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And it is finally here! The "Bullying. so not ok" educational and prevention resource book for young girls in partnership with Telethon Kids Institute, headspace and Supré. This booklet encourages young girls to take a stand against bullying behaviour and make a positive change by letting those affected by bullying know that there is support available. Sisters supporting sisters! Head to headspace or Supre to get yours now and the program will be rolled out to high school girls!! 💕@headspace_aus @supre_instagram #saynotobullying #spreadlove

Join me in the Wildchild Magazine Pledge. Speak up against bullies. Hope you can take the pledge too!! @wildchildmagazine #wildchildmagazine #saynotobullying #ambassador #keagan

Take note people, there is FAKE pictures of Nhaveen being shared in social medias
#saynotobullying #stopbullying #ripnhaveen #nhaveen

In a month, Malaysians was rocked by the deaths of 2 young and talented boys because of bullying! These news were very dissappointing and heartbreaking. I personally still cant believe what had happened to these young boys, both of them were bullied brutally by their own classmates. What happens to Malaysians youngsters nowadays? Are they really the future of our country? Unethical? Cruelty? Are we just going to wait and see the same thing happen again to others' sons/daughters? Bullying seems to be normal in almost of gov boarding schools/ universities since years ago.. It's time now to stop bullying! Doesnt matter what races or religions, we are human being, we are Malaysians and bullying must be stopped! ~

Einstein once said: The 🌎 will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything! ~

My deepest condolences to both families who have lost their sons! Both of you are in a better place now, rest well dear Farhan and Nhaveen! #justiceforfarhan #justicefornhaveen #saynotobullying #stopbullying

Reposting made one mistake
Courtesy: @aneshraj_
Mom/Dad missing his Son
Sister loosing his Brother
Friend missing his friend!! #SAYNOTOBULLYING!!!
GEORGE TOWN: T. Nhaveen (pic), who was savagely beaten by a group of teenagers, has passed away at the Penang Hospital.
A close relative confirmed that the teenager died at 5.31pm on Thursday.
The 18-year-old student was found unconscious at around midnight last Saturday at a field in Jalan Kaki Bukit in Bukit Gelugor.
Nhaveen, who was also sodomised and burnt on his back, suffered internal bleeding in his head and abdomen. 
On Tuesday, the remand of five teenagers was extended in connection with the case.

So I was so upset after ending my beautiful night with what I can only describe as ... just vile behaviour. 🤧 I got pushed and got my hair pulled in the toilet in the quarry in woolton village by a woman in her mid 30's clearly had drugs by the name of Lauri 🤷🏼‍♀️. 1. It makes me sick just the thought of anyone being so horrible and nasty for no reason at all.
2. She knew I was young and alone in the toilets and still proceeded to bully me.
3 even if your drugged up.. you know right from wrong and unless you were dragged up as a child she clearly had no manors and resulted to violence. ☹️ Thanks for everyone's kind messages, I am a super confident person and this really hurt me last night, more mentally than physically. I was just in shock to be honest. It's made me realise that obviously bullying still happens daily, and if it's safe to do so, step in and act! #standuptobullying


Manusiakanlah manusia
Sebelum terbunuh kemanusiaan di dalam hatinya

Bercanda menyakiti orang lain itu tidak lucu

Menghakimi orang lain itu juga sangat tidak lucu

Say no to bullying
Perhatikan, selamatkan, laporkan!

#saynotobullying #bullying #bullyingsucks #humanity #save #human

Always exciting for new ranges to come out!! @cheerlyfecollection @cheerlyfeaustralia .
Pls use promo codes "KALLIYAN" or "SOVANNARY" for a fun free gift 🎁🛍
#Cheerlyfe #Cheerlyfefamily #bekind #youcancheerwithus #kindnessrules #saynotobullying

Hey all! I'm so excited to be a brand rep for @wildchildmagazine and to be part of their Anti-Bullying Pledge! Record yourself taking the anti-bullying pledge! Post your video and tag both me and @wildchildmagazine ! Be sure to check out their shop as they have some super cute things!! If you order, be sure to use code ameliashopwildchild !! Have a great day! #dancer #dnac #dancersofig #dancerstrong #dancersagainstbullying #dontbeabully #saynotobullying #datwfeature #dabfeatureme #_flexibilitypost_ #mysticmermaidmodel #mdgtalent #tsga #spottedcmm #tdwfam #wildchildmagazine @the_dance_workshop

Say No To Bullying Be Kind To Everyone And Don't Make Fun Of People With A Disability Whether Its Mental Or Physical People With A Disability Are People Too. They Have Feeling Too. we Just Want To Be Treated Like Everyone One Else Does So Please Don't Bully People With A Disability I Have A Learning Disability And A Disability Pension #saynotobullying #bekind

Malia takes home Gold after a tough battle in the finals! 🤙🏾⚡️🤙🏾⚡️ #Repost @amanda.mangaser (@get_repost)
So much heart today ❤️ Way to go Malia, you fought through 6 mins of overtime for the win🥇#checkmatfamily @robynhojj @checkmat_buena_park @schoolyardsociety #schoolyardsociety #sys #syskids #youthprotectors #antibullying #saynotobullying #protecttheyard #snapback #bjj #bjjkids #jiujitsu #jiujitsukids #grapplers

So , again ! Edit by me🤗 it's so important 🙏🏻 pls share it as you can💜 tag Millie 💙
_ hi Millie ! You are the best and everyone know💛you were under pressure these days 😞 but what do you scare of? When you have your fans💚 we support you 💙 go straight ❤️ #loveandlight 💛
Music:chase Atlantic - friends .
#standuptobullying #doitformillie #milliebobbybrown #saynotobullying #strangerthings #strangerthingsedit #loveyou #shareit #seemypost

Mason moves up in age and brings home Silver in a stacked bracket! Way to challenge yourself kid! 🤙🏾⚡️🤙🏾⚡️ #schoolyardsociety #sys #syskids #youthprotectors #antibullying #saynotobullying #protecttheyard #snapback #bjj #bjjkids #jiujitsu #jiujitsukids #grapplers

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