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I so miss my beautiful DeAnna 💔💔💔 on loan whilst I lived at Rancho Ace Buchal Mijas.
We spent 7 months living on the ranch until the owners negativity grew untolerable. We have now moved to Portugal and waiting for the sun to shine on us once again.
I loved the horses but I will not be bullied under any circumstances!
#saynotobullying #negativepeople #disrespect #heavyheart #horses #equine #equestrian #barefoot

With love and light I thank my true friend Katie for holding my hand through the rough times and teaching me natural horsemanship 💖 The pleasure from watching #nickyhorsemanship with Cassie 💖 Monica Andreewitch @softnesstraining #softnesstraining for our beautiful ride along the riverbed. 💖

Most elementary schools don’t have fully immersive anti-bullying programs because they because that it is not that necessary at that age. .
However, the bullying cases rise significantly between elementary school and middle school. .
Does this mean that elementary schools are ignoring, misreporting or unaware that kids are bullying?
Does bullying suddenly start the first year the kids get to middle school?
Most kids don’t even know how to determine when they’re being bullied or being teased.
So, shouldn’t we educate elementary school kids about bullying prevention before it happens to them or before they realize the hard way that they are the bullies? .
La mayoría de las escuelas primarias no tienen programas anti-avisadores totalmente inmersivos porque piensan que no es tan necesario a esa edad.
Sin embargo, los casos de ácidos aumentan significativamente entre la escuela primaria y la secundaria.
¿Significa esto que las escuelas primarias están ignorando, informando erróneamente o ignorando que lxs niñx son acodados?
¿De repente el acoso escolar comienza el primer año que lxs niñxs llegan a la escuela secundaria?
La mayoría de lxs niñx ni siquiera saben cómo determinar cuándo lxs están intimidando o siendo objeto de burlas.
Entonces, ¿no deberíamos educar a lxs niñx de escuelas primarias sobre la prevención del acoso escolar antes de que les suceda o antes de que se den cuenta de la manera difícil en que son los acosadores?
#StopBullying #DontBully #DontBeABystander #Bystander #SeeSomethingSaySomething #SayNoToBullying #DontBeABully #NoBullying #KnowYourRights
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Article très réussi par @vousnousils qui décrit la solution que je propose pour faire face au #cyberharcelement | #merci | #stophate #stopcyberbullying #stopintimidation #stophating #saynotobullying

Planning my simple self defence for kids videos.

Bullying and assault seem to be on the increase everywhere, hopefully my videos will help kids deal with this issue.

There are no official statistics on the number of children who are bullied. But from research studies and from what children tell us, we know that bullying is an issue that affects almost all children in some way.

#saynotobullying #onlinetraining #martialarts #mastersacademy

Be the one. Make a difference. Just STOP. No kid should ever go to school and feel sad. Or cry. #saynotobullying #bekind #love #peace #theheartisfragile #loveoneanother parents teach your kids to love..!

Respect each other.
say NO to bully, say STOP to bully.. many times people who think they are superior than other do bullying for own satisfaction, for kidding or many else reasons. why would do something without benefit at all anyway ?
horses as amazing animal when we respect them, they will respect human also.
so, doing bullying NOT make us better than other.
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Just heard the most poignant and heartfelt life story of an extraordinary man, Ben Smith, @the401challenge Really resonated with me and my experienced of bullying and coming out. #inspired #401challenge #comingout #gay #saynotobullying

I’m a little tired, and more than a little disillusioned with social media so it seems like a good time as any, to to take a break from Instagram.
I’ll be back in a week to share with you the podcast from my radio interview as well as details of the VOICES 2017 Readings event, but if you search for it on FB, an event page should already be up.
Also next Friday, I’m putting my TV Producer hat back on, but this is just a temporary thing. An incredibly well known Indian music director/performer will be in KL soon; I’m returning to the studio to produce a one-off television interview special with him.
You’ll have all the details about that on Friday too :) And the Readings event is then on Saturday!
So having some time to myself is exactly what I need to get my head into the game before the next busy weekend.
I’ll see you in exactly a week ❤️

And what’s a girl got to do?...
What’s she to do when she’d been made to feel vulnerable & broken more than she ever was...
What’s she to do when she knew she was being abused in so many ways, not only by one but by many?
What’s she to do when deep down it was killing her?
What’s she to do when she finds out those who she knew those who were connected to her by race, country, continent knew about it yet chose not to do much about it and instead continued to alienate & verbally abuse her... what was she thinking trying to get close to them? They knew no mercy, they knew no support, they knew nothing about belonging, inclusion and welcoming someone in...
What’s she to do when he’d given them the power to do so...
So remind me again why wouldn’t the flock of sheep follow if the dog is leading them?
Luckily she’d always been resilient, strong in her own way type of girl always had something she’s thankful for that kept her going...also she’s is a firm believer in karma and that those that do bad no matter what will never get away with it..
Moving forwards...she isn’t afraid of speaking her truth anymore... and while he’d done an unthinkable thing by intruding her private life and made things a little harder for her, she’s still thankful for the lessons as she now knows what sickos are actually out there, what the laws in Australia lack and of course the truest sides of some people...she now knows what she’ll not do but speaking her mind freely will not be one of them, it will forever still be there - how people understand it and use it will be a reflection of them not her. She hopes however that there will be more of those that like to go against the norm and be there for those that have the odds against them be there specially for those being bullied, intentionally alienated, made to feel like they’re worthless and not loved regardless of how big and powerful the abuser is/was. Finally she hopes law wise Australia will in the future have tougher cyberstalking/cybersecurity & bullying (in all forms) laws... #saynotobullying #stopjudgingpeople #beinclusive
Ta ta 4 now...

Deposited $700 into Dolly’s Dream Foundation today. Thank you everyone for all your help and support, I really appreciate all your wonderful encouragement on my Diamond journey 😘❤️
@miss_diamond_australia @vanessaeylesphotography @gownsgaloreforhirerockhampton @kandee_apples_kerri @nailsetc_byvicki @lashedbyleish
#saynotobullying #dollysdream #doinitfordolly #bullyingnoway #MDA18

What is wrong being a beginner actually???even everyone begin with a first step....from A to Z...from nothing to something...from zero to hero...dont judge others too fast,everyone deserved a learning not a smooching... p/s: ingat sedja la bah,dulu2 ko pn pnh jga jd org baru.... #hellyeah #saynotobullying #midfingerup

Signs of a Bully: Is It Your Child?
“Not my little angel😇” is a common thought among parents who may receive news from teachers that their child is a bully.
Bullying is a very serious issue and what that is very dear to me as a father of 3. Bullying today is very different and much more serious than when we (most adults today) were kids. With the advent of social media and other online tools, bullying goes well beyond the school yard brawl. Posting of videos, images and insults that instantly spread to the entire world exponentially increase the emotional pain inflicted by bullying in addition to any physical pain. Many times leading to suicide or further violence.
Here are 5 signs that your kid might be a bully.
1️⃣ Your Child Has Behavioral Issues.
Being hot-headed, impulsive, or easily frustrated are 3 common behaviors that could indicate a child is a bully, according to D. Janell Dietz, an author and leading expert on bullying and a former school counselor and teacher.
2️⃣ Your Child Is Obsessed With Popularity. - Another warning sign of bullying is a child who is fixated on being popular.
3️⃣ Your Child's Friends Show Aggressive Tendencies - I always look carefully at those kids my son is hanging out with. If your child’s friends seem aggressive or mean-spirited, or if they exhibit some of the other signs of bullying, then your child might be involved in bullying as well - children are easy to influence.
4️⃣ There Is Violence at Home - According to a recent study, bullies were much more likely to have experienced violence in the home.
5️⃣ You Don't Have a Good Relationship With Your Child - As with all child behavioral issues, they always come back to parenting. Some of you may not like to hear that, but its the reality of the situation. Parents who have a good relationship with their kids and talk openly with them, raise better kids who are less likely to bully others - FACT.

Honestly, some of these children today need to be taught the right way. The respect and sportsmanship behaviours are completely lacking. The fact of the matter is, respect is earned, respect is taught and for such an entire school to be labelled as degraded due to this, by just a a few, its disrespectful to your ex scholars, your parents, your friends, heck the entire population of FIJI! Is this really what we have come to, to disrespect each other, during a fun leisure event? Will we let negative competitiveness come to this?
#StopBullying #stopviolence #saynotobullying #respect #love #honor #schoolpride #discipline #respectful #wrong #victim

#Bullying : What an epidemic. It cost zero dollars to be kind. .
My sons school encouraged learners yesterday, to wear orange to #saynotobullying - my son asked what bullying was, I simply said ‘it’s when someone is mean to another person’. He came home from school & goes ‘if someone is mean to my friends, I’m going to tell them to get out!’ As he gets older, we’ll go into specifics, but right now, he is kind to everyone he meets, he does not call people names, judge them on how they look or speak to himself or about himself negatively. .
I’m raising strong, kind gentlemen. •

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When your son wins this prize at assembly and most of the school is laughing at him, so the p&c offer him a different prize but he sticks with this and the school laughs even more.... then he walks outside and runs up to me beaming from ear to ear and says “look what I won for you Mummy” my heart melted 😁 #soproud #myboy #strongboy #headstrong #sokind #thoughtful #hesfour #cantbelievehowkindheis #SOPROUD #saynotobullying

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