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Baked fries with guacamole queso dip by @naturallyzuzu 💗
Vegan Guacamole Queso Dip
½ cup raw cashews (soaked overnight)
3 medium avocados cleaned and seeded.
2 small jalapeño peppers, de-seeded and chopped
1 bunch of fresh cilantro chopped
3-4 сloves of garlic
Juice from 3 limes
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
1/4 cup of water to thin the sauce as needed.
1/2 tsp salt
Blend the above ingredients in the high speed blender until smooth. You can warm up your queso if you like it serve it hot. Enjoy! #bestofvegan

Wherever you go, adventure is just around the corner. #greenland

Spaghetti al Arrabiata by
@fitness_bianca 🍝
200gr Spaghetti pasta
sauce :
1 small onion
1 garlic glove
1 small chili pepper
1 tbsp oil
1 can tomatoes
1 tbsp tomato paste
italian herbs, salt, pepper
a bit sugar
fresh basil
tomato flakes

1.) Cook pasta according to directions stated on the package.
2.) meanwhile cut onion, chop garlic and chili pepper and roast for about 2-3 minutes in a pan with oil.
3.) add tomatoes, tomato paste, Italian herbs, salt, pepper and sugar to desired taste and let it cook for about 8-10 minutes.
4.) finally, pour off pasta and combine with the sauce.
5.) serve pasta in a bowl or a deep plate, sprinkle with tomato flakes and garnish with basil.
6.) bon appetit! #letscookvegan

Hello there! Did you know that Horses of Iceland grow thicker coat to stay warm and strong during the winter months? One could say that they are invincible when it comes to a harsh climate :) 🇮🇸🐴💪#horsesoficeland 📸by @lofothest

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. 🌊 La Tierra no nos pertenece, nosotros le pertenecemos. 🌎 #savetheplanet #prayfortheworld #preservetheplanet #cuidarelplaneta

🌿🌿 via @thatalexciccone

This seal was found with a frisbee-like ring around her neck. After several failed attempts to remove it, she has been rescued and is now recovering from her injuries.

Берегите природу.. Она не вечна... и так прекрасна....🙏🏼
#behuman #savetheplanet #helpanimals

[English below] #tbt Pour vous montrer les types de brosses naturelles que j'utilise. Gauche: deux différentes façons pour faire la vaisselle et laver l'évier. Haut droite: pour pré laver les vêtements hyper tachés et la baignoire. Droite: de vieilles brosses à dents pour nettoyer les petits recoins. Bas gauche: pour me décrasser les ongles étant donné que je rentre souvent du boulot avec quelques restes de terre. Et avec tout ça j'utilise principalement du bicarbonate de soude, véritable allié des maisons zéro déchet! /// #tbt To show you the different natural brushes I use. Left: two different ways to do the dishes but also clean the sink. Top right: to pre wash the dirtiest clothes before I put them in the machine and for the bathtub. Right: old toothbrushes used to clean the pieces not accessible with a big one. Down: As a gardener I can come back home with dirt under my finger nails. And to use all of these brushes I mainly add some baking soda. It's the perfect zero waste multipurpose cleaning thing ever! x


What's hiding in your beauty regimen? 👹 Find out about the big nasties that you need to avoid, and why 🤔Link in bio ✨ ✨

#naturalhealth #zerowaste #zerowastelifestyle #goinggreen #consciousliving #consciousconsumer #liveyourbestlife #bethechange #vegan #veganlifestyle #savetheplanet #sustainability #ecofriendly #naturalbeauty #detox #detoxify

Sit back and relax with our slippers and mariniere like our friend charlottelittlewolf does! Thanks for the adorable pic ;)⠀

#mariniere #slippers #slowfashion #sustainable #ecofriendly #savetheplanet #dressintelligently #smartconsumption

Wishing this climate change, curly haired coffee loving queen the best of luck tomorrow. Norwich won't know what hit it💚✌🐸☕🌎👑 #Starbucks#savetheplanet#waterfalls#queen

Our rose gold sea turtle ring is back in stock 🙌 £6 www.shophonu.com 🐢 by buying from us, you'll be helping the conservation of sea turtles in Florida and the Caribbean 🌴#jewellerywithamission

Biodegradable in 90 days, are FSC certified wood and decorate your table without sacrificing the environment!!! #circulareconomy #zerowaste#refillrevolution #wewantrefill#stopplasticwaste#savetheplanet#StopSucking

Hello little friends. Little, living energies in their pot homes. 🌱
The closer we are to nature, the more balanced we are. So bring nature into your home for a peaceful presence. 💚

"I have been vegan since 2 years for health reasons. At the first it wasn't for ethical reasons but as days went by (as a vegan) I started to realize just how messed up and horrifying it is to eat living beings. I have always rescued animals all my life and I still feed homeless cats in my neighborhood. I have two small dogs right now. The Chihuahua we took from a young guy that only bought him to show off. While the other dog, the Shitzu, we found in the desert tied on the leash. Veganism cured my acne and bad digestion." You can follow Sara's vegan pages @vegan.dubai and @veganiskey!

Abracemos nuestro planeta !!!! Creo que es más que momento para hacer conciencia... dejar de desperdiciar tanto papel que genera cada vez más pérdidas de bosques, TIRAR BASURA en la calle , generando tanta contaminación, usar menos el carro en la ciudad, de verdad todo lo que das recibes y TODO en está vida tiene un karma ... el karma que se estamos pagando por no cuidar nuestro planeta es enorme !!!! Aún hay tiempo !!! Hoy más que nunca la gente debe estar unida para poder salvar el único maravilloso lugar que tenemos para vivir llamado PLANETA TIERRA 🌎🗻🏔🏖🏝🏞🏙🌇🌅 #SaveThePlanet #WeCan #earth #MexicoUnido

Я не только живу жизнью котов и стебельков, но ещё и работаю) Вот, например, как сегодня. Фото с юными сочинителями на подведении итогов совместного конкурса "Аргументов и Фактов" и Благотворительного Фонда "Дети России" #благотворительныйфонддетироссии#благотворительность#аргументыифактыворонеж#конкурспростыеистины#угмк#ugmk#work#activity#charity#mywork#competition#children#essaycompetition#savetheplanet#cheerfully#talents#youngtalent#loveyourwork#instagramanet#instagood#instago#instabeneficence#instachild

Dunes Sainte Marguerite a Landeda
A panorama of 6 pictures shot from an island, about 1.5 km from the shore.

Every day millions of animals endure cruelty, slavery, loss of freedom, pain, suffering and death by our hands.
There is a better way. We can survive without doing this. We can flourish without doing this.
Take a moment today to become connected with your impact on the other lives on this planet. Make a change, however small... #chooselove #savetheplanet #vegan #plantbaseddiet #love #health #smallsteps #improve #educate

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