Do you like @6ix9ine_ ?
I actually have some respect for him. Hope you get well and back on your feet. Move smart like Jahseh said, brother. [ @darkvibesforeverofficial ]

Takie właśnie bojowe nastawienie mieliśmy przed startem w #koronazachodu 💪 trener i jego pomarańczki dały czadu 😁 #nordicwalking #pasja #zawody #weekendnasportowo #drużyna #sandraspa #savex #polarpolska

Tank X XXX

What song that x and ski are both in is your favorite?
Creds: @badvibeswithjahseh
Follow that page. They edit X content.

What’s that one thing you always meant to tell x, but couldn’t because you couldn’t exactly reach him as easily as others. Him being the celebrity he was. Comment that one thing.☝️
[ @darkvibesforeverofficial ]

I Deadass need some new friends 😭 like and I’ll dm you 🌸

Have you ever gotten cheated on?

Comment the last track you listened to by X. [ @tentacionshill ]

Which album; 17 or ? ⛓🖤

Which song goes harder; Look at me or imsippinteainyohood? ⛓🖤
[ @darkvibesforeverofficial ]

😤😫💦 #sackgang #ballonmysack

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