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Proud beyond words!!! This little girl in her first dancing concert today!
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Duck season came in with a bang. Super proud of these two dogs.#Benjamin #Sawyer #dominoeffect

For sale;
Here’s a beaut! 203 pounds of stout unadulterated English iron and steel. So called a “Sawyers pattern” or “Saw makers pattern”. Though the name may suggest otherwise, saws were not made on these anvils, but rather tensioned and tuned. The intention being to make the blade run true and accommodate for any stress on the blade running at very high RPM’s. Tensioning the blade involves thinning and/or stretching it in very select areas. Specialized hammers were used for this; A heavily offset hammer with a slightly convex round face, a straight/cross pein combo hammer with quite flat peins, and a double diagonal pein hammer-the peins being 45 degrees from the handle.
Some Sawyers anvils have a flat face, while others have a gentle crown. I have read that there was a difference in anvils for bandsaw blades vs circular blades, though I do not have concrete evidence of that. I have also seen some that have one edge at a sharp 90 degree edge, and the opposite edge generously radiused.
This anvil was forged, though the maker unknown. It is likely circa 1880-1900 based upon the shape of the feet. It has perfect edges-the edges on the shorter sides are slightly radiused as they came from the factory. The face is gently crowned, and has very good rebound. There is minor pitting on the face, but nothing that wouldn’t work out with scale from forging alone.
The face measures 10 1/4” X 6 1/8”. The anvil is 10 1/2” tall.
Besides the obvious use of tensioning saw blades, these anvils have been very popular amongst blade smiths. The large flat face is perfect for heavy forging of blades, and the radiuses edges good for beveling the edge. These anvils also make excellent anvils for striking and any other heavy work as they are so well supported in the base, though they do lack a hardie hole. Beyond that, the large flat face allows ample real estate for coppersmiths and other non ferrous metal workers.
Interested persons please contact us at cergolforge@hotmail.com for pricing and additional pics. Located in Milwaukee, WI. Local pickup is always welcome. We can also arrange inexpensive freight on your dime.
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And God still continues to provide . .. even when I feel like I'm not doing much and I feel stuck. So blessed. These Sawyer filters will bring good clean water to communities in need and the buckets will be good for 6 years. The smaller filters that can be connected to a water bottle can do up to 100,000 gallons. God is good. Im still looking to hopefully partner up with a group out here if anyone has connections. Ive kinda been on my own since day 1 out here. Please drop into my DM if you are aware of a group i could link with. Thanks!
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It's definitely getting colder here in Michigan. Most of the leaves are off the trees and the grasses by the pond have lost their green until next spring when life will again flow through them.
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"I watched my daughter Alex die in front of me. I had a chance to save her but i
chose The Island. Over her All in the Name of Jacob
I sacrificed everything for him
And he didn't even ​cane "

Dr Benjamin Linus -
Q: Do you Like or hate Ben?

A: i Love Ben❤ -
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