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Avocado Pizza by @voilasassi 💚

Ingredients : (Dough recipe by Martha Stewart)

2 packets (1/4 ounce each) active dry yeast 
2 tablespoons sugar 
1/4 cup olive oil, plus more for bowl and brushing 
2 teaspoons coarse salt
4 cups all-purpose flour (spooned and leveled), plus more for work surface
Topping :
1/2 cup good quality olive oil 
1 clove garlic, pressed through garlic press 
4-5 medium avocados 
salt, pepper & chili flakes

Directions :
Pour 1 1/2 cups warm water into a large bowl; sprinkle with yeast and let stand until foamy, about 5 minutes. 
Whisk sugar, oil, and salt into yeast mixture. Add flour and stir until a sticky dough forms. Transfer dough to an oiled bowl and brush top with oil. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and set aside in a warm, draft-free place until dough has doubled in bulk, about 1 hour. Turn out onto a lightly floured work surface and gently knead 1 or 2 times before using.

Preheat oven to 200 Celsius. Pour olive oil into a glass or bowl and add garlic, salt and pepper to it.
Shape pizza with your hands the way you like and spread the garlic-olive oil mix evenly over the pizza. 
Bake for 5-6 minutes, then take the baking tray out and again take a brush or spoon to spread the oil over the whole pizza.

Bake until golden brown.
Cut avocados into slices and top pizza.
Now season with salt, pepper and chili flakes.
Enjoy! #bestofvegan

Coconut N'icecream by @linasaber 💚
3 ¼ cups or 2 cans (13 oz.) of original whole coconut milk
5 Tbsp. of maple syrup or coconut nectar
1 tsp. of coconut extract
Optional for extra creaminess:
2 Tbsp. of premium coconut cream (Check My IG Story to see which I use)
1 tbsp. organic guar gum powder
How to Make:
1. Chill the can of coconut milk upside down in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Scoop out the thick coconut milk from the cans (discard the liquid found in the base of the can).
2. Add all the ingredients listed in a high-speed blender or food processor and blend away. Taste and add more syrup for desired sweetness.
3. Pour it into a freezer safe container. Chill in the freezer for 1 hour and then churn according to your ice cream machine instructions.
4. Serve in a cracked coconut and top with fruit: raspberry and kiwifruit.
No ice-cream machine? No Worries!
Every 30 minutes for 2 hours remove the nicecream from the freezer and stir rapidly. Pop it back and repeat until firm. Freeze for at least 6-7 hours. Before serving it, let it thaw at room temp for at least 5 mins. Scoop & Enjoy! #letscookvegan

Nothing Like A Sunset In Thailand 🇹🇭🌎
DOUBLE TAP If You Want To Visit 👍👍
Photo By: @adrianredcom
Follow: @newgen_travel

We have been working on reducing our coffee consumption, but it has been a pain to get #tea without a tea bag in coffee houses and cafes, and I always forget to bring my own tea strainer 😝. If they have loose leaf tea (which they usually put in tea bags instead of tea strainers), I usually tell them I don't mind "the tea leaves swimming m und around in the cup" 😆🌱🍵. But I'm, it really can be a bit complicated to drink 👻
So I was very happy to find a cafe with seriously amazing yummy tea - and no tea bags! They use this really cool tea strainer I had never seen before 😍! Yay to #zerowaste tea prep 💚! #eatcouver #vancouvertea #cafeyvr

Repost @theofficialmissriva) Yep. Don't be blind. Going vegan wasn't a hard choice for various reasons other than animal cruelty. We have lived over our means for far too long and if we continue down this road any longer we are going to ruin everything beyond repair. Our greediness of fur demand, gelatin, trophy hunting and animal flesh has got to stop. When are we going to wake up as a species? When are humans going to realize that we actually don't need to eat animal flesh to survive?
We will run out of fresh water resources feeding it to billions of cattle a year! It's going to be us amongst humans when our resources run out and believe me they will, maybe not in your life time, but then next few generations are really going to have to stand out and make a difference for the survival of our planet and the species that reside on it.
Wake up humans, it's time. This is a test we can no longer keep failing at... Even if you're vegetarian, you're still apart of the crisis our planet is experiencing. You and others don't realize it, but one day it'll be too late... #govegan #vegan #savetheplanet #saveourwater #waterislife #water #save #savetheanimals #animals #species #meatfreeathlete
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Tell us, how do you celebrate #EarthHour? Check out today's blog for some inspiration for Earth Hour this Saturday (link in bio).
#travelandbeyond #leavealegacy #changeclimatechange #switchoff #makeadifference #savetheplanet #conservation


Dalam Rangka Earth Hour 2017, Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta mengadakan:

#SaveThePlanet Coloring and Drawing Competition
Minggu, 26 Maret 2017
dari jam09.00 sampai jam 12.00
Di South Garden Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta

Biaya Pendaftaran Rp 50,000 termasuk :
- snack box
- bibit tanaman
- gerakan cinta bumi
- gerakan cuci tangan bersama
- serta edukasi dini pencegahan kanker terhadap anak oleh Siloam Hospital
Ayoo!! Segera daftarkan Putra dan Putri anda dan ikut serta dalam kegiatan #SaveThePlanet Coloring and Drawing Competition dan seluruh keuntungan akan di sumbangkan ke YAYASAN KASIH ANAK KANKER JOGJAKARTA
More info dan pendaftaran hubungi:
Indra - 081393211841
Atha - 081904063311

Do you see any difference between us and them? Take a look at their smile, the eyes expressing happiness and love. #savetheplanet #aroundtheworld #peace #aroundthenature #savetheanimals

Sign up now for the 4-Week @veganreset starting on Monday, April 10th and get 50% OFF with the early bird discount! JOIN VIA LINK IN BIO or veganreset.com //💚💚💚
Whether you want to go vegan but don't know where to start, are a new vegan looking for inspiration, or are already vegan but want to get healthier, the 4-Week Day Vegan Reset is for you.

The program includes*: .
- 28 days of whole foods plant-based meal plans
- A "Getting Started" guide - 100+ easy to follow recipes** (all recipes are gluten- and refined sugar free)
- A Grocery Shopping Guide - 28 days of daily lessons teaching you about a vegan diet & lifestyle - access to the private Facebook group
- email support .
🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 .
SOCIAL MISSION: 50% of all profits will be donated to animal sanctuaries and vegan charities. If you are a registered non profit and would like to be considered for future donations, please email donations@veganreset.com. .
🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 *= You'll receive all of this as downloadable PDF files on Monday, April 3rd, one week before the official start of the program. Sign up now to benefit from the early bird discount ending soon. **= For those of you who signed up for previous Vegan Resets, the recipes included are all new!
-> LINK IN BIO! @veganreset

Last night we saw BLUE and in particular AQUA BLUE for World Water Day. We really have a responsibility to save as much water as we can by only purchasing recycled clothing when 663 million people have no clean drinking water at all.
This lovely aqua maxi is super soft and is Free Size (10-14) $30

#thevintagearian #theme #blue #aqua #maxi #recycledfashion #prelovedfashion #conciousliving #savewater #savemoney #savetheplanet #shoprecycled #shopvintagearian

Save the date, April 22nd (Earth Day) opening reception for #earthnofo exhibit at #williamrisgallery including mixed media paper compositions by NY artist #marissabridge "Large Paper Centers" 12"x12"x 4"D, paper and cotton on panel. Also exhibiting will be #earthhamptons founder and artist #anahidecanio #artyzenstudios #bergesalvarez @bergesalvarez @erindaniels_art_design #sherryschreibertapestry & ceramic artists #evebehar and #judithrosenthal Works inspired by #nature #recycled #repurposed #environment #savetheplanet #earthday #northforkli #eastendli #danspapers #williamriseast #1291mainroadjamesportny adjacent to #sherwoodhousevineyards & #houndstreewines Tasting Room. #northforklongisland #northforker #liwinecountry #licharacter #artandwine #wineandart Meet the artists!

Do you realise how incredible you actually are? It is staggering that you exist with such complexity, intellectual capabilities, biological and chemical structures, an advanced neurological system. That you have the power to imagine, to dream, to create a world all inside of your mind while you wander a planet orbiting a star way out there in space. But instead, you're told, "oh you're just a human, a checkout girl who works at Target." Can't you see how much of a lie that is? An illusory reality created from the collective belief in deceptive titles that have pulled humanity into a world of absolute bullshit. It is breathtaking to observe a plant. This is what children realise which is why they marvel at things we find no amazement in. Up until their educated and informed on titles, labels, consumed by the human game so that next time they observe a gorgeous - enourmous - ancient being of Eath that overlooks the planet with such a marvellous structure; they say, "It's just a tree." Look at your palm and realise the art of the universe flowing within to formulate what we call a human hand.
Awaken from the illusion. Your existence is magical. #findtheothers #awakened #revolution #universe #nature #life #magic #truth #spiritual #savetheplanet #vegan #veganism #alanwatts #terencemckenna #truth #consciousness #hippie

Are you a Trash Hero? It's easy!!
Waste as little as possible, reuse as much as possible, and work to improve and preserve the spaces we are in. We only have this one world. Be conscious. Save the oceans. Save the planet 🌎
Müll und insbesondere Plastik sowie fehlendes Umweltbewusstsein ist leider überall in Thailand ein großes Problem. Aber es gibt Hoffnung durch Projekte wie Trashhero! Sie organisieren regelmäßige Treffen von Freiwilligen zu Cleanups von Stränden etc., wobei Verpflegung, Transport und Müllsäcke von Sponsoren zB @bundhayaresort @akiralipe.thailand @idyllic.lipe @mali_resort_koh_lipe @the.reef.resort (thx for your ongoing support!!) gestellt werden. .
Da insbesondere Plastikflaschen ein großes Problem sind (ein Pfandsystem wie in Deutschland gibt es nicht), gibt es diese schöne Trinkflasche. Eine der ersten Dinge, die ich mir auf Koh Lipe gekauft habe. Einmal für rund 6€ gekauft, kann man sie kostenlos mit frischem Trinkwasser auffüllen. Diese Tankstationen findet man in Resorts und Restaurants, die dieses Projekt unterstützen über die ganze Insel verteilt. Unglaublich tolle Aktion. .
Natürlich könnt ihr auch ganz einfach ein Trash Hero sein. Reduziert euren Plastikkonsum und Müll, erhöht euer Umweltbewusstsein und denkt langfristig!! Es sind die kleinen Dinge, die in der Summe einen großen Unterschied machen!! Ich selbst hatte immer eine Plastetüte dabei - die lassen sich hier einfach nicht komplett vermeiden, aber man kann sie wunderbar als Mülltüten wiederverwenden, denn auch an den Traumstränden von Koh Lipe gibt es Müll - und den muss man ja nicht liegen lassen. .
#trashhero #travelingpost #savetheplanet #saveouroceans #kohlipe #thailand #awareness #wakeup #trashisaproblem #support #makeeverydaycount #trashherothailand #trashherokohlipe #lesswaste #reuse #nowaste #cleanup #earthling #savetheworld #lovekohlipe #plasticpollution #brakefreefromplastic #take3forthesea #support #togetherwecanmakeadifference #nature #environment #vegantravels #govegan

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