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don’t look for trouble unless trouble finds you, then you look it straight in the face. #saynotobullying #howtodealwithtroublemakers

Happy Breastfeeding Week everyone! •
When I had my first baby, I hadn't set myself a goal when I was going to wean her off breastfeeding. I wanted to do it for as long as I could because I enjoyed the bonding, felt it was a lot more convenient to do so, and believed in the nutritional benefits of breastmilk. I went back to work when she was 7 months, and my first assignment was a travel programme. I had my cooler bag with me throughout the trips, faithfully pumped, froze and checked-in all that liquid gold back when I returned. But it did come to a point where I found it stressful to keep up with the pumping schedule. I couldn't travel light (have to lug a cooler bag and breast pump wherever I go) and always had to find a nursing room every 3-4 hours during my filming -- it was getting inconvenient for me who was always on the go. By then she was also more interested in food than milk and then one day just after she turned one, she just decided she didn't want to latch anymore. •
With my second child, frankly I'm not sure if I can do the same, and I am sometimes filled with guilt thinking that I'm not being fair. But the rational side of me knows that it is ok even if I don't/can't breastfeed my son for a year because we still have formula milk to supplement if necessary👌🏻. •
My philosophy has always been that while we try to give our children the best, we mustn’t neglect our psychological well-being too. Because happy parents raise happy kids, so to all fellow moms who might be stressed one way or another, know that you are not alone on this journey.

For more information on how to breastfeed successfully, visit www.healthhub.sg/earlynutrition #sp #happybreastfeedingweek2017

Hey everyone !
I wanted to talk about bullying, I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I think it's necessary at this time.
Everyone's been through some form of bullying. I know I've copped it pretty bad at times in my life. Right now is pretty bad.
So I know the hardest thing you can do is stand up for yourself. My whole life I have wondered why people want to put people down or hurt them. I'd just cop it on the chin and walk away hoping everything would be easier the next day.
The truth is, it is hard to deal with. It really is.
But there is always someone you could talk to,
Without my parents and some really close friends I wouldn't have passed through a year of primary school or even now secondary school. Bullying is not okay and it never will be okay ! The next time you witness bullying I want you to think back to this post and stand up for that person.
Love you all unconditionally
Meika x

Together let's work to stop bullying @calistaleahliew

Mungkin karena terlalu banyak tertanamnya wacana dan mindset kalau wanita itu lemah dan inferior daripada lelaki, maka yg ditemukan adalah banyaknya fenomena penindasan (jasmani dan rohani) terhadap kaum feminis.

Hey, girls, kasian feminist critics loh yang udah perjuangin posisi kalian di lingkungan sosial dan keluarga. Kalian istimewa bahkan sudah tertera bab khusus di Al-Qur'an. Please being strong and independent in quote.

#feminism #saynotobullying

Saya Muhammad Yusuf dari fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan Angkatan 2016 mendukung kegiatan PKKMB UMJ 2017.

Saya siap untuk sharing tentang kehidupan kampus UMJ. Semoga PKKMB lebih baik dari tahun sebelumnya.

Saya juga mengucapkan selamat datang kepada seluruh Mahasiswa baru Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta, mari bersama-sama kita bangun Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta menjadi Kampus yang Terkemuka, Modern, dan Islami.
Tunjukan dukunganmu dengan klik link dibawah ini:

#PKKMBUMJ2k17 #PKKMB #UMJ #SayNOtoBullying #MahasiswaBaru

Δέχομαι μπουλινγκ #saynotobullying #bully #bullying #small #help

If you are against bullying, don't engage yourself in #bullying activities. It makes you no better than the #bully #musicallyaustralia and #musically will not tolerate this behaviour. Practice what you preach. Be a great role model. Be a help in changing NOT an aid in continuing disgusting activities. Musical.ly is a place of fun. @al_ie_ is a true supporter in #saynotobullying who are you ? A role model or a bully? 🇦🇺


Look who's on the YouTube homepage! Make sure you check out @humzaproduction new video about #bullying #saynotobullying 🚫 #CreatorsForChange 💜

Remi's Halloween inspired t shirt for unity day tomorrow. Orange to Unite Against Bullying #saynotobullying #halloween #uniteagainstbullying #unityday

Δέχομαι μπουλινγκ #saynotobullying #bully #bullying #small #help

A special thanks to Melissa Reed of CODA for working with our Independent Living Program (ILP) students today. Today's topics Melissa presented on were Boundaries and Bullying. Our students really appreciated the training.
.#CODA #saynotobullying #gibault ILP #gibaultproud #gibault #gibaultphoto

Don't listen to the barking. Don't let them dim your light. You are enough
#saynotobullying #bullyingstopsnow #confidence #behappy #beyourrealyou #youareenough

This is a song called 'echoes'. I wrote this song based on my experiences of getting bullied. ©Shreya
P.S. this was my first ever live performance.
#echoes #music #song #songoftheday #songwriters #songwriter #bullying #saynotobullying #singer #guitar #guitars #guitarists #songs

#cleanthemean @stevie.cakes
Lets join hands to put an end to bullying!! ♡ #saynotobullying

This is a Post in response to an attack we have recently received , stating that we claim our items to be Handmade • Nowhere in our Bio nor on our Website do we claim that any of our Threadz are HANDMADE, we actually state the opposite. In bold , underlined text, in every item description we state that the item IS NOT HANDMADE. We leave the manufacturers label on the item & add our Modified by WiLD CHiLD Threadz label close by. We aim to be designing our own threadz in years to come when we have built our little business up! This has obviously upset us & would like the person responsible for the accusations to get their facts straight before they Bully another business. We say No to Bullying in all aspects of life 👎🏼 #bulliesofinstagram #saynotobullying #getyourfactsstraight #getalife #smallbusiness #nothandmade #handdistressed #modified #attack #shameonyou #keepsmiling #resilience #sisters #keeptrying #buildingitup

It's simple - say #notobullying 😪 Seriously this bought tears to my eyes! Check it out guys ---> https://youtu.be/kpl5WU8xSSs Spread this if you hate bullies 🚫#saynotobullying #sayno #saynomore #stopbullyingnow #stopbullying #stopbully

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