When I travel to faraway lands, my long-term memory catalogues the different destinations by the food I ate at each stop. Bangkok: Rad Na; Provence: Croissants; Rome: the best damn tiramisu I’ve ever had. And today in Valencia was no exception. The memory I’ll take away from this land (and promptly try to duplicate back home): these Patatas Bravas - smothered in an ever-so-slightly spicy, paprika-kissed tomato sauce + a creamy garlic aioli. Washed down with a shot of crema de arroz. 🤤 Like I physically could not suck my stomach in right now if my life depended on it. 😬 Back to my baby boys tomorrowwww!! 💕 #savoringtheflavoring

Wine tastings that don’t involve snacks are dead to me. 🧀 Luckily Mallorcan winemakers got the memo, which shall heretofore make me a Spanish wine fan. 👍🏼 On to Valencia tomorrow, then headed back home to my babies (and my kitchen!!) from Barcelona on Thursday! #savoringtheflavoring

Say "YUP" to the things that scare you! Especially if they contribute to building who you are and your goals. You'll be surprised at how well you rise to the occasion when pushed out of your complacent/comfort zone. Give yourself a chance to amaze yourself - you're smart, you're intelligent, you'll figure it out. Most importantly, you'll come out that much more accomplished on the other side. Thank you @savoringtheflavoring ✌💪#modernselfcare #goodvibesonly
#repost @savoringtheflavoring Teddy Roosevelt once said “Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ‘em ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.” 😬 That was basically the story of my life today for my very first cooking workshop - in partnership with @wholefoods, to boot. My goal for this year has been to say “Certainly I can!” to things that terrify the hell outta me, even if I have to figure out the logistics after the fact. And this is one terrified “YUP” I’m so damn happy I uttered, because otherwise we wouldn’t have a successful workshop number ☝🏼 in the books or celebratory cookies in our bellies! 😃🎉 #savoringtheflavoring
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Ive been given one treat before bed time and im gunna take my time with it... #savoringtheflavoring

When I was told I’d be going to a town called Aix-en-Provence, I was relatively confident there’d be no fewer than three lavender fields in which to frolic. 😃 Instead, upon my arrival into the city center, I was greeted with an Apple Store, a Five Guys Burgers + Fries and road construction. 😐 Can’t win ‘em all. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Now who wants to take this pic + photoshop in a field of blooming lavender for me? 😬 #IveProvidedTheFrolic #savoringtheflavoring

Today was my first time in France, which, for a foodie, is like the holy grail. Talk about a culture that takes pride in their food - everything is fresh, everything is local, everything is 100% foodgasmic. I dare say this Burratini Salad with Basil Pulp in the cutest little French village everrrr was THE best I’ve ever had. 🥗 #savoringtheflavoring

We were supposed to dock at Corsica today, but apparently the “swells” made it unsafe. So instead of Euro galavanting today, I’m throwin’ it back to that time I bribed the boys to do an enthused @chloesfruit photo shoot....with none other than @chloesfruit pops. (“DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT A LICK UNTIL YOU’VE SHOWN THE CAMERA YOU WANT IT, GUYS!!! 📸📸📸”) Which I pretty much use as bribes for everything from behaving in restaurants to scrubbing toilets at home. Works every time. #savoringtheflavoring #chloespartner #tbthursday

There is one thing I will absolutely, positively neverrrrrrr skip in Italy - gelato. Especially when it’s Ricotta + Fig. In the streets of Vernazza. With the fluffiest of Italian street cats beckoning you at the gelateria door. Talk about seduction. I didn’t even have a chance. #savoringtheflavoring

If I lived in Pisa, I would entertain myself by offering to take Leaning Tower photos for tourists, then covertly take video instead as I instruct them “A little to the left, no the left, the left, LEFT, slightly to the right, no the right, nope, too much, do less.” 😈 Regardless of the fact that I didn’t manage to hoodwink any fellow tourists today solely for my own amusement, this was pretty damn cool. #savoringtheflavoring

Gabriela is enjoying every last taste of her mash papita... Mija come de todo ... #gabriela #savoringtheflavoring

This oughta get me through at least the first two hours of this flight. 🤔 Arrivederrrrrrrci!! 😃✈️🇮🇹 #savoringtheflavoring

Sunday starting off right with this *homemade vegan yogurt bowl* filled with all the goods 🙏🏽 Base is @savoringtheflavoring coconut fluff yogurt 🥥, then topped it off with my Mom’s toasted coconut granola (recipe a few posts back for the recipe),
@wildfriends classic pb 🥜, blueberries, @rachelmansfield strawberry chia seed jam 🍓, and 🍯 drizzle.

I made a batch of @savoringtheflavoring dairy free coconut fluff yogurt and now it’s the only yogurt I eat. Seriously. Only four ingredients, easy to make, and the best non dairy yogurt I’ve had in my life. Saved the ‘how to’ in my highlight reel if you want to check it out, but also listed out what I did 👇🏽

1 cup full fat coconut milk (got mine from TJs, but have used Whole Foods brand before too)
1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut flakes
1/4 cup raw cashews
1 probiotic pill (got mine from Costco)

1. Add coconut milk, flakes , and cashews to Vitamix and blend on high until well combined (~5min). 2. Add probiotic pill and blend again.
3. Pour into glass container and cover with cheesecloth. Leave out at room temp (ideally be at least 70F) for at least 24 hours to thicken.
4. Move to fridge and store where it will get even thicker.

If you have questions about this recipe, you should definitely check out the full blog post by @savoringtheflavoring where she lists a ton of options/substitutions for this coconut yogurt recipe 🤗 Happy Sunday!!

If you’ve been following me for any prolonged period of time, you’re well aware of two things: 1) I’m one sick puppy, and 2) Anytime I leave the boys, I make them special treats before I go to temper the mom-guilt a little. Since I’m about to leave them for 10 days (the longest I’ve ever been away since I became a parent a decade ago 😩) for a little jaunt around Italy, France + Spain, today was no exception. How I did these Peanut Butter Crunch Chocolate Cups👇🏼 #savoringtheflavoring

1. Melted 1/2 cup chopped dark chocolate + 3 tbsp coconut oil + stirred until smooth.
2. Spooned enough into each of 4 baking cups in a muffin tin to cover the bottoms + stuck the tin in the freezer to harden.
3. PB filling: 3 tbsp PB + 1 tbsp coconut oil + a teeny drizzle of raw honey + a couple tbsp brown rice cereal + 1/2 tsp chia seeds, all mixed together. Spooned a little into each cup, flattened it out + divided the rest of the chocolate between each cup. Sprinkled each with a little sea salt + stuck back in the freezer another 30 min or so. 🤤👌🏼

HOMEMADE ALMOND BUTTER CUPS 🍫🥜: a healthier take on your standard peanut butter cups >> use dark chocolate morsels with creamy almond butter and coconut oil 🥥// inspired by @savoringtheflavoring 🙌🏻 || #swipe

If I had a nickel for every time I stroked dat ass...🐴 #savoringtheflavoring #donkeysofinstagram

ALL HAIL KALE!!! The best kale salad I’ve had in a while from @savoringtheflavoring 👇🏼 (P.S. @erinmartin1, I freaking love you for bringing this into my orbit 😘) #savoringtheflavoring

1. For the dressing, I whisked together the juice of a small lemon + some olive oil (you want about 3x more oil than acid) + a drizzle of raw honey + a pinch of sea salt + a little shaved parmigiano-reggiano + some jalapeño I grated on my microplane.
2. I pulsed a bunch of lacinato kale (stems removed) in the food processor until it was finely chopped, then tossed it with the dressing + some raisins + pine nuts + some thinly sliced jalapeño + another little shaving of parm-regg + inhaled it alllllll. 🤤👌🏼 Credit @savoringtheflavoring.
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Current cause for concern: this cropped wide-leg pants trend I’m seeing on the rise lately. 🧐 There is legitimately no worse combo for a girl who uses her legs on the regular to divert attention away from a woefully short torso. 😐 The ONLY reason you’d see me in a pair of wide-leg high-waters: more room for smuggling bacon-turkey burgers. How I did ‘em👇🏼 #savoringtheflavoring

1. I mixed 2 lbs ground turkey + 4 chopped slices of uncured bacon + 1 shredded zucchini with the excess water squeezed out + about 1/4 cup olive oil + a couple tsp liquid smoke + 1 tsp garlic powder + 1 tsp onion powder + 1 tsp sea salt, then formed into 9 patties.
2. Grilled about 5 min, then flipped and grilled another 3-4 min.
3. To serve, I topped with a little raw cheddar, tomato slices, red onion + homemade mayo, then wrapped in a lettuce bun. THE best turkey burger everrrrrr. 🤤👌🏼

Bubble bath, Wayne’s World, chocolate-drizzled raspberry @chloesfruit pop. Hashtag self care. 😎 #savoringtheflavoring #sweetestsummerever #chloespartner

Before dinner, I asked my 6-year-old, Luke, if he’d washed his hands. His response: “Yes. And then I touched my hoodle, so I washed them again." 😐 A solid decision if he was expecting to get his hands all up on this creamy (yet cream-free 😱) mac. 👍🏼 How I did it👇🏼 #savoringtheflavoring

1. While a package of @eatbanza chickpea rotini was boiling in salted water, I made a quick lightly cheesy gravy.
2. Made a roux by melting a couple tbsp homemade ghee (you can also use good butter) in a skillet + mixing in a couple tbsp of flour until it formed a paste. Stirred in about 1 1/2 cups of @bonafideprovisions chicken bone broth until it thickened up a bit, then stirred in a couple good handfuls of grass-fed raw cheddar + a little freshly shaved parmigiano-reggiano until it was a nice, smooth, silky sauce. Seasoned with a little sea salt + tossed with some hot pasta, adding a wee bit of the pasta water to bind the sauce to the noodles better.
3. Topped with chives + devoured. Ate with a ton of prepped raw veggies that I chopped as I cooked. 🤤👌🏼

Disclaimer: bathe your male children AFTER they eat this cod w/olives + tomato sauce, not before. 🙅🏼‍♀️ Let’s just say my naked, freshly washed 7-year-old, Ford, came to the table squeaky clean + left with marinara-stained family jewels. 🤦🏼‍♀️ How I did this super simple, irresistible (to mouths, hands + hoodles alike) dindin👇🏼 #savoringtheflavoring

(Adapted from the One Pan + Done cookbook, by Molly Gilbert)
1. Drizzled a little olive oil in a large baking dish, spooned in a little @raoshomemade marinara + laid 5 pieces of wild cod on top. Sprinkled with a little @beautifulbrinysea French Picnic sea salt + 3 large, minced garlic cloves, then added 1 cup kalamata olives + a couple handfuls of halved boiler onions (teeny lil onions) + the juice of an orange + topped with more marinara - just to cover most of the fish (ended up using about half the jar). 2. Baked at 350 for 30 min, until fish was cooked through. Topped with a chiffonade of fresh basil.
3. Served w/steamed broccoli tossed in homemade ghee. 🤤👌🏼

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