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I’m sky high tonight. ✨ If there was ever a writer or two who also just happen to be moms from Toronto, who spoke to me, like directly to me it’s @therebelmama . And I got to meet half of the crew tonight at the #momboss event hosted my @momstoronto . What a night. Nikita, you killed it. Thank you for sharing so openly. For writing for the rebels who still like to read and for giving no fucks or apologies along the way. I can’t wait to see what’s next ✨
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I have severe ‘Foot in the mouth’ disease!! As I’m saying it I know... but... true Saggi trait. #footinmouthdisease #blunt #sayitlikeitis #saggitariusgirl #toolatetotakeitback

I don't sugar coat shit!!
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This song and its lyrics #lyrics #avengedsevenfold #sayitlikeitis

Plant Wisdom🍎RBZ
When the phrase ‘Farm to Table’ was first used... it was used to represent fresh picked produce, like farm or garden fresh produce picked in the morning and turned into a meal, often that same day... skipping the middleman -the supermarkets... simply eating fresh from the vine... or fresh from farmers markets.
I thought wonderful... but then like many expressions, it was co-opted to include animals... which from a marketers point of view is a great way to spin eating animals... Makes it look pure & good, right? Allows people the peace to feel easy, even good about eating animals... if they are fresh from a farm... what’s the down side?
The down side & TRUTh is, eating animals means an innocent being was slaughtered...& SUFFERED. There’s no way around that... :
So when Farm to Table includes animals on the menu... I call BS... cause what it really means is, Slaughter to Table. :
And what it willfully promotes is the continual suffering and murder of innocent animals into a digestible wholesome food choice. It’s not
If that pisses you off, perhaps think about how the animals or “meat” as we have been brainwashed to refer to the animals we eat for food as... think about where they came from... what process they went through to get onto your plate... I recommend looking at some of the gory photos easily found on the internet showing exactly what is going on or any number of films... Earthling comes to mind... to get a true idea of the horrors, cruelty & deaths, humans deliver to innocent beings billions of times a year... :
If you’re comfortable paying others to murder animals or doing so yourself, ie as a hunter to eat them, regardless of the inhumanity or that’s it’s not necessary for our health, that humans are NOT carnivores, we are herbivores... that is of course your choice. :
But it’s still Slaughter... & not the fantasy nice version that “farm to table” with meat on the menu wants to project. :
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New to the pharmacy! A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the fight against Ovarian Cancer.

Love and healing to everyone impacted by the #parkland shooting. May we all find the inner strength and wisdom to help our children. #neveragain #nevereverquit #sayitlikeitis #ourfutureleaders #XOXO❤️🙏

I’ve just learned to accept it now 😂😂

1. Viroth's Hotel (Siem Reap, Cambodia)
2. Tulemar Bungalow & Villas (Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica)
3. Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur (Jodhpur, India)
4. Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa (Hanoi, Vietnam)
5. Gili Lankanfushi (Lankanfushi, Maldives)
6. Hotel Belvedere (Riccione, Italy)
7. The Nantucket Hotel & Resort (Nantucket, MA, USA)
8. La Reserve Paris Hotel & Spa (Paris, France)
9. Nayara Springs (La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica)
10. Hanoi La Siesta Hotel Trendy (Hanoi, Vietnam)
11. Shinta Mani Shack (Siem Reap, Cambodia)
12. Kayakapi Premium Caves Cappadocia (Urgup, Turkey)
13. The Leela Palace (Uaipur, India
14. Hotel 41 (London, UK)
15. Baros Maldives (Baros Island, Maldives)
16. Belmond Palacio Nazarenas (Cuso, Peru)
17. The Killarney Park Hotel (Killarney, Ireland)
18. The Milestone and Residences (London, UK)
19. Hotel Estalagem St. Hulertus (Gramadao, Brazil)
20. The Oberoi, Mauritius (Pointe Aux Piments, Mauritius)
21. Aria Hotel Budapest by Library Hotel Collection (Budapest, Hungary)
22. Quinta Jardins do Lago (Funchal, Portugal)
23. The Tuscany (Providentials, Turks and Caicos)
24. Eden Rock - St. Barths (St. Jean, St. Barthelemy)
25. Baraza Resort & Spa (Bwejuu, Tanzania)
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🚅 Tourism backlash has been in full effect over the past 12 months, with several destinations announcing they'd had enough of foreign visitors flooding their streets or disrupting their fragile ecosystems.
🛫 Unsurprisingly, this has posed a dilemma for mindful travelers planning their next vacation.
🛳️ Here are 12 places conscious tourists might want to think twice about visiting in 2018:
1. Isle of Skye, Scotland: Authorities have been struggling with the increased numbers of tourists.
2. Barcelona, Spain: Barcelonians have been protesting against tourist overcrowding.
3. Dubrovnik, Croatia: Dubrovnik plans to impose a 4,000 visitors a day cap to reduce tourist numbers.
4. Venice, Italy: Mass tourism in Venice has driven many residents away from the canal city.
5. Santorini, Greece: Welcomed around two million tourists in 2017.
6. Bhutan: Bhutan has been attempting to minimize the impact of tourism by charging travelers a daily fee.
7. Taj Mahal, India: India is limiting the amount of domestic visitors to the Taj Mahal.
8. Mount Everest, Nepal-side: Nepal has amended the mountaineering regulations.
9. Machu Picchu, Peru: The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is Peru's most visited site.
10. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador: The Galápagos Islands have tightened travel regulations in a bid to preserve the natural habitat.
11. Cinque Terre, Italy: Authorities have discussed a possible tourist quota to combat overcrowding in Italy's Cinque Terre.
12. Antarctica: Visitors have been on the rise in recent years.
#whosaidthat #sarcasm #youaskedforit #needisaymore👑 #sayitlikeitis #whiplash #nosugarcoating #thetruthsetsyoufree

These were the genuine words of one of our younger guests, spoken while toasting marshmallows over the campfire after one of our barbecues. His parents were keen to move bed-wards, but, well, he was too happy to sleep! So he ended up staying out later with a new friend, who’s parents delivered him back to his geodome after a good game of ping pong 😂 We’re lucky enough to get some absolutely lovely reviews from guests, but these words were the best praise we could have imagined. Day 18 of the #30dayruralbusiness challenge

#sayitlikeitis 🧔🏻🖤☝🏼

She loves deep and fast. With all of herself, or not one bit. She’ll give people all of her light, in turn struggle to understand when they don’t pay that back. She wants you to think she can’t be hurt, but truth is, she gets hurt easier than most. She is fierceness and tenderness, within the same breath.
This is her beauty. In her total lack of inbetweens. #tomuch or #notenough #notyourpeople #notmypeople #vibeattractsyourtribe #bereal #beauthentic #giver #lover #tired #throwmyhandsintheair #lackofinbetweens #hot #cold #sayitlikeitis

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