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I cannot believe it's been one year since we said goodbye to our Gentle Giant. I cannot put into words the pain we felt taking him to the vet that day, I still feel extreme guilt and wonder if he has forgiven me. Today I am going to take the remainder of his ashes and sprinkle them ever so sweetly on his favourite beloved walking path. Love you Boy, we all miss you desperately 💙 #myboy #thepainnevergoesaway #bernesemountaindog #nixon

Manchmal treffen wir auf unserem Lebensweg einen
Menschen,der ein Stück des Weges mit uns geht.
Zusammen scherzt man, lacht man
und bespricht auch ernste Themen.
Doch dann kommt irgendwann der Zeitpunkt,
wo dieser Mensch sich liebevoll von uns verabschiedet,
um seinen eigenen Weg fortzusetzen.
Wir sind ein wenig traurig,
manchmal sogar ein wenig enttäuscht
und können das nicht ganz verstehen.
Besser könnten wir ihn verstehen, wenn wir wüssten,
wie sein Weg aussah, bevor wir ihn trafen.
Nicht alle Menschen haben das gleiche Ziel.
Wie das Ziel eines Einzelnen aussieht, wird häufig von seiner
Vergangenheit geprägt.
Wenn wir uns das immer wieder erneut ins Gedächtnis rufen,
Es ohne Vorurteile akzeptieren und respektieren,
hilft uns das,diese Menschen besser zu
verstehen - Ohne dass wir nach dem
Warum und Weshalb fragen müssen.

#accept #sayinggoodbye #journey #past #people #time #path #satisfaction #faitful #girl #berlin #loveyourself

Home lunch 2day for my baby since her daddy will be away b4 she finishes school 🛫😢 xx #mcdonalds #homelunch #workingaway #sayinggoodbye

You go somewhere every week for two years. Suddenly it's your last visit... Agur, Duck Bar, eta eskerrik asko.

I had to put my beautiful Darla-doo down today. It has been a long time coming but you're never really ready to say goodbye to a friend. While Darla was technically my dog she always preferred Nathan. She'd snuggle up under his coat in the winter when he got home from work and in the summer she'd curl up in his armpit when we'd watch movies. She was the sweetest dachshund you ever would meet. She will be very missed. #darladoo #sayinggoodbye

After many years battling addiction, our beloved Jody Elden, 32 passed away late Sunday evening tragically from a drug overdose.

She was born on February 16, 1985 in Duluth to Mark and Kathy Elden. She was a lifelong Duluth resident and grew up on Park Point where she loved spending time on the beach.

Her greatest joy and love of her life was her son Ethan. She was tremendously proud of him and the amazing young man he has become. She also dearly loved her nieces and nephews and they adored her. Jody will always be remembered for her huge and caring heart. She accepted and loved everyone with open arms. Even in her darkest moments she would remember important details about others or have a special gift for the kids in her life.

We have all prayed that she would find peace here on earth, but she was unable to due to the destruction of addiction. We can all find comfort in the fact that she is now at peace in the loving embrace of God.

We are having a memorial gathering for her on Thursday, September 21, 9-11am, with a short tribute at 10am, at the Cremation Society 4100 Grand Ave., Duluth.

Donations to a special savings account for college or significant life needs for her son Ethan Drift (managed by his aunts Kyle & Kacey) can be made online http://www.kyleleiayoga.com/jody-in-our-hearts/ or mailed out to Ethan Drift Donation, Republic Bank attn. Penny, 1619 Woodland Ave., Duluth, MN 55803 #addiction #sayinggoodbye #deathnote #love

We had a good run, tav.... #amtav #sayinggoodbye #endofdays #8yearsstrong

Saying goodbye is so hard. She drove me crazy but was my whole world for a year and I did love her. #sayinggoodbye #sweetpuppy #bulldog #lotsoftears


Night out
Wish I wouldn't cry so much though 😢 ❤
I'm trying not to text you x
Friday night 0045
#mylife #sayinggoodbye #goodbye #dress #scater #skaterskirt #purple #bob #messy #hair #night #nightout #alcohol #tipsy #student #unilife #uni #university #crazy #loosingit

"Look, you can't design your life like a building. It doesn't work that way. You just have to live it and it will design itself.." #wheninamsterdam #sayinggoodbye

Why not!! 3 miles to say "WELCOME FALL" ~

I've been waiting for you 🍁🍂 oh your scent, the way you make me feel alive is like no other season. Running by myself on the lovely trails expecting nothing in return but to be a part of the transformation you enhance in beauty.
If I'm alone I will be with you every moment I can but if another will care to join me, let us enjoy the crunchy leaves, the drops of rain that cools our skin, Let our steps explore you once again.
Yes I am in love! In love with you, in love with life, in love with nature. I might be a fool and a dreamer, but I'm sure I'm not alone. In a world that feels that is falling down I will turn back to you for comfort.
Oh How i missed you 🍁 🙂
#justmeandmythoughts #sayinggoodbye #movingon #lifegoeson #prayingforall #inmymind #justgo #welcomefall #lifeisgood

Loading boxes and saying goodbye to our first home. It's bittersweet. I can still remember the excitement of it all - in leaving our little basement apartment behind and moving here, to a home that gets the sunlight streaming in the windows. And then there was Pip - adopting him into our lives on the very day we got our key. I cannot deny that we enjoyed many celebrations and moments in this home. That our first home will always have a place in my heart.
Yet, as clear as day I also know the many painful, heartbreaking moments that occurred here. Moments that can still bring me to tears, moments that make my heart hurt. Times I am happy to leave behind for the hope of different, better times. I know that a new home isn't going to fix any problems or make these painful moments any less painful, but I think it's time I break ties and leave some of that pain behind and hope for the future.
#newhome #leavingthepastbehind #reallife #huberlife #home #realestate #movingon #homesweethome #ourfirsthome #townhome #guelph #movingforward #honesty #hottestweekendformoving #september #fallmove #moving #ourlittlehome #sayinggoodbye #painfromthepast #bittersweet

We had a good run, tav.... #amtav #sayinggoodbye #endofdays #8yearsstrong

Took a solitude break at the lake #ny #wny #home #sayinggoodbye #lakeerie #seagulls

#sayinggoodbye is never easy... no matter how much you say to yourself "I'm #notgoingtocry " there's always #thatoneperson who sets you off.

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