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Great decoration of Jaha House #lamuisland #morningslikethese

Se detuvieron a escasos metros de distancia. Las miradas eran difíciles de leer bajo La Luz de cientos de bombillas. La ciudad se movía a su alrededor sin dejar un respiro. Ellos se abrazaron haciendo del mundo aquel abrazo. Mis queridos @azulclaritocasiblanco y @robertmarcillas

Many people gripe about all these artsy travel photos on Instagram. Here's my take: They translate better to an audience who you don't know personally. (Hence one of the reasons why I don't like to show my face on my non-private Instafeed.) If you think about it, scrolling through someone's travel feed is kinda like flipping through a well-curated magazine. After all, IG is primarily a visual platform. If you're like me, and I believe many of you are, Instagram is a creative outlet to showcase your unique vision. It's a place where many artists shine and their art is appreciated.
People make a living out of this. I get it. A good chunk of my side income as a Lifestyle/Travel Photographer rely on these artsy photos.
But what if you want photos just for personal memories? Then how do you justify the authenticity and the genuine worth of a personal photo?
More on this later! Stay tune for Part 2!
#jincentcolombia #cartagenadeindias #cartagenacolombia

One of those sunsets...

This place was indeed a playground. Go see it if you haven't already! 📷#olympusperspectiveplayground


I love finding moments on the street juxtaposing elements that unwittingly speak to each other in complementary or contradictory ways.
At #Miami's outdoor #streetart gallery, #WynwoodWalls, I came across this striking mural by South African artist Faith47 entitled ‘corda nostra una palpitant’ (our hearts beat together). Depicting a pride of lions in pursuit of a stag, it seemed such an intriguing counterpoint to this young #girl running gleefully from her little brother who was chasing her from outside my frame. Considering both the more sinister relationship between predator and prey, or the (hopefully) more playful relationship between brother and sister, this piece's intent to comment on the profound nature of our interconnectedness rung particularly true in this fleeting moment.
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Beam me up 🙋‍♂️⚡️🌌

Hope you’ve got some good Sunday adventures planned. 🎒

Chuffing on a Cuban. life!

If every #sunset was like this 🙌🏻 🌟

#africa #afrique #botswana #safari

Churros, coffee, Ferris wheel and sunsets make for an amazing Friday 💜

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