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- My Self -
" Kenali Dirimu lebih dalam untuk mengetahui dimana letak kelebihan dan kekuranganmu ."
#padahalcuma #saythanks #forfollowme #tapicoratcoret 😝😜

Some people might think this is wrong, but actually this feels so right!
My personal #footappreciationday Thank, you guys for carrying me around. I really didn't take it easy on you the last 20 years. #yoga4athletes #feet #saythanks

"Se avete cibo nel frigorifero, abiti nell'armadio e un tetto sopra la testa siete più ricchi del 75% della popolazione mondiale" Ho postato questa stessa foto stamattina sulla mia pagina Facebook "Iaia De Rose". Provo un senso di grande riconoscenza, ogni volta che leggo la pagina di quel libro, dico "Grazie" tra me e me. È una sensazione positiva, bella, pura. Un buon modo per risvegliarsi e cominciare bene la giornata, per esempio, è ricordare quanto si sia fortunati anche nelle avversità. Eppure, pensate, c'è anche chi in questo ci vede del marcio. Su Facebook qualcuno mi ha attaccata sostanzialmente dichiarando che dovrei vergognarmi di sentirmi grata di rientrare nel 25% della popolazione mondiale che ha un tetto sopra la testa. 🙄 Ora... Vediamo di analizzare la cosa. La prima: c'è un atteggiamento globale di tendenza al lamento e al giudizio che ci sta mandando in rovina, gente. C'è da fare qualcosa al più presto, perché lamentarsi e pensare che l'universo sia ingiusto e cattivo non ci porta da nessuna parte. L'azione ti fa migliorare, non la lamentela. E andiamo oltre... Lo "status quo" delle cose, tendenzialmente, non si può cambiare, perlomeno personalmente. Non posso prendermi cura del 75% della popolazione mondiale, ma posso invece cercare di migliorare le cose intorno a me. Comincio sorridendo alla mia vita e cercando di rendere un po' meno pesante quella del barista sotto casa, della mia famiglia, del barbone in mezzo alla strada, della mia collega che ha bisogno. Questo è il mio modo di cambiare le cose, nel mio piccolo. Essere "grati" non significa provare gioia perché gli sfigati sono altri!!! Significa rallegrarsi di ciò che si ha e "fare qualcosa" ogni giorno per gli altri! È così, all'hater di stamattina ho chiesto "Oltre a lamentarti qui sopra di quanto sia ingiusta la società, tu concretamente, cos'hai fatto oggi per cambiare le cose?" Naturalmente sto ancora aspettando una risposta... 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

🌟Just In 🌟 All the write stuff from our friends at @chereeberrypaper ✏️💌📭 Teach your littlest writers the art of a handwritten note with these adorable cards (link in profile 👆🏻for new arrivals) #snailmail #saythanks

Hallelujah 😇 #nofilter #saythanks

What a week. 🙃 Tonight, take moment to express gratitude to the universe for all the beautiful things in your life -- and that you made it to the weekend in one piece. 🙏 Have a sweet one, spirit weavers. 🌒💫 // 📷: @alison__wu #saythanks #grateful #mindbodygram


Everyone should be thankful for the things and people they have in their lives.⠀

💞Today i am truly thankful for my holidays & being able to see the world 🌍 ⠀
💞I am happy & grateful for being able to stay in contact with my family & friends no matter where they are in the world.⠀
💞I find joy in being able to draw things i see, things that make me smile 😊 ⠀

#Happinessishealth #gratitudes #thankful #bethankful #begrateful #love #bossbabe #networkmarketing #NetworkMarketer #femaleentrepreneur ##femaleboss #saythanks #smilemore #smile #dowhatyoulove #makememories

사람이 온다는 건.
Someone comes into your life.
실은 어마어마한 일이다.
Literally,we should take it very serious.
Because of this person.
그의 과거와 현재와.
comes with his/her past memories and present moment.
그의 미래와 함께 오기 때문이다.
His/her future stories as well.
한 사람의 일생이 오기 때문이다.
He/she is not coming alone, but with his/her whole life.
부서지기 쉬운 .
They are vulnerable.
그래서 부서지기도 했을.
Coz they may get hurt deeply before.
마음이 오는 것이다.
His/Her heart is coming.
쉽게 상처 받는 내가
지금 사랑 다시 믿고 싶어
그분 아마 나는 오는길 걸어가다 ...
내가 여기서 기다린게
상처 받아는 것 다른분이 잘뭇이 아니야
내 선객을 내가 했을 뿐이다.
책임이 해야지 ...나의 선객 그런거 🤦🏻‍♀️
The more understanding love, the more afraid to access.
If we had ability to control our mind, we had never ever gotten hurt from love.
Thank you it’s the only thing I wanna say to you.
That’s why I am here now.
The most charming man I met and lives in my mind forever and ever.
And I , sincerely, wish nothing but the best for you.
#lifeinuk #lifeinlincoln #taiwanesegirlinUnilincoln #lifeexplored #tidyupyourlife #saysorry #saythanks #sayiloveyou

Сегодня будут маленькие философские мысли о глубоком🧐 Как мы ощущаем свое взросление? Вот еще не так давно, казалось бы, мы сами ходили в цветастых колготочках, потом читали школьную программу, отпрашивались на дискотеки, и получали диплом. А теперь у нас свои карапузы в колготках, свои первоклассники и уже выпускники.
А как ощущаем себя мы🙃? Ощущаем ли мы свой возраст, опыт, категоричны ли мы, или мягко переживаем этот период смены поколения и то, что мы уже очень скоро будем понимать в нем меньше. Мы растим будущее, мир, который потом будет вокруг нас, будет двигаться и развиваться быстрее, чем мы себе представляли. Столько переломов в голове случается, когда начинаешь думать под таким углом! Столько вопросов! И возможно - это наступает даже какой-то там кризис🤯...
Отцы и дети. Смена поколений. Правильное течение жизни.
Мы становимся нашими родителями, а наши дети - нами... Мы раньше не всегда понимали своих родителей. Теперь не всегда понимать будут нас🤭.
Думая об этом, хочется тут же позвонить своим родителям, и обнять, и поцеловать, и вместе так вот попричитать уже! И конечно же ПОБЛАГОДАРИТЬ!
#multimamaby_thanks #мультимамабай_благодарность
#thanksday #деньблагодарности #multimamaby #мультимамабай #multimama #мультимама
#thanks #спасибо #thankyou #благодарность #saythankyou #говоритеспасибо #saythanks #скажиспасибо

4 weeks of school left...time to start thinking about teacher gifts? These chocolate trees are perfect, no?! Coming to the website soon but available now so message me if you would like one! #teacher #saythanks #schoolterm #school #teachergifts

You got this.

Wow!! What a weekend! Just decompressing and thinking about this crazy time of year for us and I keep coming back to the same thought over and over again...I am so thankful for all of our amazing, supportive customers! So many of you have been supporting us from the start, have known us before children, have watched our market babies grow up into the little people they are today....time really does fly but I AM BEYOND THANKFUL for all of you who continue to support us on this crazy soup adventure...those who come by our booth, even to just sat hi, those who stop and chat/joke with us, those of you who stop to tell us and others how much you enjoy our products, those of you who stock up every time you see us even though you still have some waiting at home to be made 😉 (you should make them!!) ..without you we would not be here! Thank you! We keep souping because of you and we really do love seeing you and chatting with you! we strive to provide the best possible products because of you ❤ SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! .
#thankful #thankyou #blessed #happy #grateful #truth #saythanks #simplydelish #simplydelishsoupandsalad #keepitreal #❤ #loveourcustomers #yourethebest #thankfultobesouping #Christmas #tistheseadon #soupinabag #vegan #glutenfree #fraservalley #Langley #fortlangley #ftlangley

With end of year approaching I am thinking of making some cookie boxes as a teacher gift, who is interested?? 📷 via Pinterest, boxes will contain assorted gingerbread, shortbread and sugar cookies
#shellharbourbaker #christmas #cookies #teachergifts #sugarcookies #gingerbread #chocolategingerbread #shortbread #yummy #saythanks #homemade #madewithlove #madefromscratch #presents #delicious #inspired

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