This Valentine’s say it with flowers...or maybe with a floral perfume instead? The Argent is a fresh & floral fragrance with notes of rose, cassis & bergamot. ♥️🌷
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Since we are all about love, we don’t just add available products to your gift hampers, we place in luxury valuables for the love season according to your dear ones need. All are hampers have their customized individual owners. Give us a call to wow ur boo.....
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Meet up with awesome couple.. Sehat sehat yah kalian, Ibu Bayi dan Bapaknya.. Semoga lancar persalinannya.. Tanpa penyulit.. Aammiinn.. Makasih banyak kadonya.. Incredibly suite us, we love it.. 😘😘😘 #SayItWithFragrance

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Scent memory is one of the strongest felt senses. The feeling of the moment, captured in fragrance, stays with you long after it passes. Create a unique perfume to celebrate all the memories you've shared with Mom at waft.com. #sayitwithfragrance
xoxo, V.

My two new personally made fragrances!!! "The Stranger" for the night and "Cafe d'Paris" for the day!! #fragrance #owncreation #waftperfume #sayitwithfragrance And you guys can make your own as well at Waft.com!

What's your favorite way to say "I love you"? #sayitwithfragrance
xoxo, V.

This gem of a lady designed her own perfume and named it after her favorite song. Genius, we say. What would your signature scent be called? #saywhatyouwant #sayitwithfragrance 📷 and perfume by @krystipryde
xoxo, V.

Easy breezy weekends are the best, aren't they? Wouldn't you like to capture and contain this feeling of waking up leisurely, of crisp, white sheets, and an entire day stretched out endlessly in front of you?
What you need is a touch of whimsy and a dash of relaxation all mingled in one amazing fragrance. A light, breezy scent that carries this feeling of pleasure and comfort through the day, and keeps you cuddled in its gentle notes till the sun goes down.
xoxo, V.

Layering perfume is an art – and you're the artist! You decide which scent you want, to energise you through the day, and its transformation as you say goodbye to work and head for a night on the town.
Perhaps, start the day on a refreshing note, but let your fragrance get bolder and sexier towards the evening, with a hint of spice! It's all in the way you choose your fragrance layers that changes your scent artfully with your mood. Of course, you'll need quality ingredients in your perfume, if you want this to work! More on the art of layering on our blog (link in profile)
xoxo, V.
📷 by the @just.gil

Do you use the same perfume every day?
Don't forget, your fragrance is an essential part of your daily routine.
Just as you change your hairstyle or your clothes to match your mood, your perfume would best be changed too.
Have different fragrances for work, for parties, for the morning, for the evenings. Because every occasion evokes a different mood, and every mood must be paired with the perfect scent!
xoxo, V.

Ever wondered what happiness smelled like?
Certain fragrances can trigger your endorphins and make you joyful. Like classic citrus and jasmine. Pine brings back the wonders of Christmas, putting an instant smile on your face. The scent of freshly cut grass and lavender are also therapeutic and relaxing. Vanilla with its rich flavour and mouth-watering scent evokes a feeling of well being and happiness. And finally, a whiff of coffee can do wonders to your mood.
So the next time you're feeling low, you might want to inhale deeply into scents with these magical ingredients.
xoxo, V. 📷 by @sophleow

Fragrances are meant to make you feel beautiful and sexy, give you confidence, underscore your mood, or even change it. And what's life without a little variety anyway? So many emotions, so many fragrances! So match your mood with the perfect scent.
xoxo, V.

Travel the world, tell your stories and portray your emotions with personalised fragrances from @waftperfume
Pick oriental flavours for #exotic lands like #bali🌴 , or charming florals to remind you of the crisp air filled with the scent of springtime flowers in #paris
An exhilarating hint of pine with a tang of citrus for #london reminiscent of its tea, or the heady scent of #oud for the lavish #middleeast
xoxo, V.

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Set fire to your wanderlust with travel-inspired perfumes!
Enjoy matching fragrances with your destinations, to keep you perfectly adorned with the right scent for the right place! #travelwithscents
xoxo, V. 📷 by @mjteo

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