at wisco, so thankful for a warm and sunny week!
4. Living on the lake, the view makes everyday better + the long walk to class helps me feel better about days i cant make it to the gym 😂
5. Pre-going out arm workouts. I do these after getting completely ready for a night out + my friends think its hilarious-- but I'm noticing such a difference!! Remember you can easily integrate workouts even on busy nights 👊🏼
6. CHAARG [duh #chaargambassador] #uwchaarg

Lucky Tuck pure barre at Lululemon. ⚡️ Hot yoga yesterday morning ⚡️⚡️ #lsuchaarg #sbfp17 @chaarg [51/60]


So excited for CHAARG Bootycamp! The #sbfp17 changed my life for the better in so many ways so I can't wait to see what amazing things #chaargbootycamp has in store! #uconnchaarg #chaarg @chaarg

WHO'S READY FOR BOOTYCAMP🍑 guys I am SO excited for this fit plan!! #sbfp17 really kicked my booty into shape last semester and showed me how to fully commit and utilize this beautiful community we have in CHAARG. There is no better way to experience the true magnitude of this movement than to sweat alongside 2000 other chaargies across the nation. Without the last fit plan I don't think I would have been able to fall so deeply in love with this organization. Sign up for #BootyCamp you won't regret it! I can't wait to #doitforthebooty with you!!! @chaarg #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP #chaargexec #ugachaarg #chaarg

I'm #inchaarg of my summer break. Back at the home gym and did a burnout from #sbfp17 + little walk/jog on the curve treadmill ⚡️🏃🏻‍♀️ #belmontchaarg #chaargexec

Normally I would never ever post a picture like this on social media. I even have hard time posting selfies on social media let alone pictures in my sport bra, but I am so happy with the progress I've had in the past 6 weeks. The #sbfp17 really helped me in so many ways...
1. I am now WAY more comfortable in the gym + tried exercises I never would have before
2. I found new healthy food (like dried bananas 😍) that I absolutely love
3. I learned that the number on the scale doesn't show you the progress that you've made (cliché, I know, but so true)
4. I've learned that mental health is just as important as physical health
So happy that I joined CHAARG + all the things it has already taught me. Can't wait to learn more + get stronger 🎉 #osuchaarg #chaarg

When the gym is this close to the pool, there's no chance I won't jump in after my workout. I knew I wasn't going to complete the week 5 workouts with midterms going on so I am going to use them to keep me busy during Spring Break! Maybe squeeze in a couple bolts and burnouts too? Biker bicep✅ [7.5/20] #muchaarg #sbfp17 #chaarg #chaargsbfp

#SBFP before & after!! 💪🏻 throughout this FitPlan I noticed increased strength each week and got into a great workout routine. also, it was the first FitPlan where I did every workout!! [not every cardio bank one but every other!] I loved the flexibility and results 😁 // #chaarg #pennstatechaarg #chaargsbfp #sbfp17 @chaarg #beforeandafter

NYC --> FLA 🏖++ finally on spring break!!!! ++ 2.62 miles yesterday in NYC + 6.05 miles for #longrunsaturday + just returned from a 2.6 mile walk on the beach 🌊 [156.5]⚡️⚡️#marquettechaarg #runchaarg #sbfp17 #chaargsbfp #abs

Not a whole lot of a difference, but I'm very happy with my progress so far! 💪🏻 #iowachaarg #sbfp17 #progress

Thursday: 9 miles on bike ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Friday: hot yoga + 6 miles on bike ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ [60/60]🙌 #lsuchaarg #sbfp17 @chaarg

May not look a whole lot different but I FEEL a whole lot different 💪🏼 thank you #chaarg for this amazing fitplan. radiating major ++positive vibes today 🌞🌞 feeling so good after finishing these 5 weeks of incredible workouts. #sbfp17 #michchaarg

#Tbt to this week's #StudioSpotlight with Robert Sherman from @bridgesfitness
These girls rocked that "crazy core" class, just in time for spring break ☀️🔥
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Spring break with my bolt babe⚡️ #BelmontCHAARG

NYC RUNNING WITH THE GREAT RAMBINO 🏃++ 3.5 mile run for me + 30 min walk for Ram [148/60] ⚡️⚡️#marquettechaarg #chaargsbfp #sbfp17 #runchaarg

Hot yoga + biker biceps this morning. [53/60]⚡️ #lsuchaarg #sbfp17 @chaarg #AwkwardFacelessPic

tricep and 🍑 gains coming in nicely

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