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#squadgoals 😍 #abouttoday #sayinggoodbyes 😢 District Jail, Mamit.

Calm before the storm... #cozy #taormina #sicily #sayinggoodbyes

🎶🎶If I knew you were coming 🎶🎶I would have baked a cake, baked a cake 🎶🎶and I did🍰cause you called me❤️🎶! Will, Jennifer and the baby came for the weekend, it was bittersweet they are moving far away from us, for at least three yrs.😭😩We wish them well and all the happiness there is! They are such a sweet couple! Have you ever tasted or baked a ten layer chocolate cake, if not, you are missing something delicious👌🎶#sayinggoodbyes#farmhousebaking#

With one of the most inspiring women I've met in my life so far. Seriously. It is still a mystery for me how she combines it all 🙌
Thank you for making my year in Almaty an unforgettable experience visiting so many new places and meeting some great people ☺️ Will definitely miss your crazy stories 😉
#FLEX09 #sayinggoodbyes

Thankful for a weekend visiting my 90 years young grandma who is still going strong and is a huge inspiration to me!

Was nice to catch up with these two! #s&s #sayinggoodbyes @srutichandra

Saturday night i hung up my active wear, dressed up and got on that D floor!♀🍾 appreciating the little things in life!
#bestcompany #sayinggoodbyes


#squadgoals 😍 #abouttoday #sayinggoodbyes 😢 District Jail, Mamit.

Saying goodbye to loved ones is difficult and it's even harder when they are active duty military. My sweet daughter, Tirzah, composed a poem about her brother after 4 wonderful days with our Airman who just graduated from US Air Force Basic Military Training, San Antonio, TX.

An Airman's Farewell
"A journey from near and far,
An Airman my arms to hold;
He's finished Basic,
His graduation we now behold.

I have not seen my dear Airman,
For many weeks now have gone past;
I behold his face,
As he stood far from the last.

A smile now pierces my face,
As honor grad is pinned to his chest;
With great pride and pleasure,
We see him with the best.

A week we have with our Airman,
Four days to be exact;
To share our greatest moments,
Our days are full and packed.

Now we stand by his dorm,
To pass our farewell;
With broken hearts we all tear up,
Excuses we try to sell.

To you my Airman,
May you be strong and well;
I love you my Airman,
With tears I say farewell."
-Tirzah Wilson

#farewell #usaf #sayinggoodbyes #loveourairman #militarylife

Well needed wee glass of fizz....... after construction day #bosslady👑#sayinggoodbyes #neighboursthrowingaleavingperty #thegrove #memoriesforever 💋❤️💋

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