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Blessed that I can bless others ‼️‼️‼️ 💯💯 #atl #bink #savingskin #binkink #atltattoos

Thank you @daniellebeyleveld from @dermaviduals for coming down today for our VIP event. Loads of lovely happy clients #savingskin . We are happy to announce our lucky winner of this amazing door prize is Josie Corkery 👏👏👏💕 #jobwelldone ! Thanks Danielle for coming down!! 👌🏽💕

You guys have to see the finished product... pieces like this make my day because I'm giving people a new beginning erasing a past people really aren't proud of.. never judge anyone dont know what they have been through.. but on a lighter note stay tuned for how this piece turned out... 😍😍 #bink #binkink #savingskin #atl

Love hot chocolate Saturdays with this cutie and the fabulous @kjzone ❤️❤️❤️#savingskin #laserhairremoval #skinpeels #cosmeticinjections #cosmeticnurse @clearskincaresouthport

Celebrating three exams down...one to go. #dermlife #savingskin


This is 2 weeks after a Collagen Induction Therapy treatment. We have a FACIAL that incorporates lymphatic massage and tonnes of antioxidants (here I used E, C, A, boswelia). Emily is also on her post care supplement protocol for optimal collagen - antioxidants, colostrum, glucosamine and zinc.
Wake up Em!!! It's time to start saving some SKIN 😴 x
#savingskin #collagen #scarring #supplements #skinnutrition

@mechanix_wear 22 inch long heat sleeves. Nitro crew guys use them for working on 1200+ degree clutch services. I use them for just slightly cooler process welding. Oh and the matching fabricator gloves. #savingskin #heatprotection #welding

Ready for a day of skin consultations @labellaasl #dermaviduals #savingskin #skinanalyses

✨We are headed to NY tomorrow for the Indie Beauty Show! Open for the public to shop on August 23 from 5-9pm. Come enjoy all the wonderful brands and see what we have been working on behind the scenes ✨ #indiebeauty #IBENY2017 #weareindiebeauty


#bundles ! Your favorite regimen + either #lashboost or #activehydrationserum and get $30 cash back! With school starting there is no better time to get the #bestskinever #moneyback #rodanandfields #savingmoney #savingskin skaplan1.myrandf.com

Love hot chocolate Saturdays with this cutie and the fabulous @kjzone ❤️❤️❤️#savingskin #laserhairremoval #skinpeels #cosmeticinjections #cosmeticnurse @clearskincaresouthport

✨We are headed to NY tomorrow for the Indie Beauty Show! Open for the public to shop on August 23 from 5-9pm. Come enjoy all the wonderful brands and see what we have been working on behind the scenes ✨ #indiebeauty #IBENY2017 #weareindiebeauty

An empty! It was costly, but effective & super helps with texture (which I have a lot of around my chin). I love all of the #DrunkElephant products I've tried so far. Will be getting a new one #asap

I'm glad I took a chance. I was a huge skeptic but my life is truly changed. Don't let fear stand in your way :) #lifechaningskincare #savingskin #rfgirl #rodanandfields #shinebright

#SOOTHE is seriously one of my favorite products of all R+F.
It is like the multi-functional amazingness in bottles. I use mine a lot for bug bites as a lot of you know, but Soothe was the first regimen I put on my face because the corners of my mouth were so cracked that they often bled and I would get flakey dry skin all over my face. #soothetotherescue #lifechaningskincare #savingskin #rfgirl #rodanandfields #shinebright

Motivation Monday.
Krii Black is one of my amazing uplines here with Rodan+Fields and her story is super inspiring.
She is one of the many women that I look up to and inspire me daily!
This business is a life changer, not just a skin changer. If you were ever curious about what I do and why I do it, please take a listen to Krii and her husband.
I don't want you to follow my lead, I want you to lead with me. I will be here when you are ready to start changing lives 💕

#lifechaningskincare #savingskin #rfgirl #rodanandfields #shinebright

Think R + F is just for the ladies? NOPE :) GENTLEMEN- yes, you MEN, I'm talking to Y-O-U!!! reduce razor burn, bumps, redness, and blemishes with Beyond the Shave!!! It's BEYOND amazing!
#realmenuserf #beyondtheshave #lifechaningskincare #savingskin #rfgirl #rodanandfields #shinebright

Bugs love me.
Maybe it's cause I'm so sweet.
I am so thankful for #soothe because I am instantly #relieved and the #swelling, #ichyness, and #redness goes down.
This has literally been a #lifesaver for me and my daughter Wynter because we get a new #bugbite almost daily.
These are my results from today.
#lifechaningskincare #savingskin #rfgirl #rodanandfields #shinebright

**ALERT** Amazing deal!! Summer celebrations with non other than Rodan+Fields travel size regimens (first time ever released to you all). For a limited time, when you purchase a Regimen bundled with R+F Active Hydration Serum, you'll receive a complimentary gift of that same Regimen in a convenient, TSA-approved carry-on size. No matter if you are REDEFINE, REVERSE, UNBLEMISH , or SOOTHE, you are covered with a perfect portable regimen!
🌟Also still sending free gifts to those who sign up as a PC 💕These will go fast, so grab yours now!! #travelsize #summersuprise #celebratesummer #celebrateskin #lifechaningskincare #savingskin #rfgirl #rodanandfields #shinebright

This is why we call it #lifechaningskincare
This is why we are #numberoneintheusa
Because R+F works, because R+F is backed by two board certified #dermatologists , because it is one step below prescription strength to allow the results without the cost of going to a dermatologist. Because we do have nurses we can talk to if need be!
#rodanandfields doesn't just change your skin, but changes your life. These DRs allowed this product to be sold so that YOU and ME could change our lives financially. Did you know these products were sold in Retail before? Rodan + Fields saw social media was on the rise and made the switch.
#whatareyouwaitingfor #savingskin #rfgirl #shinebright

Rodan+Fields is totally not justfor your face!! I myself actually started UNBLEMISH on my back before I started it on my face and it feels wonderful! You can even ask @therealjfrizze, he loves touching my back now.
#whatareyouwaitingfor #lifechaningskincare #rodanandfields #savingskin #rfgirl #shinebright

🌟Right Ingredients 🌟Right Formulas
🌟Right Order 🗝Consistency is Key
This is the Rodan + Fields way!
If you are wondering how good your skin can look, maybe it's time you give it a try!
#savingskin #rfgirl #rodanandfields #shinebright

Talk about amazing.
Why wouldn't you want REDEFINE regimen. It's all about anti-aging. Pair it with the AMP Roller to roll back time and wrinkles be gone!!! #whatareyouwaitingfor #lifechaningskincare #savingskin #rfgirl #rodanandfields #shinebright

Here's my honest Rodan + Fields advice💁🏼
❤️ Use a full regimen. I know plenty of happy customers who use a bit of this and a bit of that, but if you want truly impressive results, go all the way. And, use your products consistently.
❤️ Try the NEW Hydration Serum. It feels so amazing and helps your skin. AND, everyone needs Lash Boost!!! Seriously, is so amazing it's currently sold out but I have a VIP wait list! ❤️ Skip paying retail. Order as a Preferred Customer. You get 10% off and free shipping on orders over $80 ... always & first access to new products & incentives. ❤️ Can't swing the cost? Consider becoming a consultant. With 3-5 customers, you can cover your own skincare costs AND make some extra $$ each month. It also affords you the opportunity to try all of our products. I have so many favorites! I would have never never known how incredible they are had I not signed on as a Consultant. On top of that there are so many more incentives to earn (trips, gifts, Lexus) ❤️ Eye cream is a must have if you are over the age of 16. It's THE BEST!
❤️ Microdermabrasion Paste. Yes. Just YES!!!YES!! ❤️ Before/After pics. Do it!!! If you start using any R+F product, you will transform. Capture it! ❤️ You simply CANNOT lose. 60-day, $$ back guarantee. It's a no-brainer.
Message me to get started. If you've read this far, you're definitely curious.
#rodanandfields #rfgirl #savingskin #shinebright #lifechaningskincare #whatareyouwaitingfor

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