Dear Parents,
Unfortunately the only way for us to end the harmful GMO spread is to boycott them all together and end it. Even though they are very popular, many do not know the endless dangers of GMO’s. I think that the GM crops need to be terminated completely and help save the food chain and the human race. #STOPGMO #saynotogmos🚫 #savethehumanrace

Dear Parents,
Beware of the new dangers that arise. Baby formula. You are now not safe from GMO’s no matter what your age is. Your newborn child is becoming a lab rat in today’s society and are paying the price for our mistakes that is mainly GMO’s. So beware of your child’s formula and check for the harmful GMO’s. So Parents, do you really want to put these chemicals into your baby’s body.....didn’t think so. #STOPGMO #saynotogmos🚫 #savethebabies

Dear Parents,
According to some beekeepers, millions of bees have died due to the harmful plants known as GMO’s. I have tried to explain to some fellow scientists that what we do is wrong and should be stopped before long term damage is done and cannot be reversed. But back to the bees, the only way we can can save them is to stop the GMO’s and help them pollinate once again, because without them....we may lose all the plants they pollinate, all of the animals that eat those plants, and so on up the food chain. So Parents, do you really want to feed this to your children.....didn’t think so. #STOPGMO #saynotogmos🚫 #savethebees

Dear Parents,
It’s not only me. Other doctors are recommending a GMO free diet for their patients after seeing the negative affects they have. They are causing asthma, allergies, liver damage, colitis, and infertility. These are some of the many problems associated with GMO’s and human health. After hearing these affects, do you really want to be feeding GMO’s to your children for dinner....didn’t think so. #STOPGMO #saynotogmos🚫

Dear Parents,
According to some new research, if a bt corn (GM plant) is planted too close to a neighboring organic-corn crop, cross pollination could occur and contaminate the latter. Does that sound appetizing. And is it really something you would want to feed your children for dinner.....didn’t think so. #STOPGMO #saynotogmos🚫

We have to continue to battle these attempts to put pale faces in ancient his-story. We have to create our own short films, docs, anime, short stories. #publish #creativemaurs #moorishrenaissance #aboriginal #indigenous #supportourown #organic #saynotogmos🚫 #amaru #maurs #maroons #muurs #moors #tamera #eyeswideopen #babylontricks🚫

Repost by @freedom_faction💡 :
"In the same way that deadly #aspartame is being secretly slipped into all kinds of foods and drinks that we eat, plans have been hatched to disguise genetically engineered food ingredients under the label “#Biofortified.” After all, consumers are catching on to the deadly health consequences of the increasingly #fakefoods that they eat, so the corporate monsters behind aspartame & GE ingredients are stooping to subterfuge. Like crocodiles, they lay their eggs in hidden terrain.

It all started out innocently enough several Codex Nutrition committee meetings ago when an international nongovernmental organization (INGO) named the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) (and sponsored by Harvest Plus) had one of its country contacts introduce a proposed new work at Codex. Harvest Plus’ method of increasing certain vitamin and mineral content of basic food crops consists of the time-honored, conventional way of cross-breeding, not #geneticengineering. Harvest Plus, for example, will increase the vitamin or iron content of sweet potatoes so that malnourished populations in developing nations will receive better nutrition.

The new work at the Codex Alimentarius Commission’s Codex Committee on Nutrition & Foods for Special Dietary Uses was simple: Craft a definition for Biofortification. That definition could then be used uniformly around the World to apply to those foods conventionally fortified with higher levels of nutrients and everyone would be on the same page whenever the term “biofortified” was used. Indeed, the National Health Federation (NHF) was an early supporter at Codex of this definition.

This year’s CCNFSDU meeting – hosted by the German Health Ministry in #Berlin, #Germany the first full week of December 2017 – witnessed a lively debate about not only how to define Biofortification but also whether or not the very word “Biofortification” should be used at all. However, this was not the beginning of the debate. The NHF had two delegates there.

Read More: [http://www.theeventchronicle.com/health/monsanto-wants-disguise-genetically-engineered-foods-biofortified/] #AgriculturalAgenda #Eugenics#SayNoToGmos🚫

#throwbackthursday (2013) excited to receive my copy of the @nongmoproject #cookbook! Pick up your copy and check out my Spinach Kale Mushroom Mashed Potato #recipe on page 77!

#saynotogmos🚫 #knowwhatsinyourfood

You ARE cookoo if you eat these ....😝
It says it right on the box, gross , i’ll pass on the GMO’s , thank you. #notcuckooforthesecocopuffs #saynotogmos🚫 #eatclean #readlabelspeople

There’s nothing better than spending time with family and friends, and I am happy to ring in the new year with 2 people I consider to be both. Thank you @medleefoods for helping me to make them a wonderful dinner to say “Here’s to another year together!” #garlicparm #mangia #wholefoods #medleefoods #familymeal #welcome2018 #saynotogmos🚫

Always ask questions! #resist #speakUp #saynotogmos🚫

Feel the power in diving deeper into your goals and accomplishing them with ease ! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
I am #motivated and #determined to help others reach their health goals and learn about the importance of education around food and nutrition . I see a profound #problem and am sitting here with a #solution. If you are #callingin #healthandwellness this new year let's talk seriously about it ! #togetherwerise
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Wake up world!! #saynotogmos🚫

I’m always up for a new product. This is a fermented apple 🍎 cider drink with ginger and turmeric. Live cultures, low calorie, gluten-free, no dairy, vegan and non gmo. The drink was amazing, refreshing and tasty #6pkabs #intermittentfasting #sixpackabs #fermented #organic #saynotogmos🚫 #applecidervinegar #vegan #yvrvegan #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #veganathlete #veganaethetics #aethestic #shredz #ripped #abs #transformationtuesday #transformyourself #transformyoubody

GMO Alert!!🚨 At this point you should be considering who is preparing these foods for you and what exactly is in the ingredients of the foods they use. Fish like Salmon, swai , Talapia and more have been being manufactured for over a hundred years now and because there is no money being spent it is all profit and the reason you only find these things in rural or urban supermarkets don’t be fooled love yourself soil more. The alternatives are to butcher your own fresh wild caught fish . For all those who do not know how to butch comment your favorite fish or animal and every week I will personally butcher a new piece of fish so you have no excuses not to. This is cheaper safer and more efficient when it comes to a meat included plate like I said I’m not anti meat although I do not put anything with a head inside me, I’m anti science and the unnatural for any questions comments or concerns comment or dm me directly and I will be sure to respond at my earliest convenience. What the rest of this in my story 🙌🏾🗣#ichefherbs🍃 #thatswhyichef #saynotogmos🚫 #ichefkids🐢

If you’ve had this OREO flavor in the past, you know how good it is and if you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing!
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GMO alert 🚨 !! Please do not give this to your children it is not edible it does not belong in the human body. I will be systematically debunking all the culinary secrets the FDA doesn’t want you to know . Do not eat these things or any other thing I show you it is creation and on the level with the unnatural and unnormal and herby deemed forbidden in our kingdoms 💪🏾 #ichefherbs🍃 #saynotogmos🚫

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