Because if you don't all the animals in Madagascar will die

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"Been waiting for my @pelacase and its finally here! It's an ecofriendly, compostable case and came unpackaged in a recyclable envelope. Got this super cute Save the Penguins design because I love them so much. 🐧🐧🐧" - @florasprout23
I'm loving seeing all of the penguin cases!! .
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#SaveThePenguins Euyore would want it that way

Our weekend was pretty special. We exhibited at the Penguin festival in Simons Town and in the morning got to witness this beautiful moment, releasing rehabilitated penguins back in to the wild ♥️🌍
@sanccob has become synonymous with saving the endangered African penguin and treats more than 1500 African penguins every year and an additional 1000 other seabirds of various species. Since its establishment in 1968, the organisation has treated nearly 100 000 African penguins and other seabirds.
We wish these #penguins a happy healthy life despite all the threats that they are facing.
Ways YOU can help👇🏼🐧
1. Report injured penguins to SANCCOB by calling 021 557 6155 or 078 638 3731 out of hours
2. Donate to SANCCOB or adopt a penguin (great gift idea)
3. Go plastic free! Start limiting the plastic that you buy
4.Fundraise for SANCCOB
5. Eat less fish and choose sustainable seafood
6. Every time you go for a walk on the beach aim to pick up some litter or join a beach clean event
7. Volunteer at SANCCOB
8. Talk to your friends and family to spread awareness of the threats to African penguins and how they can help too!

“Age shall not weary them.”
“There’s always Pooh and me.”
Me, Pingu and Pooh Bear went to Rochester today to celebrate Remembrance Day, we marched with the soldiers, sung and read out poems. I marched and felt so patriotic, it was so nice. Watching the soldiers go by felt weirdly like I was in WW1, watching them go by. It was so enchanting and heart-warming, and I felt a tear come to my eye. The little box I hold in my hand a soldier gave to me ages ago who collected stuff from the war, it’s a real no longer working bullet that came from 1945. Having some food now in WetherSpoons here in Rochester, having a lot of fun and it’s such a lovely day. Pooh Bear and Pingu love it very much.
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